Rebecca Barry

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London, United Kingdom


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Rebecca was lovely , always smiling , always helpful and always concentrating a pleasure to have on set

Recommended for Modelling Jun 12, 2015

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Rebecca was a delight to work with! Really professional, focused and ready to go to make-up/costume/on set when called for. She also helped to encourage her little brother to focus on the shoot as well, which was a great help. Would very happily work with her again :)

Recommended for Modelling Mar 6, 2015

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We all loved working with Rebecca on the music video, she's a very talented girl and a lovely person to have on set. She's enthusiastic, conscientious and I'm sure will go very far in her career.

Recommended for Acting Sep 15, 2014

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Rebecca was a pleasure to work with. She listened to directions well. Highly recommended!

Recommended for Modelling Aug 11, 2014

Joy to work with , highly recommended :)

Recommended for Acting Nov 18, 2013

Rebecca has a cheeky, likeable character and played the part of Emily well. She listened and took direction. I would like to use her again and recommend her to others as she is full of talent

Recommended for Acting Jul 10, 2013

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I cannot recommend Rebecca enough! She is a very talented young lady and a pleasure to work with! I would not hesitate to cast her again!

Recommended for Acting May 3, 2013

Recommended for Modelling Nov 25, 2017

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Recommended for Acting Aug 8, 2016

Recommended for Dancing Sep 15, 2014

Recommended for Acting May 16, 2013

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