Talent of the Month — Amber Doig-Thorne
Posted by Kalista Campbell on 30 Sep, 2018

Talent of the Month — Amber Doig-Thorne

Amber Doig-Thorne is an experienced actress, model, digital influencer and interviewer of the stars.

Most recently she's interviewed Henry Cavill and Simon Pegg about their new Mission Impossible film and is heading to L.A. later this month to attend the Hollywood Immersive Acting Immersive program.

We caught up with Amber ahead of her trip to L.A. to hear about what she's looking forward to the most, and her plans for the future.

How long have you been on StarNow, and what prompted you to join?
I've been on StarNow for over 10 years. I joined when I was 13 years old after hearing about it from a friend who was cast in a music video through StarNow.

What's one thing you wish you had known before getting into acting?
That persistence and hard work really do pay off. It is very rare people will be cast in a lead role in a feature film with little experience. We all have to take unpaid roles, working 16 hours days sometimes – to come out with a fantastic acting CV, and lots of experience which will then help you pave the way to becoming a well-known actor!

You're an active member of StarNow, with a great profile. Do you have any advice for people looking to make the most of the site?
Definitely! Remember to leave recommendations for everyone that you've worked with, keep your profile and pictures updated – and try to be active on StarNow at least once a day!

You're lucky enough to be attending the Hollywood Immersive Acting Immersive program this month. What are you looking forward to the most?
I am so excited to be working with like-minded people to help further my skills as an actress. I can't wait to take my acting to the next level. And being in Hollywood Hills is definitely a bonus!

Keep your eyes on our Instagram stories and blog in October, as Amber will be sharing her experiences attending the Hollywood Immersive in L.A.

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Your StarNow profile is full of gorgeous images and stills from your diverse range of work. How do you decide what to include on your profile?
I try to include a range of images – some from modelling, and of course my acting headshots! I don't upload too many photos as I know Casting Professionals won't have time to look through hundreds of pictures – so I just upload my favourites.

You've built yourself quite the social media following – more than 3 million followers! What do you think the key to success as an influencer is?
I think a combination of hard work and a lot of good luck. I started making videos online two years ago and I've worked every single day since then to grow my online following. It's been a challenge but I love what I do and wouldn't change it for the world.

What's it like interviewing famous people? Do you ever get star struck?
Interviewing actors is definitely one of my favourite perks from being an influencer. I've spoken to some incredibly talented people, it's such an honour and a privilege.

I’ve never really been star struck – attending a lot of film premieres normalises you to being around these incredible actors. It's definitely a good thing because I'm then much more comfortable interviewing some of my childhood heroes!

How would you like to see your career evolve in the next five years?
I'd like to transition into being an actress full time. I will always maintain my online social media platforms, however, my passion is acting and I'm at a place in my life where I feel confident about throwing myself into that world full time.

What's the best moment of your career so far?
It's hard to pick just one! I’ve been incredibly fortunate in that several production companies have flown me around the world, to interview actors and visit film set! My favourite memories were probably being flown out to South Africa to be an extra in, and meet the cast of, Maze Runner: The Death Cure.

Did you grow up in London?
I didn't! I actually grew up in Yorkshire, then moved to New Zealand when I was five, and then moved back to York two years later. I moved to London in 2013 for university, and I loved the city so much that I never left!

Favourite thing about London?
I've lived in London for five years and I'm still discovering new places. I love that London is a city of thousands of cultures; there are always new places and experiences to discover.

Dream job when you were a kid?
I've wanted to be an actress for as long as I can remember!

One thing people would be surprised to know about you?
I have a degree in Theoretical Physics – I'm a huge science nerd!

What's the number one thing on your bucket list?
Doing the Inca Trail in Machu Pichu with my parents. I've always wanted to visit Peru.

Favourite city and why?
It has to be Santa Monica. I visited a lot as a child and have so many fantastic memories there! It's such a beautiful city.

Outside of acting, do you have any hobbies?
I love travelling! I'm very fortunate in that I get to travel a lot with my work, but I also love exploring new places whilst on holiday. Apart from that, I create my own content online - I really enjoy directing, writing and editing! I'm a passionate sportswoman and enjoy going to the gym.

What’s your favourite way to spend the weekend?
To be honest, I work seven days a week so I don't really have a weekend! When I do have some time off, I FaceTime my parents to have a catch-up, and I love having an early night – watching movies in bed with some pizza and ice cream!

Want to see more of Amber? Check out her StarNow profile, Instagram and YouTube channel.

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