• Register Your Interest for Sydney Film School Project Castings!

    Any gender, any age   •   16 November 2018
    Sydney Film School have launched a fantastic new Casting Hub where you can see all the projects that students are currently casting! Free-to-apply; just hit 'Apply Now' and we’ll send you a remind...
  • Multiple Male Extras Needed for Experimental Short Film

    Males, 17 to 22   •   14 November 2018
    "Keep in it" is a psychological experimental short film about a boy questioning his identity. Synopsis: Kevin never disappoints someone, he is a person who is afraid to be alone. When he finds him...
  • Urgent: Looking for a Male Body Double for an Experimental Short Film

    Males, 16 to 22   •   14 November 2018
    "Keep in it" is a psychological experimental short film about a boy questioning about his identity. The project will be shot next week. The body double of the lead actor will be required to atte...
  • Male Voice Actor Wanted for Recording Dialogue (ADR Work)

    Males, 18 to 28   •   13 November 2018
    The story revolves around EMMY, a young Asian girl that comes from a home with no love. She's an introverted loner, constantly observing the world around her. Her growing curiosity about the love s...
  • Featured Extras - Experimental Short Film

    Any gender, 18 to 99   •   8 November 2018
    A woman trying to become someone who is loved by all, faces more consequences from it then she can handle. It follows a women on stage as she performs to a crowd - who in envy swarm the stage and l...
  • Male Supporting Actor for a Short Gothic film

    Males, 18 to 30   •   30 October 2018
    This is an opportunity for an actor to perform through body and voice. The scenes are set in low candle light and dark shadows. Synopsis. An older man in the Forest finds a big tree that he has a ...
  • One Actor Required for a Speaking Role in my Psychological Fantasy Drama

    Males, 18 to 99   •   26 October 2018
    This is a student short film produced at Sydney film school. The role I am looking to fill out is for a tall actor (190cm or taller). The actor is auditioning for one of the main characters, a fire...
  • Actors Required for Psychological Drama Short Film - "Projection"

    Multiple roles   •   22 October 2018
    An inability to connect to his past, Reid is thrown in to whirlwind of past memories. Troubled with deep rooted maternal issues and intimacy issues with women, Reid enters these memories suddenly a...

Sydney Film School (SFS) is acclaimed as one of the top film schools globally.

We are renowned for both our focus on storytelling and our teaching of practical filmmaking skills through our production house model.

We produce almost 200 short films each year and deliver comprehensive hands-on training, which in turn means that our graduates are highly regarded for the quality of their work and their practical skills, Our films have gained industry recognition winning over 60 international awards, attracting both commercial attention and international sales.

Our students cast using a number of platforms alongside the casting calls displayed here. You can also check out our castings on Screenwise, AT2 and Audition Magic.

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