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New South Wales, Australia
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Physical Details

167 cm / 5ft 6in
96 cm / 38 in
62 kg / 136 lbs
Dress size:
UK 12 / AUS 12 / US 8
White / Caucasian
Eye color:
93 cm / 37 in
Hair color:
Skin color:
Hair length:
73 cm / 29 in
Hair type:


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

Acting agent

Storm Actors

  • English

  • Australian
  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • USA California
  • USA New York
  • USA Southern

2018 Blackmores eLearning Module, Janet (customer), The Learning Factor, Director Belinda Wetenhall
2018 ‘Saving Grace’ Feature, Grace, gcimagery, Director – Gareth Carr
2017 ‘Don’t Rain on my Parade’, Elderly Lady, Tiny Tulpa Productions, Directors – Byron meers and Steve Potter
2017 Bad Moms Hack, Celeste Barber's mother in law, Mamamia, Director - Clare Gerber
2017 'Behind Closed Doors, Gwen, Dark Horse Productions, Director - James Lundie
2017 This is my Journey, Reformed Alcoholic, Odyssey House NSW, Director - David Robinson
2017 Aged Care Pitch, Elderly Resident, Silverfox Model Management, DOP - Phil Rich
2017 Baivina Love Stories, Mother, Baivina Pty Ltd, Director - Bing Wang
2017 Vegeta Winter Campaign, Jasmine, Trapdoor Productions, Director - Jimmy kyle
2017 ‘Saving Grace’ Feature, Grace, gcimagery, Director – Gareth Carr
2017 Uprising Pacific Rim, Red Nun Mother Superior, Maelstrom, Director – Steven DeNight
2016 ‘Coronet Blue’ video clip, Betty(Auguste clown), Paper Moose, Director—Jeremy Graham
2016 Conflict Resolution , Brenda Green, HETI/Peers and Players, Director – David Mezey
2016 Let’s Talk about Web series, Betty, New Town Films Director – Matilda Brown
2016 Remember’ VR Web series, Mother, The Pulse Director – George Kacevski
2016 Insights Case study ANZ video, Frances, Gillespie Advertising, Director - Roderick Higgins
2016 Smirnoff Splendour Party, Nanna, Secret Sounds Director – Patrick Harris
2016 Best in Show Redi ATM, Baking Grandma, Rocket Productions, Director – Ajit Singh
2016 Take me to the End of the Earth, Ruth, Jusmedia Pty Ltd, Director – Jie Li
2015 Click Frenzy, Customer, TMC, Director Tan Rahim
2015 MTV Superfan Search, Carole, VIMN, Director -Costa Vakas
2015 At Home with Tone, Bronwyn Bishop, Motion Picture Co, Director - Briony Benjamin
2015 Intel with 'Junkee', Vivid Granny Reporter, ICCAM, Director -Patrick Abboud
2015 Sensory Loss, Carole the musician, ACC, Director - Steve Iliffe
2013 Garish Hearts, Maude Le Monde, Ruin Films,Director - Jay Cruikshank
2013 Abuse/Schizophrenia, Joan Johnson/Pauline, ACC, Director – Gillian Arnold
2012 Manu Feildel's Good Food and Wine Presentation, Manu's mum, Got It Made Productions, Director - Cathal Geaney
2012 The Neighbourhood, Pam Allen,Trapdoor Productions, Director - Greg Daniels
2012 Bangor Community Pharmacy, Sally,PsypressProductions,DirectorJacobInglis
2011 Amy Meredith video clip, featured Canteen Lady, , Silo Collective, Director Benn Jae
2011 Why, Gran, Precipice Films, Director/Producer Chris Meier
2011 Commonwealth Bank' corporate video, client,CBA Broadcast and Communication Services, Director - Andy Newlyn and Tony Lynas

