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Queensland, Australia
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01Anna Patch Voice reel 2020v1
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Physical Attributes

174 cm / 5ft 9in
87 cm / 34 in
Skin color:
69 cm / 27 in
96 cm / 38 in
Dress size:
UK 8 / AUS 8 / US 4
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Early Start Learning : Hero Talent
  • Bicycles QLD : Lead Talent
  • Dream Channel (Theatre) : Betty Booty
  • Mad Hatters Tea Party (Theatre) : White Rabbit
  • Nude by Nature : Lead Talent
  • Junkee/ Westpac 'Super Savings' (Online) : Lead Talent
  • Equation of Love Music Video : Dancing Female
  • Steve Kilby Music Video : Hero Female
  • Gladsville RSL : Hero Waitress
  • : Ms Bella
  • The Audition Bus : Felicity
  • Westpac online TVC : Hero
  • Friend zoned Island : Bargirl 3 - Speaking
  • Frame of Mind : Aria- Lead
  • Wet 'n' Wild Water World TVC/Stills : Hero Girl
  • Archie Brothers Electric Circus- Social Media TVC : Hero Girl
  • Education First- Campaign Shoot : Hero girl
  • Evidence : Riley- Lead
  • Outer Space : Anna - Lead
  • Harrow : Hoodlum Entertainment
  • The Acting Space : Improvisation/ Cold Read Classes
  • Comprehensive Acting Program (Ongoing) : The Acting Space
  • Crossroads : Jo- Lead
  • Devils Land : Sam- Lead
  • MAGIC! : Sarah- Backstage Worker
  • Thor: Ragnarok : Dancing Sakaarian- Featured
  • Cockney/ RP Accent Course : The Acting Space
  • General US Accent Course : The Acting Space
  • QUT Business School Video : Main Female
  • The Acting Space : Preparing to Work in the US Course
  • Speed of the Stars Music Video- 'The Archeologist' : Lead Girl
  • The Paul Hogan Story : Tabby
  • Queensland University of Technology : Female Delivery Person- Lead
  • Besties : Becca- Lead
  • Acting Technique Course : Rebekah O'Sullivan
  • Menopause the Musical Commercial : Alison
  • Parislane Music Video : Support Role
  • Inundated : Girl - Speaking role
  • Narrative Project- 'Almost Famous' : Penny - Lead Female
  • Dysphoria : Past Charlotte- Lead
  • The Warehouse Workshop : 8 week Advanced Acting for Screen Course
  • TAFTA/ Thea Mcleod : Screen Test Workshop
  • The Warehouse Workshop : 8 week Intermediate Acting for Screen Course
  • Mates: The Online Series : Hannah- Lead Female
  • Pirates of The Caribbean- Dead Man Tell No Tales : Extra
  • Mates- The Online Series : Hannah- Lead Female
  • Confessional : Sarah- Female Lead
  • Sweethearts : Julie- Female Lead
  • Harmless Flirt : Tiffany- lead
  • Charlie : Charlie- Lead
  • Intersection : 1 of 3 'Westies' Gang Members


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English
  • Spanish

  • Australian
  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • USA California

I am constantly training. I am currently training in Sydney at AMAW studios with Amy Kersey. Before moving to Sydney I was at 'The Acting Space', run by Rebekah O'Sullivan, apart of the 'Comprehensive Acting Program', running every week, all year. (2019) ‘The Audition Bus’ - Lead role Felicity (also part of the original creative team) (2019) ‘Friendzoned Island’ - Role of Poppy 2019) Westpac online commercial (2019) Channel 7 ‘Sunday Night’ - Hamish Mclaren Story - Role of Amanda

(2018) Wet 'n' Wild GC stills campaign and TVC.
(2018) Education First stills campaign and TVC.
(2018) Archie Brother's Cirque Eletriqu Social Media TVC and stills.
(2018) 'Evidence' Short Film- Played the lead role of Riley. Directed by Carey Ryan.
(2018) 'Frame of Mind' Web Series- Played the lead role of Aria.

