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Manchester, United Kingdom
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Piazzolla 4 seasons violin Solo

01Piazzolla 4 seasons violin Solo
02Different Voices/accents
03Gentle Glaswegian accent : poem
04Irish Accent
05Seeking Silence Radio play (James Harry)
06The butterfly poem
07"My Name Is Emily"
08car ad voiceover
09Alzheimer's Voiceover
010Maggie Thatcher Final Speech
11Monologue : Who are You?
12Thais Meditation violin solo

Physical Attributes

167 cm / 5ft 6in
91 cm / 36 in
58 kg / 127 lbs
Dress size:
UK 8 / AUS 8 / US 4
White / Caucasian
Eye color:
86 cm / 34 in
Hair color:
Skin color:
Hair length:
70 cm / 28 in
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Silent elephant project : Lead role in film coping with mother with Alzheimer’s
  • Consultation with dietician : Model posing in interview with dietician
  • Radio documentary on red deer : Narrator voice over Glaswegian
  • Short film : Charlie and Gi : Mother worried about daughter keeping bad company
  • Phase - short film : Mother in film where son rebels
  • March -May Full length play :Things I know to be true : Lead role of mother Fran
  • Film sweet nothings : Mother
  • Art project on love : Voiceover
  • Film Cassie’s baby : Mother
  • Film : The Comedown : Office boss and also therapist
  • Film: George and Alfie : Mother/ wife Sue
  • Murder mystery : Various
  • Full length play Di and Viv and Rose rehearsals and performance Jan- Feb 2019 : Principal role Di.
  • Full length play Di and Viv and Rose. Start rehearsals Dec : Principal role Di
  • November : Housebound : VO of anxious friend on telephone
  • December : Film: We are the warriors : VO Principal role : Police commissioner
  • Nov Full day Mother daughter photo shoot : Model (mother )
  • Full length play Oct-Dec The Ghost Train : Principal role - Julia
  • Housebound short film : VO of Ruby sister of traumatised woman
  • Short film about daughter overdosing on slimming pills : Mother
  • Murder mystery play La Volte Theatre : Principal part of Lady M
  • Short film Blind Spot : Doctor (speaking part)
  • Actors workshop weekend : Organiser and participant
  • Short film ‘Mother’ : Journalist speaking part & off screen violinist
  • Short film lead part : Wife caring for husband with dementia (speaking part)
  • Bamalam productions Radio play 50 & Nifty : Maureen- One of the 6 women
  • Intensive scene study classes PWF : Participant - 4 four hour weekly classes with Play with Fire
  • June GMDF voices and accents full day workshop : Course participant
  • Full day voice over masterclass with MAP : Course participant
  • Full day course on professional voice over with MAP : Course participant
  • Violist in pop video with MonaLisa twins : Violist
  • Short film 'That's appealing' : Mother giving advice to son (speaking part)
  • Short film " The One" : Wife Ally being reunited with first love Joe ( speaking part)
  • Short film 'Alex' : Careers adviser ( speaking part) to troubled student
  • Radio play about a football manager's aspirations : Narrator
  • Full length play April - June Pub Quiz is Life by Richard Bean : Baz (principal role)
  • 'An old flame' short film : Wife ( speaking part)
  • Radio documentary on The Holocaust : 2 voice overs, one Glaswegian and one Cheshire
  • Film One day at a time : Therapist ( speaking part) to young girl with abusive father
  • Weekend improvisation work shop with Manchester Actors' Platform with Simon Naylor : Course participant
  • Film documentary on printing V digital : Narrator VO & Glaswegian interviewee
  • Short film Absent Minds, speaking part : Wife of Jonathan, man with 30 second memory
  • Short film - results : Doctor, speaking part
  • Weekend workshop on screen acting with Karen Henthorn : Course participant
  • Cast for Short Film : Teacher, speaking part
  • Jan - March Full length play - Handbagged. Awarded best actress for the season. : Principal role Maggie Thatcher
  • Film "Headlights" : Mother- speaking part
  • Dystopian short film "Rainy Day" : Leading role of mother - speaking part. Also 3 voice overs in different accents for 3 different news readers.
  • Actors' Lab : Acting classes
  • ActUp North : Acting classes
  • Film "Results" : The doctor - speaking part
  • Radio drama - played 3 characters with different accents : Teacher, gran , girlfriend
  • Corporate video : Office boss - speaking part
  • Theatre production ‘Reflections’ at the Lowry : Wrote and performed monologue on midlife crisis
  • Full length play: John Godber Salt of the Earth : Principal role: Annie, the younger sister
  • The History of Spirituality episode 2 by Ross Foad : Voice of ghost
  • Expressionist drama Eye of the Dawn - film about Mata Hari : Speaking part: Mata Hari / nun. Also played violin as background music for several minutes.
  • Full day comedy improv workshop with Liverpool Comedy Improv. : Course participant
  • Full day monologues masterclass with Darren Gordon : Writing and performing monologues
  • Full day voices/ accents workshop with Natalie Grady , Inspire Actors Studio UK : Course participant
  • Promotional video for coffee shop : Young Grandma
  • ActUpNorth : Adult acting classes
  • Jim Cartwright Drama Studio : Adult acting classes
  • Actors Lab : Adult acting classes
  • one act play/ comedy : Principal role - One of the 3 retired ladies
  • Science Fiction film : Voice over
  • WW2 short film : Voice over
  • Corporate on line advert for Michelin car tyres : Woman checking car tyre pressures ( see video)
  • photo shoots : Physiotherapist model, podiatrist patient model, fitness model
  • Various amateur plays : Regular stand in and prompt for local am dram groups. Backstage help , FOH and refreshments help.
  • Full length play : Jim Cartwright play "Two" : Principal role: Landlady & all of the other 6 female characters
  • Full length play: Ayckbourn 'Bedroom Farce' : Principal role : Kate, the sensible newly- wed


