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  • Location & Studio : I now specialise in more people based photography, taking edgy fashion style portraits. I also cover events such as fashion shows along with e-commerce/corporate assignment’s. I also shoot for a number of Commercial Model Agencys.
  • Worldwide : Photographer of 15 years+ experience, I started off as an underwater photographer and have travelled extensively around Europe, Africa & Asia taking pictures of underwater sea scapes, shipwrecks and sea life.


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Behind the camera.............................................

I am an experienced London /Home Counties based Photographer available for all types of photographic assignments.

As well as Digital, I am also using 35mm & Medium Format Film Analogue Film (stills).

Most of my work involves people in way one way or another and I am always looking for personal collaborations (non-commercial) as much of what I do is for my own projects.

Commercial Model Portfolio’s - DONT BE CONNED !
I shoot a LOT of new generation models seeking commercial agency representation as well as numerous book updates for established working models.

Agencies do NOT want to see pictures of a finished styled shoot with outrageous makeup/outfits and overly retouched images – don’t be conned ! They want to see a small selection of varied images of you casual and natural. Your personality should shine through and you should be comfortable/confident with yourself !

“All photographs are accurate, none of which is the truth” © Richard Avedon Foundation

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