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Manchester, United Kingdom
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Physical Attributes

180 cm / 5ft 11in
72 kg / 158 lbs
White / Caucasian
92 cm / 36 in
Skin color:
77 cm / 30 in
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • ITV soap/ Coronation Street : SA (parent)
  • TV (Genres: Drama)/ Boys : SA (passer-by & suspicious guy with cig)
  • Music Video/ Jester : Extra (Chef)
  • Short film/ Tribulatio : Writer, director, producer
  • Multimedia platform/ Talk show : Talent
  • Short film (Genres: comedy)/ Don't water the vine : Extra (Office worker)
  • ITV soap/ Coronation Street : Extra (Homeless, passer-by)
  • BBC documentary (Genres: Drama)/ Anthony : Walk-on: Agitated stag do
  • Bollywood feature (Genres; Romance)/ BFF : Cafe & pub background
  • Feature (Genres: crime)/ The Lost Son : SA ( Gangster "Walt")
  • ITV (Genres: crime drama)/ The Bay : Extra (onlooker)
  • Student short (Genres: Romantic comedy)/ Holly Jolly Christmas : Extra (Office)
  • ITV (Genres: comedy drama)/ Cold Feet : Walk-on: "Terry" homeless man
  • Netflix (Genres: 19th century period drama)/ The Irregulars : SA (Lower class male)
  • Short Film (Genres: Comedy)/ Comical death : Producer, assistant director, cameraman & editor *Awarded best short film!
  • Multimedia Platform (Genres: Reality)/ The Inside Talk : Co-Host
  • Independent Film (Genres: 1960s Comedy Musical)/ Growing Old Gracefully : SA (Club crowd)
  • Netflix (Genres: 19th century period drama)/ The Irregulars : SA (Fight fan)
  • Sky One (Genres: Comedy)/ Brassic : Extra (passer-by)
  • Sky One (Genres; 23rd century Sci-Fi)/ Intergalactic : SA (Less Heigwend Homogolactus)
  • TV commercial/ Manchester United, Adidas : Extra (Football fan)
  • BBC (Genres: Sports comedy)/ The First Team : SA (Groundsman, Fan, Security)
  • Web-series (Genres: Crime Drama)/ The Death of Irony : SA (Bopper #2)
  • Web-series (Genres: Buddy cop comedy)/ Dachshund & Sally : SA (Henchman) - S2, Ep5
  • Short Film (Genres: Horror)/ False Dawn : SA (Lead Flesh Eater). *Won best creature feature, best stunts.
  • Bollywood Film (Genres: Drama)/ Suruli : Extra (Party goer)
  • Short Film (Genres: Drama)/ Dewed : SA (Agent #2)
  • Bollywood Film (Genres: Sports drama)/ '83 : SA (Reporter)
  • ITV Soap/ Coronation Street : Pub walk though & passer-by in village
  • Web-series (Genres: Crime Drama)/ The card room chronicles : SA (Hostage)
  • Short Film (Genres: Horror)/ Half Moon : SA (Brother #2)
  • Short Film (Genres: Orchestral dark comedy)/ II Classico : SA (Diner)
  • Short Film (Genres: Drama)/ True fight : Extra (Night clubber)
  • Web-series (Genres: Buddy cop comedy)/ Dachshund & Sally : SA (Henchman) - S2, Ep3
  • Theatre/ The Blair witch 20th Anniversary : Talent (creepy Josh, Aka Joshua Leonard)
  • NFTS Short Film (Genres: 23rd century Sci-Fi)/ Willow : Extra (Member of the Elite)
  • Music video (Genres: hip hop rap)/ Ocean Wisdom - 4am : Talent (mourner, choirboy, dead roadman, thug)
  • MMU Short Film (Genres: Homelessness)/ Pavement : Extra (City worker, Passer-by)
  • Music video/ We love this city : Lip sync appearance
  • Short Film (Genres: 1980s Sci-Fi drama)/ DreamReel : Extra (Cafe customer)
  • Multimedia platform/ Amvico : Talent
  • Multimedia platform (Genres: Reality)/ Underdogs collective : Media segment
  • Multimedia Platform/ Your Storytime TV : Talent