(2017) 'MAGIC!' Short Film- Played Sarah the Backstage Worker. Directed by Shawn Arthur.
(2017) 'Devil's Land'- Played the lead role of Sam. Directed by Darren Marshall.
(2017) 'Crossroads'- Played the lead role of Jo. Directed by Amber Greene

(2016) Speed of the Stars Music Video 'The Archeologist'- Lead Female.
(2016) QUT Business School PHD Video- Lead Female.
(2016) 'Besties' Short Film- Played Becca, 1/2 lead female roles. Directed by Dustin Schmidt.
(2016) The Paul Hogan Story (Channel 7 TV Mini Movie)- Support Role.
(2016) Parislane Music Video- Support Role.
(2016) Menopause the Musical- Support Role. Directed by Gail Wiltshire & Rebekah O'Sullivan

(2015) 'Good Girls'- Beatrice- Support/ Credited role. Directed by Ayla Beaufils
(2015) 'Inundated'- Annoyed Girl - Speaking role. Directed by Brayden Pavey.
(2015) Narrative Project- 'Almost Famous'- Played the lead female Penny with SAE Institute.
(2015) 'Dysphoria'- Played the lead 'past' Charlotte with SAE Institute.
(2015) 'Mates'- The Online Series- Play the lead Hannah- a new episode each week.
(2015) 'Pirates of the Caribbean- Dead Man Tell No tales'- Townswomen extra.
(2015) 'Confessional'- Played the lead female with Bond University.
(2015) 'Sweethearts'- Played the lead female with Bond University.
(2015) 'Harmless Flirt'- Played one of 3 female leads (Tiffany) with Griffith University.
(2015) 'Charlie'- Played Charlie in the short film with Griffith University.
(2015) 'Intersection'- Played 1 of 3 gang members in a short film with the New York Film Academy.

(2015) New music video for Gold Coast band, Scarlet Kill. - Nurse Taylor Adams

(2014) 'Mako Mermaids' and ABC's 'Hiding'- Extra.
(2014) 'Dirty, Clean and Inbetween' - US TV pilot- Extra
(2014) 'A Turbulent Affair'- Web Series- Extra
(2014) Bond University Open Day Promo Video- Cafe Extra

(2013) Australian Feature Film '500 Miles'- non-paid speaking role, featured extra.

(2010) Mother/mean girl- School short film.


Modeling experience

Part-time model - paid commercial work

Modelling website

IMBODHI Activewear Campaign- NYC- 2019
La Roche Posay Product Campaign 2019
Picton Magazine 2020
Soda Shades Spring Campaign 2020

(2018)'s #biggestshootsydney- shot for multiple brands including The Iconic and Kamuka Active.
(March 2018) Test Shoot Jesse Blanley
(February 2018) Education First Campaign Shoot
(February 2018) Test Shoot with 'MaraVisuals'
(February 2018) Test Shoot with Natalie Skoric
(February 2018) Test Shoot with Georgia

(July 2017) Test Shoot with Faith Heavenly Photography- Sydney
(June 2017) Promo Work for 'Sanctuary Boat Show'
(November 2016) Look Book Shoot for Jewellery Brand 'Designs By Elke'
(November 2016) Shoot for 'The Lost Fawn Photography'
(November 2016) Shoot for Natalie Foord Photography.
(July 2016) Shoot for 'Uniforms Australia'
(August 2016) Portfolio Shoot with Andro E Photography
(June 2016) 80's inspired shoot with The Academy of Design.
(May 2016) Makeup model for Gold Coast based 'Simply Makeup'.
(April 2016) Paid shoot for swimwear brand 'Noogiekini'- (Was Scouted on Instagram).
(March 2016) March Look-Book Shoot for Jewellery Brand 'Designs By Elke'.
(February 2016) Studio and location Shoot.
(February 2016) Walked for 'Soul Ardour' Sportswear at RAW Gold Coast.

(December 2015) Academy of Design Graduation Fashion Show.
(December 2015) Sydney Photo Shoot with Designs by Ashley Simone.
(November 2015) Melbourne Cup Fashion Show wearing 'Miss Darcy' Clothing.
(November 2015) Typico Swimwear Shoot for 'Holistic Living Magazine'.
(November 2015) Tribal Photo Shoot with The Academy of Design, Gold Coast.
(October 2015) Bridal Photo Shoot for 'The Academy of Beauty', Brisbane.
(October 2015) Grunge Photo Shoot with Denissa- a Gold Coast photographer.
(July 2015) Modelled for 'The Base Pro Winter Fashion Show'
(June 2015) Photo Shoot with Alyssa Amelia for Byron clothing brand 'The Lokal Crew'.
(June 2015) Lifestyle Photo Shoot with Dean Raphael:

(July 2014) Made it to the semi-finals for a local modelling agency competition which involved catwalks in front of judges.
(November 2014) Modelled for Queensland University of Technology's 'Frock Paper Scissors' annual fashion Magazine (editorial shoot).


Clique Activewear
Nude by Nature
Scarlet Underwear
Healthyroo Protien
The TC.Co Blue light blockers

Film & Stage Crew

Directing & Writing ability



TV presenter experience

Previous unpaid TV presenter roles

Radio presenter experience

No previous Radio presenter experience

  • English
  • Spanish

  • Australian
  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • USA California

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