COVID-19 — Help for StarNow Members
Posted by StarNow on 23 Mar, 2020

COVID-19 — Help for StarNow Members

This is an incredibly disruptive and uncertain time for the world. We know you're likely to be dealing with the needs of family, friends and work commitments in the entertainment industry and/or at a day job. Some of you may no longer be in work, or may be worried about future work. This is a very tough time, and our community's wellbeing is our top priority.

Please listen carefully, wherever you are in the world, to the advice of the experts in your area. Be prepared to self-isolate if you're asked to, and keep washing your hands regularly.

We want to keep you posted on how StarNow is approaching this difficult time, and provide updates about the entertainment industry and general support available to us all, primarily in the UK, Australia, USA and New Zealand, as so many of our members are based in these areas (and our own HQ in based in New Zealand).

What is StarNow doing? The StarNow team are currently all working remotely from home, in line with the New Zealand governments directive to remain in self isolation for 4 weeks as of Wednesday 25 March.

Our team are well set up to do this, and we continue to be available to help with your queries online. You can contact us any time – we are available 7 days a week.

StarNow has a small team of 35 staff as well as a number of contractors, and many of us are also industry professionals, facing the same uncertainty and worry as our members. We are moving swiftly to reduce any costs to the business we can (deferring any staff events for one), to help ensure we can remain available to support and serve our community.

At this stage we don’t qualify for any government assistance, but we’re committed to providing you all with the same level of support we always have, and to find ways to help our community through this as best we can.

Need help with your membership? If you're struggling with how to make use of your membership, making your subscription payment or where to look for remote opportunities, we are here to help as best we can. Please contact us any time.

Need help with your casting call? We understand shoots are being cancelled or postponed, and schedules are constantly being re-worked. We know many of you will have listings with dates that may no longer be relevant.

StarNow will be making a note on listings that all original dates may be subject to change, due to Covid-19. We hope that may help stem a flood of enquiries from talent. We'll also extend listings to give you more time to find appropriate talent for changing shoot needs.

If you'd like to end your listing, you can do this at any time as usual. If you'd like to edit your listing, email our team for help and they can do this for you – they are available 7 days a week on

We want to support all our casting professionals during this tumultuous time so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

Your safety and wellbeing Trust and Safety is always our key concern when moderating StarNow and we have extremely robust policies and procedures in place to keep members safe. Unfortunately, at times like this, scammers can look to take advantage of the vulnerable. Please be extra cautious of opportunities you may see on social media, or approaches from new contacts that seem to be too good to be true. If in doubt, please ask lots of questions and never part with money up front.

Please check out our Trust & Safety topics for more advice, and email us for help if you are worried about something.

If you are feeling very upset or lonely, and need support, please reach out to a support service in your local area. We link to some below – you don't need to do this alone.

Opportunities to keep you busy The team are busy sourcing as many remote opportunities for you all as possible. We are also actively creating industry partnerships to bring you as many giveaways as possible – especially ones you can take advantage of from home, like free online industry coaching.

Self-taping has never been more important! Check out our 8 Steps to Self-Tape Success – we'll be providing more resources on how to self-tape soon.

You can also check out a huge range of training and advice videos at our YouTube Channel or at our dedicated online training page The Edge.

You can keep up to date with the very latest on our social channels too: