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New South Wales, Australia
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Physical Attributes

193 cm / 6ft 4in
95 kg / 209 lbs
White / Caucasian
105 cm / 41 in
Skin color:
95 cm / 37 in
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Screen Shot, Short Film : Lead actor - Chris
  • Eight Productions, Hungry Jacks TVC : Lead actor
  • Introspect, by Summit Films, Short film : Lead actor - Eli
  • Mushrooms, short film : Lead actor - Roy
  • Getaway, short episodes, SAE : Actor - Tom
  • Converse - Allstar Mock : Actor/ Model
  • East League Club - Roosters : Model
  • Open Door Productions, Down But Not Out Shortfilm : Co Director/ A.D/ Editor
  • Open Door Productions, Boxing Shortfilm : A.D/ Editor
  • The Lonesome Ship, Shortfilm : Voice acting - Scientist TV Presenter " Orision "
  • Curfew, Shortfilm : Injured Mystery man - Actor
  • NIB, TVC : Actor
  • TAB, TVC : Featured Actor
  • Princess Auralia - Childrens Book : Illustrator
  • Private Parties, Pilot Episode : Dungeon Master, Harold - Actor
  • NextGen Gaming commercial : George and Narrator - V.O
  • PG Production : Acting, Criminal Bodyguard
  • PG's Agency : Featured Extra
  • Peter rabbit : Featured Extra
  • Bleeding Steel : Featured Extra
  • Home and Away : Featured Extra
  • PG's Agency : Coal miner extra
  • Top of the Lake S2 : Paramedic Extra
  • Gofund me : Spokesperson, Actor
  • C. Weatherstone - Makeup Expo : Creature model
  • Rogers & Co. Studio : Director, Film Maker
  • Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead : Zombie that kills main Vilian
  • The Door, Shortfilm : Script Supervisor
  • Green Key Studio : Intern > Director, Editor, Creative
  • JMC Academy : Bachelor's degree
  • Glenmore Park High : High School Diploma ( Photography and Digital media and Drama Senior year )


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

Acting agent


  • English

  • Australian
  • Irish
  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • USA California
  • USA Southern

August j. Rogers

Actor and Voice Actor with experience in stunt work including fight choreography.
Has studied the Meisner Technique and body language to commands a versatile range from energetic balls of confidence to subtle intimate and internal conflicts.

Has done paid speaking roles, modeling, featured in TVC, and been on sets at Fox studios and all over Sydney for both Television and Cinema.
Excels in comedy and action but often explores drama and psychological thrillers genres.

As a filmmaker with 7 years of experience and formal training he is familiar, professional, and respectful to all crew members in production and understands their roles as well his own in the craft.

Equipped with a home office /recording booth with soundproofing, C3PU USB condenser microphone, Sony DSLRs that can capture 4k, and an editing station with Adobe Creative using Premiere Pro and Audition to edit his recordings. He is capable of a variety of accents as previously listed and has a versatility of voice characters from heroes, villains, comedic relief to dragons.

August has been acting and writing since childhood, has a passion and confidence in his skills, and loves to explore a character's world, and inner workings with a Director and Writer to have a sound understanding of the project, vision and bring the character to life.


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles


Modeling experience

Part-time model - paid commercial work

I’m August,

A creative, Model who likes an environment, model, and photographer who I can interact with and bounce off of with Ideas and direction instead of the Void. Preferred genre is artistic as to commercial modeling.

Few more details and experience…

I'm tall ( 193cm ), long auburn hair with dark “defects” that add a streak element and freckled skin on my face, lips, shoulders, and arms. Kind eyes with an intense stare and Green with blue flecks colour and a straight white smile.
I wear glasses but can function and am able to work perfectly without them.

Modeled with fashion, hair, Zombie/ creature, period-themed, costumed, cosplay, creative projects involving face paint and heavy photoshop for surrealistic background and even one-time Drag.
Paid and unpaid professional and passion projects with experienced photographers and makeup artists

I have basketball and some boxing experience.
I actually have more experience behind the camera than in front of it. This makes me a better model as I know the process and can form close relationships and mutual respect with the photographers and producers involved in the production. I use Sony DSLRs and DJI drones for much of my own work.

I have motorcycle and horse riding experience though my licenses have expired. I do however still have my driver's license and am a very capable driver.

I have an Acting agent but am open to Modeling representation, I am on Starnow for networking and finding brilliant projects and people to work with.

Film & Stage Crew

Directing & Writing ability


Production & Management ability


I am currently working as a freelancer at Green Key Studio as a Director and Editor. My roles at Green Key Studio have been from managing crew, time, and talent as well as being heavily involved in the creative and production process. With camera, lighting, set, and sound.

Have an Advanced Diploma in Film and Television, the course covered subjects of proper camera use equipment handling, lighting, digital editing, producing, time managing, Creative thinking, and collaborations, hiring gear, paperwork, Learning all about filming techniques and history and the further understanding of cameras ISO, aperture, etc.

Specializing in Script Writing and Editing.
Have experience using a variety of lens and both DSLR and SLR cameras,

Senior High school Photography and digital media Graduate 2010

Having experience in writing script for many School and University film Projects such as comedy and drama dialogue and story for adventure and action for Mock broadcasts, Interviews, Collaborations on youtube Animation projects and comic/manga works.

Editing knowledge and experience with Adobe creative studio.
I have my own Audio recording equipment and editing Studio

Primarily Premier CS6, Photoshop and After effects.
Was taught Avid on Mac, the techniques and aesthetics of screen language and storytelling, using green screen in and out of the Studio and live to edit for student Broadcasts

Was apart of the Backstage crew of Penrith division competing in Rock Eisteddfod 2008 that made it through to the finals. The role included loading and unloading stage props and maneuvering the background props in coordination with the stage play

Have had various experience working in outdoor, indoor, and in controlled studios as a cameraman, Continuity, Producer, 2nd A.D and as Director

Worked for credits on site of an Indie Australian film “ Wyrmwood ”, where we spent 12+ hour days in 5-degree weather, in forests and fields. Catering, running, and caring to the actors as well as assisting film and lighting crew with handling and working equipment.

Have Filmed for Weddings, Concerts, and other events. Independently and Incorporation with TJK productions.

Am looking for a team to collaborate with and further my Networks and Experience.
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