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English
  • French
  • German

  • Irish
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • UK Scottish
  • French

I am used to addressing a lot of people in my day job as a teacher and I am confident and uninhibited in front of an audience or camera. I intend to take early retirement so that I can concentrate fully on acting and modelling. I am versatile, a quick learner and would like experience of as many different projects and genres as possible so that I can progress my career. On the amateur stage I have enjoyed playing principal roles including playing the landlady and the other 6 female parts in "TWO" by Jim Cartwright and in March 2018 I played Maggie Thatcher in "Handbagged " by Moira Buffini. I have trained at the Jim Cartwright Drama Studio, ActUpNorth and the Actors Lab. I have worked from scripts and written and performed monologues. I have also done lots of improvising and have performed monologues, set scripts and improvised duologues in front of the camera. I have attended various weekend courses and workshops with MAP. Through joining StarNow in July 2017, I have enjoyed the experience of modelling , and taking part in several short films and promotional and corporate videos.
I can do various accents including RP, Cheshire, Manchester, Yorkshire, Liverpool, Glaswegian ( check out the mixed voices audio) and have been cast in several voice overs. For some I have played up to 3 different characters in the same film / radio play utilising my different accents and voices.
I am also an accomplished violinist and lead 2 local orchestra. I have played the onstage fiddler in Fiddler on the Roof and a gypsy violinist in a pantomime. I was pleased to have the opportunity to play my violin in addition to acting in a short film about Mata Hari Summer 2017.
I took part in my first pop video with the MonaLisa Twins in May 2018


Modeling experience

Part-time model - paid commercial work

Modeling website

Nov 2018 mother daughter photo shoot
Oct 2017 Fitness photo shoot With personal trainer
Aug 2017 Photo shoot as physiotherapy patient
Aug 2017 Photo shoot as podiatrist patient


Keyboard ability


Favourite genres
  • Classical

Influences: Pink Floyd

I am an accomplished violinist/ violist and have had the opportunity of playing my violin in various short films that I have also been acting in. In 2017 I was the onstage nun and offscreen violinist in a short film about Mata Hari ( I took part in my first pop video with The Mona Lisa Twins in May 2018 in which I played viola. In August 2018 I was the onscreen journalist in Mother and the offscreen fiddler in another scene. and
I have played with my string quartet for 20+ years. We play at weddings and corporate and charity events. I have led several amateur orchestras as guest leader and was principal leader with the GPO 1994-2004. I have also formed 2 semi professional orchestras in 2004, the Amaretti Chamber Orchestra and the Athenean Ensemble. I lead them both both and fix the players. This clip is from a concert in 2018 Bottesini duo Amaretti
I have also been the onstage fiddler in a production of Fiddler on the Roof and a gypsy violinist in a pantomime.
Although I don't play the piano very much any more, I am still competent and got to grade 7 when I was 14.
I can sing in tune preferably as a backing singer or choir member.


TV presenter experience

No previous TV presenter experience

Radio presenter experience

Previous unpaid Radio presenter roles

  • English
  • French
  • German

  • Irish
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • UK Scottish
  • French

I believe I have the skills to be a good presenter as I have worked as a teacher for many years so have plenty of experience addressing groups of people - both children and parents. In addition, I regularly address audience groups at my orchestral concerts. I played the parts of mother and off screen news presenter VO in A rainy day I have twice played the part of narrator presenting information in radio plays including I am confident and relaxed in front of an audience or camera and would welcome any presenting opportunities.

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