2018 - Invocare for Radio, Beth in the gym, Equation Corporate Design, Producer- Abby Sie
2017 - Emergency Call, Mary and two mothers, Channel 7, Dir/Producer Lexi Landsman
2017 - Invocare, Beth the Bike Rider, Eden Creative Media Pty Ltd, Director Erin Murphy
2017 - Information Project, The Client, Google Director Jesse Michels
2016 - Maya Rising, Lucy, Jake Blackburn Film Audio Jake Blackburn
2015 - Junkee and Intel, Carole the reporter, ICCAM, Director Fadia Abboud
2014 - Prophesy of Diddle, Voices of Momma Bear, Gretel, Ekip Films, Director Bryan Pike
2013 - Choosi Insurance TVC, Mature Lady, Plump Films, Sound Rob Schreiber
2012 - Why Documentaries for Deaf Culture, The voices of Linda and Kerry, Producer Sandra Pie

2018 Rehabilitation Services TVC (Ramsay Health), Esther, Waples, Director Brian Daley
2018 SBS Radio TVC, Grandma, SBS Special Broadcasting Services, Director Greer Bolomey
2017 Nikoloski Lawyers TVC, Grandma, Buff Productions, Director Nick Pollack
2017 Invocare TVC, Beth the Bike Rider, Eden Creative Media Pty Ltd, Director Eden Deibel
2017 Deadly Women Series 11, Joan Boyne, Beyond Productions, Director Katie Ryerson
2017 Eternal Beauty My Perfect Campaign, Model, TVSN, Director Nathan Burel
2017 KFC TVC, Retiree Golfer, Ogilvy X, Director Graeme Burfoot
2017 Manuka Honey, Grandma, Auschannel, Director Luke Lu
2017 Matty John’s Show, Carole, a Matty John’s Fan, Fox Sports Director Karlton Akari
2016 Elder Abuse, Jane, Health Television Network, ACC, Director Zoe Harvey
2016 Heart RI TVC, bereaved woman, Mediahouse Director Peter Muffett
2016 Local Agent finder TVC, Poodle shop lady, Photoplay Director Garry John
2016 Vignette for Dep Health, Gloria, ACC, Director - Zoe Harvey
2015 Castrol TVC, Zebra Crossing Guard, ONE20 Productions, Director Peter Bloomfield
2014 Gogglebox Promotional Shoot, the Proposal Face, Channel Ten, Director Mike Richards
2014 Peter Powers' Mesmerised, Kim Kardashian character, Endemol, Director Richard Thorpe
2013 Choosi Insurance TVC, Mature lady, Plump Films, Director Gary Cunliffe
2013 Deadly Women TV series, Donna Horwitz, Beyond Productions, Director Jane Manning
2012 Wesley Mission, Distressed Lady, Metro Screen, Director Laura Palacios
2012 Deadly Women series, Wilma Plaster, Beyond Productions, Director James Knox


2017 Cochlear Global Marketing Summit, Dr Stevens/Ingrid, Cochlear Ltd, Director – Malcolm Riddell
2014 The Messenger, Rose, Sydney Interactive Theatre, Director -Gabriel McCarthy
2014 Sales Coaching Project, Investment Property Client, Positive Real Estate, Director Craig Jervis
2014/2013 The Human Torch, The Captain, Edith, Sydney Interactive Theatre, Director- Gabriel McCarthy
2012 Into the Mirror,Sophia( Transgender), DamShel Productions, Director- Shelley Wall


