• Young Female Actor Required for Leading Role in Short Film

    Multiple roles   •   18 April 2017
    Abruptly woken Mike has to walk his younger sister (Sarah) to school this morning, this is all while dealing with a girlfriend who wants to break up, and family who want him to get his life togethe...
  • Female Actor Required For Supporting Role In Romantic Short Film

    Females, 18 to 25   •   5 April 2017
    In need of a female actor (18-25yrs) for a Supporting Role in a short film for Sydney Film School to be screened at the Sydney Film School festival and make a festival run. The short film follows ...
  • Actors Needed for Drama Short Film about Mental Illness in Sport

    Multiple roles   •   3 April 2017
    'Try' is a dramatic short film which follows Eli, a young footballer on the verge of becoming a professional player. When he is about to achieve his life-long dream, he faces a huge set back that t...
  • Three Actors Needed for Sydney Film School Short Film ,Genre: Drama/Fantasy

    Multiple roles   •   3 April 2017
    In the real world, Ethan is alienated and alone, living in a suburban small town with narrow minded people. Ethan is besotted by a girl in his class, Sasha, who is completely unavailable to him. E...
  • Three Actors required for Drama Film - Student Film

    Multiple roles   •   3 April 2017
    Imagine yourself being paralysed, locked inside your body and watching your life being decided for you. "I'm Here" is a film about a son and a daughter of a fully paralysed father, deciding whether...
  • Cast for Short Horror/Thriller Film

    Multiple roles   •   2 April 2017
    After a tragic car accident, Markus loses his teenage daughter, Violet, due to a lack of blood for a transfusion. This turns him onto an obsession of collecting blood for the hospital from those wh...
  • Three Actors Required for Student Short Comedy Film - Sydney

    Multiple roles   •   1 April 2017
    "In Transit" is a dark comedy about a young religious family man Adam who dies and meets his maker in heaven. It turns out that the heaven is more a bureaucratic organisation than a place for God a...
  • Kronan - Actors Wanted for Short Film

    Multiple roles   •   28 March 2017
    A boy from Afghanistan who's been running from war tries to set up a new life in a new country, with his pregnant and hard working mother, but ends up dead in a school attack. The film is highly f...
  • Register Your Interest for Sydney Film School Project Castings!

    Any gender, any age   •   15 August 2016
    Sydney Film School have launched a fantastic new Casting Hub where you can see all the projects that students are currently casting! Free-to-apply; just hit 'Apply Now' and we’ll send you a remin...

Sydney Film School (SFS) is acclaimed as one of the top film schools globally.

We are renowned for both our focus on storytelling and our teaching of practical filmmaking skills through our production house model.

We produce almost 200 short films each year and deliver comprehensive hands-on training, which in turn means that our graduates are highly regarded for the quality of their work and their practical skills, Our films have gained industry recognition winning over 60 international awards, attracting both commercial attention and international sales.

Our students cast using a number of platforms alongside the casting calls displayed here. You can also check out our castings on Screenwise, AT2 and Audition Magic.

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