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  • Photographer : Many shoots in/around the London, Essex and Suffolk area - see my portfolio and links
  • Many shoots in/around the London, Essex and Suffolk area - see my portfolio and links : Photographer
  • I have been interested in photography since school days, many years ago. Mainly shooting ports now : see the photographs here !


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Thanks for checking-in to my photography page on SN.

I mainly shoot portraiture, fitness/physique and casual clothing. I'm not interested in "fashion" though.

I'm currently loving the B+W medium and very likely to want to shoot you in mono - returning to my roots.

Genres: I shoot any genre including nude but EXclude pornography or anything I consider distasteful
even if it be in the genre's I generally shoot (but "on the edge"). YOUR genre limits will always be respected
so don't be shy to discuss them before the shoot so we both/all know the limits !

The models I shoot with enjoy shooting with me and get some awesome portraits and location shots,
which is a function of having some light hearted banter and a relaxed time but being serious about
the photography/modelling when it's time to be serious.

Please please! dont expect a stuffy old fashioned photographer in a suit, as thats simply not me; you are more
likely to find me in shorts t-shirt and flipflops - and nothing ever matches hahaha.

Much of my photography is produced on a TFP basis and I rarely ask for payment unless you have
approached me for commercial work. if I approach you, I will invariably be offering a TFP shoot to
add to and enhance your portfolio.

feel free to contact me to discuss your requirements as
I may be able to help. (

Thanks for reading and getting to the end :)

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