StarNow Bubbles are Here!
Posted by Isabella Pearson on 05 Feb, 2021

StarNow Bubbles are Here!

Casting real families, or people from the same household is a popular trend and there are some great, well paid opportunities for these groups.

StarNow has created a simple but super new feature to help with casting during Covid-19 restrictions and beyond.

If you have close contacts who would be happy to audition or be on set with you should you all be booked for a job,it's now really easy for you to tell Casting Professionals all about them!

Your close contacts may be experienced in the industry, or just keen to give it a go.

Check out the brand-new section on each StarNow profile: 'Add your family, bubble or household' - it's completely free to add photos and details of them

From 9th February through to 15th March 2021, anyone with a completed family/bubble section on their StarNow profile will go in the draw to win up to 4 x 6 Month Elite memberships for FREE!

Who should I include in this section?

  • Your Family - anyone in your family who would be happy to be on set with you! Mum, Dad, kids, grandkids, aunties, uncles - even the family pet!
  • Your Household - anyone in your household who would be happy to be on set with you - flatmates are perfect here.
  • Your Bubble - people in your 'bubble' are those who can maintain close physical contact with you, even in lockdown conditions. They'll live in your home or have permission to maintain close contact with you.

Where do I include this information?

  • Head to 'Edit my profile' and go to the 'my family, bubble or household section'
  • We'll ask you to upload some photos, so you might want to have some handy.
  • Add useful information like the ages of each person, and their relationship to you.
Add my Bubble

If you're not already a member, register for free to get started.

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What if the people in my family/bubble don't have StarNow profiles?

No problem! As long as you have their permission, you can still include them.

If they do have profiles (or decide to create a free profile), you might want to add a link to them in your 'bubble' section which will make it even easier for the Casting Professional to see who is available in your group.

So, want to be in to win those Elite memberships? Complete your bubble section by the 15th March to enter. The winners will be contacted via email by 31st March 2021.

Add your close contacts now, and keep an eye out for great paid work that would suit your nearest and dearest!

Be in to Win

A special thanks to our members Letitia Morgan and Stephen Stallone for their great Bubble examples.