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New South Wales, Australia
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My family, bubble or household

My husband can be with me. He is 56. We live in the Springwood area (Blue Mountains) so we are not in a Covid hotspot. We will be fully vaccinated by then.

David Rowe
Me with my husband David

Intro to Camera

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Physical Attributes

182 cm / 6ft 0in
76 kg / 167 lbs
98 cm / 39 in
Skin color:
78 cm / 31 in
100 cm / 39 in
Dress size:
UK 12 / AUS 12 / US 8
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Screenwise : American Accent Course
  • Screenwise : Presenting to Camera
  • Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre : Adult Acting Course


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English

  • Australian

Mar 2021 Eyvonne - Feature Film No Harm Done Dir.Nathan Large - Wow Productions
Mar 2021 Patient - Feature Film Risen. Dir Eddie Arya. Aryavision Films

Nov 2019 Extra in Independent Film 'The Eagle Flyer' Neon Black Films
Nov 2019 Role play for National Judicial College of Australia
Oct 2019 Beach Extra Feature Film 'Love You Like That' Glasshouse Productions
Oct 2019 Role of Police Officer for feature film trailer 'Vadivam'. Producer Eelan Elanko
Sep 2019 Role of Billy's mum in Web Series 'A Troubled Town' Series 2. Producer Sonia Sarkis
Aug 2019 Role of Supervisor/Nurse/Border Security in TV Series( in Production) 'The Commons'. Stan & Screen Australia
Jul 2019 Role of Cafe Patron in short film Upsold. Queen of the Jungle Productions
Jun 2019 Role of Maria. Lend Me a Tenor. Ruby Productions. Dir Anthony Brown
Apr 2019 Role of Karen. Mockumentary 'The Receptionist' Dir Yazmin Bradley
Feb 2019 Super Estate TVC role of passer by speaking role. Robot Pirate Ninja. Dir Anthony MacFarlane
Feb 2019 Spec ad for Lotus. Atom Productions Dir Prue Tumahai
Jan 2019 Role of Tai Ma in Bollywood Play 'Foreign Star of Bengal. Arvind Bollywood Central.
Jan 2019 Nun in Silent film 'Yo Sister' . Dir Jay Harley HAG Productions
Jan 2019 Role of mum in short film Choice. Dir Jay Harley HAG Productions
Nov 2018 Nurse Feature Film 'Fallen Tears' John K-ay Films
Nov 2018 Detective. Web Series 'Babbletown' Dir Andy Sherri
Nov 2018 Miss Ciccone Comedy Musical 'Camp Popcorn' Ruby Productions. Dir Nathan Large
Oct 2018 Dorothy - Short Film 'Reaper Duty' Sydney Film School Dir Yohan
Oct 2018 Addict in rehab for TV Pilot 'Committed' Producer Camille Gaffney-Brown
Sep 2018 Judge in music video for Aust Institute of Music (AIM). Edan McGovern
Aug 2018 Engineer - Coates Hire Video. Jack Nimble Productions. Haley Olsson
Aug 2018 Mother in short film 'Family Trust'. Australian Film Base Productions.
Jul 2018 Morgan in Anti Bullying video for BORAL. Produced by 90 Seconds. Erin Harvey
Jul 2018 Mrs Ridley. Feature Film 'Xavier's Harvest' Coast Community Films. Dir Dan Widdowson.
Jul 2018 Lonely Woman in Bar. Music video for band Broke House, Song 'Extra Indigo' Natalie Verniest.
Jun 2018 Detective in Big City Channel 7.
Jun 2018 Role of Freda - Situation Awareness Video Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA). Montage Productions.
May 2018 Mrs State 'Suburban Sunset' SAE Short Film. Dir Sabrina Stubbs.
Apr 2018 DOD Security Officer for TV Series Secret City 'Series 2' Foxtel
Mar 2018 Mrs Crowley. Comedy Musical. Diamonds and Ruby's. Ruby Productions. Dir Nathan Large
Mar 2018 Club Patron in Music Video for Band SckChx song 'Feel the same'. Director Tony Baird.
Mar 2018 Electoral Officer - Election Day. Independent Film. Dir Tom Davidson.
Feb 2018 Various roles. Slice of Life. Bluesanyu Films.
Jan 2018 Commuter - Acute Misfortune Feature Film. Director Thomas Wright
Dec 2017 Female Spiv/Patron Web Series 'Mammon' Dir. Peter Spann
Nov 2017 Newsreader. Short film 'Tyranny' JMC Academy (Stephanie De Nicola)
Oct 2017 Role of Maria. Short film 'The Small Favour' Dir. Addrian N
Sep 2017 Reformed Drug Addict. Odyssey House Video. Dir Christine Campbell
Sep 2017 Mother. Qantas Assure Ad. Junkee Media
July 2017 Role of mother. Web series 'A Troubled Town' Dir Billy Stallone
Mar 2017 Lead role Miss Ciccone 'Popcorn High the Musical'. Ruby Productions. Dir Nathan Large.
Feb 2017 Support role Mother in 'Violet Red'. Director John Cross
Sep 2016 Main role mother in web series pilot 'Sunday League'. Director Adam Burrows.
Sep 2016 Role of mother/wife short film 'Flower'. Director Charlotte Tai
Aug 2016. Extra role of Quarantine Officer. TV Series 'Here come the Habibs'
Jul 2016 Extra role of Gypsy in web series 'Jade of Death'
May 2016 Featured Extra Federal Police Officer. Channel 9 Series 'Hyde & Seek'
Apr 2016 Extra role of Cleaner in short film '12.12.12' Open Act Films. Director James Crisp
Feb 2016 Role of DOCS Officer in Music Video for 'Fortay' At Large Productions.
Jan 2016 Extra on bus. Bollywood Film 'Sardarji Returns'
Oct 2015 Extra role office worker Feature Film' Irreversible Choices' Director John K-ay
Sep 2015 Mother in short film 'What to Say' Director Adam Roberts.
Sep 2015 Extra role in Tv Pilot for 'Abandoned'
Aug 2015 Support role of Tully's mother in Independent/Student film 'Motel' Dir. James Savelberg.
July 2015 Played Mrs Teavee in Charlie & the Chocolate Factory Play. Dir Ashleigh Powell. Ruby Productions
June 2015 Speaking role of Supervisor Dawn in Aged Care Video. Health Television Network. Dir. Gillian Arnold.
April 2015 Speaking role of mum in short film 'Memorandum'. EMT Productions.
March 2015 Role of Marinka in Generation Swap Documentary. Hollistic Living Productions
June 2014 Immigration Officer feature film Fat Pizza V's Housos. Dir. Paul Fenech
June 2014 Police officer in short film We are broken. Metro Screen Dir. Dane Fabri
May 2014 Maxine in feature film The System. Dir.Eddie Arya.
May 2014 Played Hillbilly Mumma in Running Scared Maze at Penrith. Speaking/improv
Apr 2014 Extra in music/promotion video for
Jan 2014 Zombie extra in feature film trailer The Walkers. Dir Brendan Byrne
Dec 2013 Featured Extra Police officer, Web series Hunter & Hornet. Dir Sonne Vrebac
Nov 2013 Played Nurse Carey in The Haunting - Ghost re-anactments for Foxtel Show
Nov 2013 Played Heather in play 'Mother and Son' Henry Lawson Theatre Werrington. Dir Joshua Crew
Oct 2013 Mother in short film 'Alex the Mockumentary'. Director Daniel Felkai
Aug 2013 Jillian Willard in short Tropfest film 'The Prime Minister' Director David Kranjc
July 2012 Extra in feature film 'Around the Block' staring Jack Thompson, Christina Ricci and Damien Walsh-Howling


