Christopher Newbould

Christopher Newbould

Worcester, United Kingdom


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I hired Chris to help me update my portfolio. He brought his intellect and positive attitude to every aspect of what I asked of him and the results were fantastic. A clearly dedicated individual I'm happy to recommend him.

Recommended for Acting Feb 27, 2017

A brilliant actor who was very accommodating to our needs and so helpful, enjoyed working with him Thanks!

Recommended for Acting Jan 10, 2016

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Christopher did a good job recording lines for the Targe class Destroyer in the mod 'Sins of the Sirius Sector'.

Recommended for Acting Oct 2, 2015

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Chris Newbould is highly talented stage actor and I cast for screen hoping he could transfer that talent to a new medium, I was not disappointed. Chris has an understanding for dialogue that most actors would be jealous off. This actor comes highly recommended by me.

Recommended for Acting Feb 24, 2015