StarNow Staff Share Their Audition Horror Stories
Posted by Kalista Campbell on 17 Jun, 2018

StarNow Staff Share Their Audition Horror Stories

Many of us here at StarNow lead double lives. By day we're tech-savvy StarNow 'crew' working behind the scenes on the website, and by night, on weekends, or whenever we have spare time, we release our inner thespians.

Amongst our staff we boast experienced actors, theatre producers, actors agents, film-makers of all varieties, models, musicians, dancers and everything else in between. Collectively we have well over 100 years experience working in the entertainment industry. We know our stuff, and we want to share what we’ve learnt along the way.

Here, three of our staff explain some of their less-than-great audition experiences and the silver lining they got out of them. We made the mistakes so you don't have to.

Name: Erin.

The role: One half of a couple in a TV commercial.

What happened: The audition was for a couple in a TVC, and we were auditioning in pairs. I didn't know my scene partner and met them only briefly before going in to the audition room as he arrived late.

He was very nervous and underprepared. He was flustered, forgot the blocking, fluffed his lines, missed his cues and didn't give me my cue lines; unsurprisingly the audition was a disaster and we were swiftly shown the door.

He then had the cheek to ask me for a ride back into town!

Moral of the story: Always prepare well for auditions – it might not just be yourself you let down if you don't.

"Um, excuse me, can you just not!?"

Name: Vanessa.

The role: Maureen in Rent.

What happened: I was called up last minute to audition for a production of Rent and I thought I could fake my way through it because I had listened to the soundtrack multiple times and knew the gist of the music.

I had to sight sing "Take me or leave me" and I bombed! It was so bad. And it was in front of multiple people all auditioning for the same show. Needless to say, I didn't get the role.

Moral of the story: Only say yes to auditions if you know you can pull it off without any practice or warning.

"This sounded better in the shower, I promise."

Name: Steph.

The role: Auditioning as a real couple for a TVC.

What happened: I got an audition for a German Christmas TVC, and they wanted real couples if possible. I talked my husband into auditioning with me, even though he hates cameras.

They asked us to improvise cooking Christmas dinner, and he froze on the spot. Because he does all the cooking at home, he couldn't imagine me even pretending to cook… it was a total flop.

Moral of the story: Don't rope people into the biz if they're not as into it as you are!

"Thanks for the support, hun."

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