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles

Dec 2017 Cleaner/Commuter. Feature Film 'Acute Misfortune'. Dir Thomas Wright

Nov 2017 Pedestrian. Feature Film Standing up For Sunny. Dir Steven Vidler

Oct 2017 Jogger. Babbletown Web Series. Dir Andy Sherri

July 2017 Community Member Doctor Doctor Channel 9


Modeling experience

Part-time model - paid commercial work

July 2009 - photographed for Telstra print campaign.
Aug 2009 - Extra in 'Viva' TVC
Nov 2009 - Photographed for 'Perpetual Finance' Brochure. (Businesswoman)
Nov 2009 - Brand Ambassador for 'Scotch Brite' doing demonsrations in Woolworths Stores.
Aug 2010- Amiz Photography, photographed for stock shoot.
Jan 2011 - TVC for RTA 'Wishes' campaign
Oct 2011 - Brand Ambassador for Penfolds Wine
Nov 2011- Real Insurance - online ad
May 2013 - Vox Pop for Bayer (businesswoman)
Mar 2014 - Stills for Apple - Pool Productions
Apr 2014 - mature model for catwalk at Family Show Fox Studios
Mar 2015 - TVC Woolworths with Jamie Oliver
Oct 2017 Model for Clairol Colour video. Hyland Media
Nov 2017 KFC Buckethead Shoot. The Right Fit
Dec 2017 Office Furniture Model. Axiom

182cm tall/6ft, brunette. Play basketball, softball, soccer and enjoy bushwalking

TV & Reality

Feb 2013 Extra in TVC for Australia's Greatest Athlete - Trapdoor Productions
Have 1 line speaking role in TCV for RTA wishes campaign
Extra in TV series 'Housos'
Auditioned for Wheel of Fortune and Minute-To-Win-It and made it to second phase on both.
Have been an audience member on several different TV shows.

I have had short non speaking roles in a couple of Foxtel Shows


Dancing ability


Dance styles
  • Disco

Film & Stage Crew

March 2018 Assistant Stage Manager/Microphones. Diamonds & Rubys. Ruby Productions. Dir. Nathan Large


TV presenter experience

Previous paid TV presenter roles

  • English

  • Australian

Oct 2018. Presenter/interviewer for Ultimate Cruising. Remember Creative. Produced by Macarthur Film Studios

Many years ago when I was in the NSW Police we had an internal media channel. I presented a segment using auto cue.
In the last couple of years I was interviewed on the Franchise Show for a segment they had on 'Women In Business'. There is a part of this interview linked to my profile.
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