Welcome StarNow Bubbles!
Posted by Isabella Pearson on 05 Feb, 2021

Welcome StarNow Bubbles!

There's no doubt about it, it's the most challenging time most of us can remember in the industry, and casting is no exception.

Thanks to Covid-19, Casting Directors are much less likely to be able to invite talent into the audition room and have self-tapes coming out of their ears.

Not to mention productions are constantly seeking real-life couples, families or groups of people who are close contacts, to help with Covid-19 requirements like social distancing on set.

Casting Directors are breathing a sigh of relief that StarNow have launched a new feature, to help with the challenge of finding close contacts.

Bubble Profiles:

Finding real families or talent with a household or 'bubble' ready to go (and viewing all the parties photos etc) has been a real challenge for Casting Directors.

StarNow has created a special 'bubble' section on talent profiles, for talent to add photos and details of family members, flatmates, partners - anyone in their bubble, including the family pet!

These close contacts may be experienced in the industry, or they may be fresh faces who are happy to be involved and give something new a try.

When you place a listing seeking a 'bubble', whatever the combination of people you're seeking, we will push talent with matching 'bubble' sections on their profile into your Application Management System, so you can view their photos & details at a glance.

This is a new feature, and talent are excited to be able to include this information on their profiles. We expect the number of talent with this information available will rapidly grow over the next month or so, to expand the pool of options even further for Casting Professionals.

You can read more about the Bubble feature over on our help topic, or better yet, give it a go yourself by placing a listing!

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