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles


Modeling experience

Part-time model - paid commercial work

Modeling website

Modeling agent


2018 Dream by Genie Advertorial on The Daily Edition Channel 7, Speaking Advertorial Model, Global Shop Direct
2018 Dream by Genie Advertorial, Speaking Advertorial Model, Studio 10 for Global Shop Direct
2018 Studio 10 Royal Fashions, TV Fashion Model, Stylist Susie Elelman
2018 Scoliobrace Online Promo, Print and Film Model, Photographer Wade Van Den Hoek
2018 Invocare, Gym and Activewear Print model, Photographer Scott Cameron
2017 Australian Hearing, Print Model, Photographer James Green
2017 Property Council of Australia, Print Model, Photographer Andy Green
2017 Saray Rugs, Film and Print Model, Getty Images, Photographers Xavier Arnau and Johnny Greig
2017 Jack O'Grady Feature, Cougar Print Model, 'The Skateboarder's Journal', Photographer Samuel Coady
2017 HOYNE/ Montefiore, Grandmother Print Model, FLIPP, DOP Stuart Miller
2017 Nikoloski Lawyers, Grandmother Film and Print Model, Buff Productions, DOP Simon Harding
2017 Aged Care Pitch, Print and Film Model, Siverfox Model Management, DOP Phil Rich
2017 Invocare, Beth the Bike Rider Film and Print Model, Eden Creative Media Pty Ltd, DOP Adam Eden
2017 Baivina Love Stories, Film and Print Model, Baivina Pty Ltd, DOP Josh Chin
2017 TVSN , My Perfect Cosmetics Model, Rockin Direct, Director Nathan Burel
2017 Lady Anne Funerals, Corporate Film and Print Model, Lights Camera Business, DOP Reuben Field
2017 Fox Studios Muffin Break Cafe, Print Model/Customer, Bright Works Creative, Photographer Andy Green
2017 Double Denim Project, Print and Film Model, 3rdspace, Ben Dillon-Smith
2016 Morning Show, Fashion Style Segment Model, Channel 7, Stylist -Donny Galella
2016 Westfield Rewards, Retiree Print Model, Scentre Group Westfield, Photographer Andrew Cowen
2016 Smirnoff Splendour Party, Nanna, Secret Sounds Photographer – Patrick Harris
2016 ‘Best in Show’, Baking Grandma, Rocket Productions, Director – Ajit Singh
2015 Dulux Internal Film, Stills Shoot Model, Capturelab, Photographer Andrew Goldie
2015 GiftRight Christmas Campaign, Stills Shoot Model, Westfield, Photographer Georges Antoni
2015 General Pants Westfield, Stills Shoot Model, General Pants Co, Photographer Natalie Cottee
2015 Eurobed, Testimonial Model, Global Shop Direct, Photographer Ashley Scott
2015/2014 Luminosity by Skin Physics, Stills Shoot Model, IGEA group, Photographer Peter Czeczon
2015 Intel at Vivid, Junkee Website Model/Reporter, Photographer Jane Dempster
2015 Oxfam Australia, Heartbreakers Campaign, Print Model, Organiser James Dunlop
2015 Wesley Mission, Avoidance of Income Stress, Print Model, Director of Photography Grainne Hogan
2014 University of Melbourne, FYiMaths Print Model, Parryville Media, Photographer Mark Parry
2014 Ecopot and Ecoheat Cookers, Testimonial and Advertorial Model, Ideas That Work, Director Moira McLean
2014 Channel 9 Mornings, Luminosity, Advertorial Model, IGEA Group, Director David Gabriel
2013 Choosi Insurance, Stills Shoot Model, Plump Films, Photographer Dan Freene
2013 Royal Women's Hospital, Stills Shoot Model, Made in Katana, Director Cieran Jordan
2013/2012 Aminogenesis, Advertorial Model, TV Shopping Network, Director Renee Picello
2012 Channel 9 Mornings, Smart Bra, Advertorial Model, Hi Life Health and Beauty, Director Lauren Ribbon
2012 Smart Bra TVC, Testimonial Model,Hi Life Health and Beauty, Director Lauren Ribbon
2012 Smart Bra, Stills Shoot model, Hi Life Health and Beauty , Photographer Eddy Ming
2012 Eternal Beauty, Model, Television Shopping Network, Director Ash Murray-Roach
2011 Genie Skin Care, Speaking model, TVSN, Director Ash Murray-Roach
2011 4th Beauty Awards Eyesential, Model, TVSN, Director Ash Murray-Roach
2011 New Arestaline8 Formula, Speaking Model, TVSN, Director Ash Murray-Roach
2010 Stills Shoot campaign 'Be Medicinewise', Carole (Natural lady), Vital Signs Productions,Director Rodd Martin, and Photographer Robert Saponja.
2009 "Nirvana Fashion Event" in Darling Harbour, Lead catwalk model