Acting experience

No previous acting experience

Acting agent


  • English

  • UK English


° Ocean - 4am
directed by Shan Phearon. Leads: Ocean Wisdom & Jasmine Imboden
Talent > *London*

° Grimmfest/ The Blair Witch Screening
Talent > *Stockport*

° Dachshund & Sally
directed and starring Jed Toogood & Callum Richardson
A Stretch Films production
Supporting artist > *North Warwickshire* (Season 2/ episodes 3 & 5)

° The card room chronicles: The house of Queens (episode 3)
directed by Denis Crampton
Supporting artist > *Stockport*

° Dewed
Directed by Daniel Richards; Starring Rita Sigmond
DMR Productions
Supporting artist > *London*

° False Dawn
directed by Sarah Nedeljkovic, Starring: Adam, Elsie Crompton
AMD Films
Supporting Artist > *West Yorkshire*


Extras experience

Previous extras experience

Extras agent



° My Storytime TV on YouTube
Talent > *Manchester*

° Amvico
Talent > *Manchester*

° we love this city
Lip sync > Manchester*

° DreamReel
directed by Michael Entwistle
Background extra > *Chester*: out 2020!

° Pavement
directed by Jason Wingard. Starring Steve Evets & Liz White
Background extra > *Manchester*: out late 2019!

° Ocean - 4am
directed by Shan Phearon
Talent > *London*

° Willow
Background extra > *London*

° Grimmfest/ The Blair Witch Screening
Talent > *Stockport*

° True fight
directed by Lauren Mackenzie, starring Wilson Benedito
Background extra > *London*

° II classico
Supporting artist > *Liverpool*

° Half Moon
directed by Tommy Caroll
Knowing nod production
Supporting artist > *Tyldesley*

° The card room chronicles: the house of Queens
directed by Denis Crampton
Three in one pictures
Supporting artist > *Stockport*

° Coronation Street
ITV production
Supporting artist > *Manchester*

° '83
directed by Kabir Khan, starring Ranveer Singh
Reliance Entertainment
Supporting artist > *London*

° Suruli
Extra > *London*

° Death of Irony
directed by Patrick McMahon
Supporting Artist > *Chester*

° undisclosed
Fudge park productions, BBC
Supporting Artist > *Wrexham*

° Commercial for global (undisclosed) brand
Extra > *Bolton*


Modeling experience

Beginner, starting out


Vocal ability

Backing vocals

TV & Reality


° Underdogs collective
"overcoming adversity" social media segment > *Manchester*

° Jeremy vine debate
Channel 5, ITN production
Audience > *London*

° Britain's Best Parent
Channel 4, Monkey Kingdom
Audience judge > *London*; out late 2019/ early 2020.

Film & Stage Crew

Art & Costume Design ability


Camera Crew ability


Directing & Writing ability


Lighting ability


Post Production & Editing ability


Production & Management ability


Sound Crew ability


Runner or Assistant ability


•°•° Producer, assistant director, cameraman, editor for short film 'Comical death'.
•°•° writer, director, producer for short film 'Tribulatio'.

•°•° written and looking to produce three short films ("Tribulatio II", "Awakening", "Night before Valentine's") in the early new year (2020).
•°•° Cameraman for pianist Lorraine G *3 songs*
•°•° edited a graduation video for YouTube vlogger. *Vlogger shall remain un-named*

•°•° Helped design poster for short Horror film Comical death & Argumental death.
•°•° Designed poster for short films False Dawn and In the trees, directed by Sarah Nedeljkovic.
•°•° Designed a film festival poster for horror film 'Dark Soon', directed by Nina Romain.


Photography experience

Amateur photographer


TV presenter experience

No previous TV presenter experience

Radio presenter experience

Previous unpaid Radio presenter roles

  • English

  • UK English

° pre-recorded podcast: Discuss a variety of topics such as Sports, Relationships, Brexit, social media & discrimination.
° on-air talent; A comedy named let's talk with Billy & timmy @

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