Talent of the Month — Daniel Turner
Posted by Kalista Campbell on 07 Jan, 2018

Talent of the Month — Daniel Turner

Daniel Turner is a model, actor and extra based in Brisbane, Australia. When he's not modeling or busy studying towards a Bachelor of Education, Dan loves kicking around a soccer ball, reading and journaling. We recently caught up with Daniel to get his advice about making the most of social media platforms like Instagram, and learn about his career so far.

How long have you been on StarNow and what prompted you to join? I joined StarNow in September after another model recommended it to me, saying that the website often advertised extra work for models and actors. I noticed that a few other models from my agency were also using StarNow, so I decided to check it out.

What was your first modeling job, and how did you land that position? My first modeling job was a bridal show that was organised through my agency. It was a fun, small show which was great because I was so nervous going out and walking in front of all these people. The rush I felt afterwards however was so great, and overall the whole experience was so much fun!

From there, how did you get your next role? What was the job? My next job was another runway gig and a little bigger than the previous one. I managed to land a place in the show through a friend and it was another great experience.

Talk a bit about the runway work that you've done. What does a typical day as a model look like? I would say a typical day for a model with a runway show starts the night before. I make sure that I’m clean shaved and I’ve washed my face and use a facemask. Getting to bed early is also essential, as I need to look and feel fresh. Depending on what time the show is, I make sure I have my model bag ready the night before, with clean shoes, a spare shirt (just in case) and that I get to the designated place 10-15 minutes earlier than the given time.

You’re currently signed with Katz Management. What do you look for when finding an agent? I look for someone who is approachable, down to earth and also someone that I can relate to and that believes in me and is willing to work with me and motivate me to improve.

What is one thing you wish you had known before becoming a model? That modeling is more than just taking photos and doing shows, it's about creating and showing mood and emotion through your photos while working with a photographer. I wish I'd known that being a model requires a lifestyle change and is a full-time commitment, but as with all change, it just takes practice and time.

You have a beautiful Instagram profile full of great photos. How do you choose what to post? Thanks! I generally just look for those eye-catching photos and just make sure I keep my content consistently fresh and varied, whether it's a new photo from a shoot or just a casual photo of me out and about. I make sure I take a few shots if I'm out though and I'll try to get a second opinion before posting if I'm ever unsure.

What advice would you give to a fellow model about making the most of Instagram? Instagram is so important! I would recommend that you're just consistent with posting quality content and are an active user. Tagging clothing brands, your agency and photographer is also important.

How would you like to see your career evolve in the next five years?I would love to be given the opportunity to travel a bit more through modeling, to keep seeing myself improve and to keep taking better and better photos.

Hidden talent? I'm proficient in French and Spanish for all those language learners out there. I tried my hand at Italian while I was backpacking in Italy but it got a bit too confusing!

Best way to blow off steam? Best way to blow off steam is to go for a jog accompanied by a nice cold shower and then a good book! I also love writing and journalling and find it to be very therapeutic.

Check out Daniel's StarNow profile and Instagram.

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