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Actor, Singer, Guitarist, Bass Guitarist, Drummer,… more

New South Wales, Australia
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Showreel 2020

10 months ago


Sleep Walk

The only cover song featured on The Glimmer's debut album "Start A Fire".

01Sleep Walk
02Pistols at Dawn

Physical Attributes

160 cm / 5ft 3in
50 kg / 110 lbs
White / Caucasian
Skin color:
Dress size:
UK 8 / AUS 8 / US 4
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Bard on the Beach "Macbeth" Schools Tour : Lady Macbeth, Ross, Witch
  • Charley's Aunt (reading) : Kitty Verdun
  • Ayn Rand's "Woman on Trial" (moved reading) : Nancy Lee Faulkner
  • Bard on the Beach "A Midsummer Night's Dream" Schools Tour : Helena
  • SheShakespeare's Macbeth : Ross
  • It's a Wonderful Life (reading) : Cousin Eustace, Jane, Ruth, Zuzu
  • SheShakespeare's As You Like It : Jaques
  • A Voyage Round My Father (moved reading) : Elizabeth, Miss Cox
  • Deathtrap by Ira Levin for Sydney Fringe : Myra Bruhl
  • Small Hands (AFTRS short) : Kate
  • The Winslow Boy (moved reading) : Catherine Winslow
  • Engaged by WS Gilbert, Players in the Pub : Maggie Macfarlane
  • NIDA : Screen Actors Ensemble Extended
  • NIDA : Advanced Actors Residency
  • A Christmas Carol, Players in the Pub : Fan, Belle, Martha Cratchit, Merchant
  • NIDA : Masterclass: Voice
  • Dracula, Genesian Theatre : Mina Murray
  • The Outside Dog from Allan Bennett's Talking Heads, Players in the Pub : Marjory
  • 7 Days in the Life of Simon Labrosse, Théâtre Excentrique : Nathalie
  • Dad and Dave: On Our Selection, Players in the Pub : Winnie
  • Lady Audley's Secret, Players in the Pub : Alicia Audley
  • Far from the Madding Crowd, Genesian Theatre : Music Director / Composer
  • The Rivals by RB Sheridan, Players in the Pub : Lydia Languish
  • People, Plays and Politics, New Theatre (May Day event) : Various sketches and songs
  • Medea, Players in the Pub : Medea
  • Dinkum Assorted by Linda Aronson, New Theatre : Glad
  • Agatha Christie's Go Back for Murder, Genesian Theatre : Angela Warren
  • Amanda Stephens-Lee, Darlo Drama : Shakespeare Sessions (Advanced)
  • Leader of the Pack - The Ellie Greenwich Musical, Canterbury Theatre Guild : Ellie Greenwich
  • A Midsummer Night's Dream, Genesian Theatre : Assistant Director
  • Natela Dzuliashvili, Acting World : Private Classes - Stanislavsky Method
  • A Beautiful Day (short - Liam Collins, IFSS) : Death (The Grim Reaper)
  • Book of Days, New Theatre : Music Director
  • Errata, Script in Hand : Mary
  • Sweeney Todd and the String of Pearls, Players in the Pub : Cecily Maybrush
  • The Magistrate, Players in the Pub : Popham / Isidore / Sergeant Lugg
  • Educating Rita - Workshop for Schools, New Theatre : Rita
  • Mary Gilmore and the Man She Replaced on the $10 Note, Players in the Pub : Gertie Lawson
  • Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, Genesian Theatre : Elizabeth Lavenza
  • The Younger Generation by Stanley Houghton, Players in the Pub : Maggie
  • A Christmas Carol, Players in the Pub (Lyn Collingwood) : Belle / Fan / Martha Cratchit
  • In Between Days (Sydney Fringe) : Jess (lead), Music Director, Sound & Lighting Design
  • Deadly Women "Souls of Stone" (TV episode) : Brandy (support)
  • The Admirable Crichton, Players in the Pub : Tweeny (support)
  • Educating Rita by Willy Russell, Riverside Theatres (dir. Debbie Smith) : Rita (lead)
  • Cherish by Ken Duncum, New Theatre : Maeve (lead)
  • A Portrait of Kitty Fisher (Short & Sweet Wildcards) : Kitty (lead)
  • Natela Dzuliashvili, Acting World : Mechanics of Emotions, Presence and Charisma - Michael Chekhov Technique
  • The Making of The Making of 'APE' (short) : Nella (support)
  • Sour Grapes (short - Compound Fiasco Productions) : Ally (support)
  • Vernon God Little - New Theatre : Eileena/Kid In Braces/Musician/Max Lechuga/Jonesy
  • Terror By Night (short - Compound Fiasco Productions) : Amy (lead)
  • Final Move (feature) : Nurse Callie (featured)
  • Hannah's Zombie (short film) : Waitress (support)
  • Short and Sweet Play Festival : "Dipping Out" (lead/monologue)
  • Natela Dzuliashvili - Acting World : Michael Chekhov Acting Technique - Intensive Masterclass
  • Barry's Backyard (short) : Jane (support)
  • Experience My Day (corporate commercial) : Kate (speaking role)
  • Crazy Cat Man (short) : Liz (lead)
  • Lyn Pierse : Improv Crash Course
  • Natela Dzuliashvili - Acting World : Stanislavsky Method "An Actor Prepares"
  • The Actor's Pulse : Meisner Technique
  • Katherine Hicks Monologue Workshop : Masterclass
  • Band: The Glimmer : Songwriting, Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard (organ), Percussion
  • 'No New Riffs' by Peabody (music video) : Featured
  • '44 Terrace St' (TV pilot) : June (lead)
  • Band: The Murder of Crow : Drums, Song Arrangement, Backing Vocals (until 2011)
  • The 7th Hunt (feature) : Callie Clarke (lead)
  • Cut Off (short film) : Lucy (support)
  • Little Wishes Three (short film) : Jenny (lead)
  • Band: Meat Safe : Drums, Song Arrangement (until 2009)
  • Rose (short film) : Rose Marshall (lead)
  • Unlucky Larry (short film) : Nancy (lead)
  • Band: Cats Crash : Lead Guitar, Vocals, Song Arrangement, Co-Writing (until 2008)
  • The Crucible (stage - New Theatre, Newtown) : Mercy Lewis (support)
  • Prima Facie (short film) : Angel (support)
  • Band: The Mansons : Songwriting, Vocals, Guitar, Programming Loops (until 2010)
  • Locked (short film - AllOrange Films) : Goth Girl (support)
  • The Note (short film) : Femme Fatale (lead)
  • Band: Ruby Sue : Lead Guitar, Song Arrangements and Co-Writing (until 2007)
  • Fidelity (short film) : Lucinda Williams (support)
  • UOW : B Creative Arts: Theatre
  • If U Want Me' by Warrior ft Imogen Bailey : Schoolgirl
  • Sum of Existence (telemovie) : Alyson Levenstein (support)
  • Band: The Charles Manson Experiment : Songwriting, Vocals and Guitar (until 2006)
  • Beauty and the Beast (children's show) : Beauty
  • The Wizard of Oz Show (touring show) : Dorothy
  • The Wizard of Oz Alternative Musical (Seymour Centre) : Wicked Witch of the West
  • Leader of the Pack : Mickey
  • Calamity Jane : Calamity Jane
  • Oklahoma : Laurey Williams
  • Cinderella : Cinderella


