How to Show Off All Your Work in One Place
Posted by StarNow on 25 Sep, 2018

How to Show Off All Your Work in One Place

Showreels, audio reels and other examples of your work have always been the best way to catch a Casting Professional's eye. Now we're giving you the option to upload as much video and audio as you want!

The more quality media you add for a Casting Professional to look at and listen to, the more likely you are to be cast. Showcase your experience, versatility and create a slick online portfolio by uploading a range of video and audio to your profile.

To get unlimited video and audio you need to be an Elite subscriber. Please note, new subscribers are offered Standard memberships, and can then upgrade to our Premium or Elite memberships at any time.

Check out our other features that can help you get cast and choose the perfect subscription option for you now.

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This part six of a six-part series full of tips and tools you can use to help you get cast. Read the rest of the series below:

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