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Physical Attributes

170 cm / 5ft 7in
Eye color:
Hair color:

Credits & experience

  • 'God The Last Refuge' 'Swami at Tarigut Station' skeptic turned believer' : Swami Vivekananda Short Play Festival- Alex Broun
  • 'Jungle Book the Musical' -EMUPRODUCTIONS : Mougli
  • 'Advanced Module Auditioning' : Part time Course: Actors Centre Australia:
  • 'Advanced Module Shakespeare' : Part Time Course: Actors Centre Australia
  • 'Ten minute Play writing Workshop' : Alex Broun
  • 'Townsville's 2013 annual comedy Gala' - The Comedy Generation : Stand up Routine
  • 'X-Stacy' Theatre INQ : Ensamble
  • 'KIng Lear' Theatre INQ : Various- Lear's Doctor/ Lear's 100 knights
  • 'The Comedy Room' - The Comedy Generation : Stand up Routine
  • 'Acting to camera' : With International Casting agent Jan Russ
  • 'Auditioning Masterclass' : with Musical Theatre professional Queenie Van de Zandt
  • 'Moving Opera' Opera Queensland : week long course, with Performence
  • 'The Bridge Project' Theatre INQ : Year long course for Emerging Talent


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English

  • Australian

Acting -

Year: 2014
Production: Romeo And Juliet
Company: BEST Theatre Company
Director: Angela Blake
Acting Role: Benvolio

Year: 2014
Production: Short Film 'Weeing On A Stick'
Director: Angela Blake
Acting Role: Extra- Bartender

Year: 2014
Production: Short film- 'Wraith Woods'
Director: Hayley Flinn
Acting Role: Alex Chase

Year: 2014
Production: Jungle Book The Musical
Writer: Markus Webber
Company: Emuproductions
Director: Markus Webber
Acting Role: Mowgli

Year: 2013
Production: X-Stacy
Writer: Margery Ford
Company: TheatreINQ
Director: Arminelle Flemming
Acting Role: Drug dealer, Ensemble

Year: 2012
Production: King Lear
Company: TheatreINQ/ Shakespeare Under The Stars
Director: Terri Brabon
Acting Role: Lear's Doctor/ Lear's 100 knights/ Assassin

Year: 2012
Production: Moving Opera
Company: Opera Queensland
Director: Sean Dennehy
Acting Role: Ensemble singing Performance

Year: 2012
Production: Pimlico Presents Variety Concert 2012
Company: Pimlico State High School
Director: Claire Davies
Acting Role: Monologue- The Glass Menagerie (Tom)

Year: 2010
Production: Persius The Gorgon Slayer
Company: Laluna Youth arts
Director: Jonathan Brown
Acting Role: persius

Year: 2009
Production: Circus of the Future
company: Laluna youth arts
Director: Susan Prince
Acting Role: Teacher

Stand Up Comedy-

Year: 2013
Production: The 2013 Townsville Comedy Gala
Company: The Comedy Generation
Act: Comedy Routine

Year: 2012
Production: The Comedy Room
Company: The Comedy Generation
Act: Comedy Routine


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles

TV & Reality

Year: 2013
Advert: Museum of Tropical Queensland
Aired: Channel 7
Role: Extra

Film & Stage Crew


Year: 2012
Production: When The Rain Stops Falling
Writer: Andrew Bovell
Company: TheatreINQ
Director: Terri Brabon
Position: Assistant stage Manager

Year: 2011
Production: The Witches
Company: Laluna Youth arts
Director: Jonathan Brown
Position: Stage Hand

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