Anna Berger

Anna Berger

Victoria, Australia


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I have recently worked with Anna as model. She is such a beautiful women to work with. And as for the end result. Just Perfect. Highly Recommend.

Recommended for Photography Nov 24, 2017

Anna is fantastic to work with. She is friendly and professional. Anna has a great eye for colour, composition and location sourcing. She is conscientious about her work and extremely efficient and as a result, achieves high quality shots. I would highly recommend Anna. You'll be spoilt for choice!

Recommended for Photography Oct 24, 2017

She is great photographer ,Fantastic, creative,

Recommended for Photography Aug 4, 2017

Incredible artist

Recommended for Photography Feb 24, 2017

Highly recommend. Amazing shots.

Recommended for Photography Dec 13, 2016

Had a chance to work with Anna at the Bohemian Rhapsody Club and Online Magazine's number of projects since October 2016 on assorted photoshoots and quite complex projects. Anna is an amazing photographer with a lovely, sharing and very happy personality; she did a fantastic , actually priceless job, her photos stand out in quality and attention to detail. Will be very happy to work with Anna in the future and can recommend her highly for any complex assigments in the fashion and filming industry. Thank you, Anna!

Recommended for Photography Nov 16, 2016

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Anna is a highly professional and fun individual to work with. She is direct and I look forward to working with her and seeing her progression in the industry in the future!

Recommended for Photography Oct 10, 2016

Anna is amazing to work with! Talented photographer with great ideas and lots of fun to work with. She is very professional and so dedicated and passionate about her work and her images, unique. I highly recommend her!

Recommended for Photography Sep 22, 2016

An amazing photographer, the photos look incredible and I'm very impressed with the results. She's lovely to work with, friendly and a lot of fun.

Recommended for Photography Sep 22, 2016

Absolutely an Amazing photographer with a great passion for what she does! Definitely worth doing a shoot with! She is very professional and very kind! I really enjoyed working with Anna! She is the best!

Recommended for Photography Sep 22, 2016

Anna is an exceptional photographer, editer and great to work with!

Recommended for Modelling Sep 15, 2016

Very fun and enjoyable to work with. Great direction and energy. Would definitely highly recommend Anna. Looking forward to seeing the finished product and working with her again. Thanks Anna :D

Recommended for Photography Sep 15, 2016

I have done a Photoshoot with Anna she got great energy and amazing talent she does know how to get us in the right zone and bring the best out us what else can you ask for! Thanks Anna. Marcos

Recommended for Photography Sep 15, 2016

Very easy going and showed true professionalism on set. I'd loved to work with her on future projects.Awesome photographer and no doubt I would highly recommend her! ;)

Recommended for Photography Sep 13, 2016

If anyone is looking for a photographer, let me tell you Anna is your go to girl! I had the great pleasure of working with Anna yesterday and she is an absolutely amazing photographer and you don't have to see the edited images to know she has an eye for photogrpahy! She makes you and everyone else in the group feel comfortable when you're all infront of the camera. Definitely would love to work with Anna again! :)

Recommended for Photography Sep 12, 2016

I have had the pleasure of working with Anna twice now.. Her dedication and motivation is amazing. She has excellent attention to detail with her photography and she is able to turn an idea in her mind into a sensational photograph . She can see when there is an opportunity to create a beautiful shot, and goes with it. She worked really well with myself as well as the others in the group.. We were all made to feel extremely comfortable while on the shoot and the end results were unbelievable. Anna really knows her way around a camera and I look forward to standing in front of her camera again in a couple of weeks.

Recommended for Photography Aug 24, 2016

I was a model for one of Anna's Harley Davidson shoots. She was so easy going, made you feel so comfortable, made you laugh!! The whole day was so much fun and has been the best person to work for ever!!! I highly recommend her and her work! Would love to work with you again in the future!!! Xxx

Recommended for Photography Aug 14, 2016

Anna is an exceptional Photgrapher. She is very passionate about her work and is very friendly and kind. Highly recommended! :)

Recommended for Photography Aug 5, 2016

Anna Berger is so much fun to work with! She is really friendly, helpful and makes you feel relaxed in front of the camera. I loved the location for today's shoot, I'm sure it will produce some interesting shots.

Recommended for Photography May 21, 2016

I was so happy working recently with Anna Berger on her fashion shoot based in central CBD Melbourne. Her warmth, professionalism and creative approach to the shoot set her apart and made the experience one I thoroughly enjoyed. She has a rare gift and I would recommend her highly to any actor or model looking to build their portfolio. I am thrilled with the results and look forward to working with her again in the future. Thank you so much, Anna. :)

Recommended for Photography May 19, 2016