Dagmar Baar

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Dublin Region, Ireland


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Dagmaar was extremely professional and prompt in communication, and technically brought a fantastic unique flavour to the role i was not anticipating. An asset to any future project, could not recommend enough. Thank you so much!

Recommended for Acting Jun 4, 2021

Incredible Actress. I worked with Dagmar on a theatre production and she was a pleasure to perform with. Not only is she highly professional and skilled, she is a very kind person and fun to be around. I highly recommend this super talent for any production.

Recommended for Acting May 17, 2021

Dagmar was incredibly professional, punctual and easy to work with. She was receptive to ideas and really gave her all in our production. She gave a great performance and took direction very well. She brought expertise and ideas to our production and was not only a delight to work with but was incredibly helpful throughout. I absolutely recommend Dagmar for any kind of production.

Recommended for Acting May 3, 2021

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I recently cast Dagmar as one of the characters in my short film and she was a pleasure to work with. She was very kind, worked well with the other actor, showed up on time, and was very professional. She portrayed the character very well and made the character her own. I would recommend her for any project and wish her luck with any other project she's part of in the future.

Recommended for Acting Apr 24, 2021

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Dagmar is an absolute professional - Puts a lot of research and thought into her choices as an actress, and gets the job done no issues. Had the pleasure of working with her on two short films, and I would recommend working with her without hesitation.

Recommended for Acting Apr 20, 2021

I recently had the pleasure of working on a short film with Dagmar. Dagmar was very professional and well-prepared for the shoot, and she took the words written in her script and made them her own. This resulted in a very authentic and emotional performance. Dagmar has been so kind and helpful, and I wish her the best for her future projects.

Recommended for Acting Apr 19, 2021

Dagmar is such an amazing actor. She look beautiful and she can make lots of expressions. I highly recommend her to any project. Best of luck

Recommended for Acting Apr 6, 2021

Exceptional Actress, very professional really brings her all to a character

Recommended for Acting Nov 26, 2020

Dagmar was a pleasure to work with both during rehearsals and when filming.

Recommended for Acting Jun 27, 2020

Professional, easy to work with, would definitely work with her again!

Recommended for Acting Jan 24, 2020

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Dagmar was versatile, dedicated, professional and a total pleasure to direct. I hope to get the chance to collaborate with her again - highly recommended.

Recommended for Acting Jul 8, 2019

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Recently worked with Dagmar as our lead actor and was completely blown away by her performance, professionalism and character. Would love to work with her again!

Recommended for Acting Mar 3, 2019

Very professional and understanding of student films. Would highly recommend

Recommended for Acting Dec 3, 2018

An excellent actress with great professionalism and attitude.

Recommended for Acting Oct 23, 2018

Dagmar is not only a great actor, her commitment and attitude to the project that she is involved in will always be a hundred per cent.

Recommended for Acting May 31, 2018

Dagmar brings professionalism and class to a set. in rehearsals she brought her character to life and added such emotional depth to the role. I would highly recommend working with her.

Recommended for Acting Feb 12, 2018

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Dagmar was wonderful to work with. She has an on-screen presence that is very interesting to watch, and she communicated the character through her expressions with ease. She'd prepared very well for the role and also took direction well so we were delighted with her performance. She also got along great with cast and crew which made it a pleasure to have Dagmar on set. If an opportunity arose to cast Dagmar in a suitable role again, we definitely would!

Recommended for Acting Jan 14, 2018

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Have worked with Dagmar on two occasions now and has been a pleasure working with her both times. She's professional and committed with a great sense of humour and a friendly personality.

Recommended for Acting Jan 8, 2018

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Great personality, highly engaged and very reliable. Any production will benefit from Dagmar attitude and skills.

Recommended for Acting Nov 8, 2017

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Was recently lucky enough to have worked with Dagmar on a film production. A talented and kind woman that I hope I can work with again in the future. She has a strong presence essential for both stage and television and did an amazing job creating her character both emotionally and physically.

Recommended for Acting Oct 4, 2017