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English

  • Australian
  • Canadian
  • Irish
  • New Zealand
  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • UK Scottish
  • UK Welsh
  • USA Boston
  • USA California
  • USA New York
  • USA Southern

Union memberships
  • MEAA

2019 - Gravity Guts (ST), Company of Rogues
2019 - Ginger, Black, Brunette, Blonde (ST/Dev) as "Anna", Company of Rogues
2019 - Macbeth (ST/EDU) as "Lady Macbeth", Bard on the Beach
2018 - A Midsummer Night's Dream (ST/EDU) as "Helena", Bard on the Beach
2018 - Macbeth (ST) as "Ross", SheShakespeare
2017 - As You Like It (ST) as "Jaques", SheShakespeare
2017 - Deathtrap (ST) as "Myra Bruhl", Sydney Fringe Festival
2017 - Small Hands (SF) as "Kate", dir Junior Sala (AFTRS)
2016 - Dracula (ST) as "Mina Murray", Genesian Theatre
2016 - 7 Days in the Life of Simon Labrosse (ST) as "Nathalie", Théâtre Excentrique
2015 - Dinkum Assorted by Linda Aronson (ST) as "Glad", New Theatre
2015 - Agatha Christie's Go Back for Murder (ST) as "Angela Warren", Genesian Theatre
2015 - Medea by Euripides (ST) as "Medea", Players in the Pub
2015 - Leader of the Pack, the Ellie Greenwich Musical (ST/MUS) as "Ellie Greenwich", Canterbury Theatre Guild
2015 - The Rivals by Richard Brinsley Sheridan (ST) as "Lydia Languish", Players in the Pub
2014 - A Beautiful Day (SF) as "Death" (lead), Dir. Liam Collins (AFTT)
2014 - Sweeney Todd & The String of Pearls (ST) as "Cecily Maybush", Players in the Pub
2014 - Frankenstein by Victor Gialanella from Mary Shelley (ST) as "Elizabeth Lavenza" (lead), Genesian Theatre
2014 - Educating Rita Scene Workshop (ST/ED) as "Rita", Dir. Debbie Smith for New Theatre
2014 - Mary Gilmore and Henry Lawson (ST) as "Gertrude Lawson", Players in the Pub
2014 - The Magistrate by AW Pinero (ST) as "Popham", "Isidore" and "Sergeant Lugg", Players in the Pub
2013 - Deadly Women: Souls of Stone (TV) as Brandy Smith, Season 7, Episode 18
2013 - A Christmas Carol (ST) as "Fran" and "Belle" and "Martha Cratchitt" (support), Players in the Pub
2013 - The Admirable Crichton by JM Barrie (ST) as "Tweeny" (support), Players in the Pub
2013 - Educating Rita by Willy Russell (ST) as "Rita" (lead), Riverside Theatre
2013 - Cherish by Ken Duncum (ST) as "Maeve" (lead), New Theatre
2013 - A Portrait of Kitty Fisher, Short & Sweet (ST) as "Kitty" (lead), Short & Sweet
2013 - Final Move (FF) as "Nurse Callie" (featured), Coherent/Cinegear Productions
2012 - Sour Grapes (SF) as "Ally" (support), Compound Fiasco Productions
2012 - The Making of The Making of 'APE' (SF) as "Nella" (support)
2012 - Vernon God Little by Tanya Ronder from DBC Piere (ST) as "Various" (multiple roles ages 10-40 + music), New Theatre
2012 - Terror By Night (SF) as "Amy" (lead), Compound Fiasco Productions.
2012 - Hannah's Zombie (SF) as "Waitress" (support)
2012 - Dipping Out (Monologue) as "Coach" (lead), Short & Sweet
2011 - Experience My Day (AD) as "Kate", Lamrock Productions
2011 - Barry's Backyard (SF) as "Jane" (support)
2011 - Crazy Cat Man (SF) as "Liz" (lead)
2010 - 'No New Riffs' music video by Peabody (featured)
2009 - Little Wishes Three (SF) as "Jenny" (lead)
2009 - Cut Off (SF) - as "Lucy" (support)
2009 - The 7th Hunt (FF) as "Callie Clarke" (lead), Coherent/Cinegear Productions
2008 - Unlucky Larry (SF) as "Nancy" (lead)
2008 - Rose (SF) as "Rose" (lead)
