Dana Ben

Director, Photographer, Film producer / Manager, Editor / Post Production Staffer, Writer / Director

Kent, United Kingdom
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My family, bubble or household

Couple. Dana (26): Eastern European. (Latvian, Russian, Ukrainian, English). Heavily tattooed. Face and body piercings. Richard (29): British. Heavily tattooed. Good physique.

Credits & experience

  • "The Rough Gig". (BrainFreeze Entertainment Ltd) : Director / Producer
  • "The Rough Gig". (BrainFreeze Entertainment Ltd) : Editor
  • "The Rough Gig". (BrainFreeze Entertainment Ltd) : Camera Operator
  • "Knock-Knock". (BrainFreeze Entertainment Ltd) : Camera Operator / Editor
  • "Decision". (Brighton Film School) : Sound (Film Student)

Film & Stage Crew

Directing & Writing ability


Post Production & Editing ability


Production & Management ability


Director of "The Rough Gig" movie. (in post production 2021).
"The Rough Gig" won pitching competitions twice on film festivals in London.
Assembled team of 10 constant crew and 5 main cast.
Managed scenes with more than 12 extras on set + 4 lead actors.

Worked as production assistant and runner on various sets.


Photography experience

Part-time professional (paid work)

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