Cynthia Stone

Cynthia Stone Pro

Ontario, Canada


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An asset to any production!

Recommended for Acting Apr 20, 2017

Cynthia continues to be a true talent, an incredible voice talent and beautiful model! Will call on her again and again!

Recommended for Music Mar 6, 2017

Exceptional personality and a joy to work with!

Recommended for Modelling Oct 17, 2016

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Cynthia was amazing on set. Full of life and energy right from early morning till late night. She kept the spirits up of all those around her. A joy to have on set and wonderful talent to work with as she played her role to perfection.

Recommended for Acting Aug 17, 2015

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A stunning & professional actor/model. Fantastic work!

Recommended for Acting Jun 22, 2015

oh Cynthia has the greatest smiles ever, i am always bumping into her in my auditions and fanially we both were in the same Cast as actors for Natalie Miller's "When all Things Fall apart" and Cynthia is a blast to work with

Recommended for Acting May 29, 2015

Pleasure to have on set. Wish we could get a chance to work together more often!

Recommended for Acting Apr 19, 2014

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Cynthia was a pleasure to work with. Professional at all times, prompt, and reliable. We recommend Miss Stone for future projects!

Recommended for Acting Jan 29, 2014

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Recommended for Music Oct 2, 2017

Recommended for Acting Apr 1, 2017

Recommended for Music Apr 19, 2016

Recommended for Acting Feb 27, 2016

Recommended for Acting Dec 30, 2015

Recommended for Acting Nov 24, 2015

Recommended for TV & Reality Aug 21, 2015

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Recommended for Acting Jan 31, 2015

Recommended for TV & Reality Jul 10, 2014

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