Anthony Martins Rock

Anthony Martins Rock

London, United Kingdom


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I want to recommend Anthony Martins Rock as an Actor for Action Hero movies, he`s got the looks and the stature. Best Wishes, James Andrew Wyatt.

Recommended for Acting Jun 29, 2021

I am strongly recommending Anthony. He has a great look and character. Looking at his profile such a joy as you find in every picture an attractive person in different way and style. He is very talented and amazingly a great addition to any project he will join. Wishing Anthony all the best!

Recommended for Acting Apr 6, 2021

Very professional and co operating. He is an amazing person too. Very happy working with him. Can’t recommend enough.. awesome.

Recommended for Acting Mar 17, 2021

Highly recommend

Recommended for Acting Mar 7, 2021

A highly professional actor with tons of enthusiasm for each role he adapts to and great voice acting ability.

Recommended for Acting Jun 25, 2020

Anthony perfectly portrayed the character of an evil murderer in the film 'Hunter'. He hit every beat and brought a whole new dimension to the character he played. He was highly professional, adaptive, and delivered fantastic results. I would definitely work with him again!

Recommended for Acting May 4, 2020

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Anthony's picture tells you all you need to know. A smiling, lovely, warm, infectious man. We need more of him!

Recommended for Staff/temp Sep 11, 2019

Working with Anthony twice in quick succession, he has a great look and energy about him, a worthy addition to a production. Thanks again

Recommended for Acting Feb 27, 2019

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Lovely hardworking guy. Very professional and it was a fun day working together:)

Recommended for Acting Feb 15, 2019

Great look and natural performance from Anthony, would happily use again for more projects. Thanks so much

Recommended for Acting Feb 1, 2019

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Very intelligent, polite, hardworking and thoughtful young man. A true professional in every meaning of the word. He is a rising star and will go the whole way in his career, without any doubt.

Recommended for TV & Reality Jan 15, 2019

Anthony, first I must thank you, friend, for your extremely generous and glowing recommendation. You are obviously supremely gifted, very funny, easygoing and so brilliantly passionate about everything you do. There’s just no denying it! May you accomplish all that your heart desires and then some. I know that even the galaxy is not the limit for you!

Recommended for Acting Jan 8, 2019

Very professional actor with a lot of qualification in all artist industrie... if you look for professionalism and quality work in this rang, look no further... he is the man. I highly recommend him.

Recommended for Acting Dec 15, 2018

From the moment I look, viewed Anthony’s profile, I knew, could see he was a true professional and seriously talented. Anthony would be an incredible asset to any project he is apart of.... a true professional, a star!

Recommended for Casting Dec 14, 2018

Very professional, kind, and has got tremendous skills, one of the best voice over artists on this website

Recommended for Casting Dec 11, 2018

Anthony it's great person with who i was working last week...very recommended actor and model

Recommended for Acting Oct 22, 2018

Anthony was great energy on set, always professional and easy to work with.

Recommended for Modelling Oct 10, 2018

Fabulous character and a great Model. Fun to work with and brings lots of good energy

Recommended for Modelling Oct 10, 2018

Anthony is a highly talented and professional actor and voice artist who would be a tremendous asset to any production.

Recommended for Acting Oct 8, 2018

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A very talented and highly professional Voice Over artist.

Recommended for Acting Sep 3, 2018