2007 - Prima Facie (SF) as "Angel" (support)
2007 - The Crucible by Arthur Miller (ST) as "Mercy Lewis" (support), New Theatre
2006 - The Note (SF) as "Femme Fatale" (support)
2006 - Fidelity (SF) as "Lucinda Williams" (support)
2006 - Locked (SF) as "Goth Girl" (support)
2004 - 'If U Want Me' music video by Warrior ft Imogen Bailey as "Schoolgirl" (featured)
2002 - The Wizard of Oz Show (touring children's show) as "Dorothy"
2002 - The Wizard of Oz Alternative Musical (Wizard of Oz Festival at Seymour Centre) as "Wicked Witch of the West"
2001 - Oklahoma as "Laurey Williams", Hurstville Light Opera Co.
2001 - Cinderella as "Cinderella", Hurstville Light Opera Co.
2001 - Calamity Jane as "Calamity Jane", Hurstville Light Opera Co.
2000 - Leader of the Pack as "Mickey", Engadine Musical Society
1992-1996 Various principal roles in Gymea Children's Theatre: full length musical plays/pantomimes performed by co-op youth ensemble. Roles included Gretel in Hansel and Gretel, Nightingale in The Nightingale and the Emperor, Fiddler 3 in Old King Cole, Pepper in The Gingerbread Man, Cat in The Musicians of Bremen.


Guitar ability


Bass Guitar ability


Drumming ability


Vocal ability

Lead singer

Vocal range


Composer ability


Producer ability


Singing styles
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Classical

Favourite genres
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Indie

Influences: Queen, Radiohead, Muse, Nin, Garbage, Rolling Stones

2014: Music Director for "Book of Days " at New Theatre, Newtown
2013: Music Director / Sound Designer and lead (acting/singing) role in goth musical "In Between Days" in Sydney Fringe Fest (songs by The Cure, The Smiths & more)
2013: Soundtrack / Music Supervisor for short film "Sour Grapes", a Compound Fiasco production
2012: Music accompaniment and songs for 2012's New Theatre production of Vernon God Little (voice, guitar and harmonica)
2011-present: Vocalist in Terry Serio's Ministry of Truth
2011: The Glimmer's debut album Start A Fire was released, produced by Kramer, engineered by Andrew Beck and mastered by Rick O'Neil
2010-Present: Vocals, guitar, slide guitar, drums, bass, keys, percussion in The Glimmer
2010: Drums / BV in Heavy Folk Blues band The Murder of Crow
2006-2009: Co-Lead Guitar / Co-Lead Vocals / Co-writer in Glam-Grunge band The Mansons
2008-2009: Drums in Punk-Blues band Meat Safe
2007-2008: Lead Guitar / Co-Lead Vocals / Co-writer in all-girl glam-punk band Cats Crash
2005-2007: Lead Guitar / Arrangements in Ruby Sue
2004-2006: Co-Lead Guitar / Co-Lead Vocals / Co-Writer in grunge band The Charles Manson Experiment (music published by Foghorm Records/MGM)

* Co-producer in all recorded material for all listed bands and musical projects.
* Songs by The Glimmer, The Mansons, The Charles Manson Experiment and Cats Crash have appeared in various independent films.

Film & Stage Crew

Directing & Writing ability


Sound Crew ability


2016: Music Director for "Far From the Madding Crowd" at Genesian Theatre
2015: Assistant Director for "A Midsummer Night's Dream" at Genesian Theatre
2014: Music Director for "Book of Days" at New Theatre
2013: Music Director / Sound Designer for "In Between Days" in Sydney Fringe Festival
2013: Soundtrack / Music Supervisor for short film "Sour Grapes", a Compound Fiasco production

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