Vocal ability

Classically trained

Composer ability


Singing styles
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Classical

2018 - ‘B Sharp’ Hayes Theatre Musical Presentation, Mary, Composer Jasmine Theophile
2017 - "Saving Grace" teaser trailer, Singer (Century Box), GCimagery, Composer Dean Ranel
2016 - 'Sakata Karaoke online, Carole the stranger, SoapCreative, Director Adam St John
2015 - 'Relationship' jingle, Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist, MTV Superfan Search, Director Costa Vakas
2015 - Singer and Guitarist, 'Softly' and add lib chords, 'Sensory Loss' film, ACC, Director Steve Iliffe
2014 - Singer, songwriter , 'Garish Hearts/Softly', Feature Film "Garish Hearts", Director Angela Garrick
2014 - Wrote and sang ‘All of the Seas’, Feature Film ”Wish for Tomorrow”, Director Pierre-Nicolas Panasci
2012 - 'Into the Mirror', Scatted and Sang 'Memories' as the character of Sophia
2009 - Session lead for Dean Ranel, original song 'Century Box'.
2006 - ‘Happy Feet’, Chorus singer performing main song "I Wish"
1996-2007- Endeavour Harmony Chorus, Solo and lead harmony Singer, Performing clubs/private functions and 'Endeavour Entertains' CD, ABC Christmas CD
2000 - Performed Carole's original song ‘Butterfly’, Short film ‘Dusk’, Bah Cazadores Production
1986-95 - Session Work - JJ Jeans, Kodak Express, Green Hills Shopping Centre, Demos and Jingles
1976-94 - Duos ‘Crushed Ice’/'The Mood', Singer/Rythm Guitarist, Professional club circuit and Fairstar on-board entertainment
1986 - Group ‘Swanee’, Sole back up vocalist, 3 month national tour
1986 - Hey Hey It’s Saturday, Guest Artist (not redfaces)


2009, 2008- The Queen Show;The Queen, Dirty Dick's Theatre Restaurant,Director -Mal Carmont
2004 - Into the Woods; Cinderella’s stepmother, MTOL (Musical Theatre on Location), Director-Rob Martin
2003 - The Queen Show; The Queen, Dirty Dicks Theatre Restaurant, Director-Mal Carmont
1985 - Steam Sarsaparilla & Sin; Eileen, Blue Gum Theatre Restaurant, Director -LesterCoombs


Dancing ability


Dance styles
  • Latin American


2015 - 'Squash' Bombs Away dance video, Instructor, Joker Theory Productions, Director- Cisco Corea
2014 – ‘Listen Out’ Music Festival, Random solo dancer, Entropico, Director – Sam Egan
2013 - 'Naughty and Nice' Burlesque Christmas Show, Mrs Claus, Porcelain Productions, Director -Charley Rose
2012 - Boost Juice promotional video, Dancing Granny, 3rdspace, Director – Rob Logan
2011 - Dalai Lama nobel viral video, mob dancer, Michael Boyd Productions, Director-Michael Boyd
2009 -TVC for 'New Idea Magazine', mature aged dancer, Martin Brown Films, Director-Kezia Barnet

10 yrs Classical Ballet RAD training.Then onto Jazz, Latin American (gold medals for rumba, cha cha), Rockn'roll, Tapfit (a type of tap dancing).
Presently doing Ceroc Dancing and also Argentinian Tango.

Film & Stage Crew

Post Production & Editing ability



  • English

  • Australian
  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • USA California
  • USA New York
  • USA Southern

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