Daniel Eghan

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London, United Kingdom
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Audition tape for Morpheus 2015.

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Physical Attributes

190 cm / 6ft 3in
86 cm / 34 in
86 kg / 189 lbs
Eye color:
Latinx / Hispanic
Hair color:
99 cm / 39 in
Hair length:
Skin color:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • BAAA : Stage Comat level 1
  • 2020 casting : Misner acting school
  • 23/11/15 : Pinewood Studio : Level 1 ( Acting Studio ) : Method Acting
  • 2001: Diorama Arts Studio (City Academy) : Morpheos
  • Rainbow Entertainments 1999-2002 : Graduet in Fine Arts and Drama, Goldsith's College, Univesity of London 1998.
  • Rainbow Entertainment : Model and dancer
  • Diorama Arts Studio, City Academy (London) : Advanced course in screen acting, TV/Film.
  • Goldsmiths College, University of London : Thirteen, Detective, BBC3 drama 2015
  • Goldmith's : Contemporary and Jazz Dance


Acting experience

Previous unpaid speaking roles

  • English
  • Czech

  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • UK Scottish
  • Russian

Union memberships
  • Equity

2001: Diorama Arts Studio (City Academy) - 1 year advanced course included improvisation, screen acting, movement, singing, voice and final showcase. Also the London Actors Workshop included TV/Film camera Technique with tutor Jon Melainey, method acting (Stanislavski) Valerie Colgan and various Casting Director Workshops inc Rowland Beckley and Carolyn McLeod.

I am represented by Quillans talent agency for my acting work.



- Feature Film, "Lost In London", Posh Clubber, Director Woody Harelson
- Feature Film, "Show Dogs" Posh Businessman" Director Raja Gosnell
- Short Film, "But I love Him" Daniel Victim, Director Namya Patel
- Short Film, "Shits and Roses" Security Guard" Director Miguel Faus
- TV Film "Mafia Wars" Reporter/ Colombian Soldier
- Online Commercial, "Med EL", Husband of Pregnat Wife, 4Mediarelations


- Feature Film, AUX, Soldier
- Short Film, Enticement, Co Lead actor, Voxin
- Short Film, Gemini Project, Co Lead actor, Ricky
- Short Film, Love Inc: Love Machine, Simon
- TV/BBC: East Enders, Parent
- TV/Sky: The Royals, Posh Party Guest
- TV/Pilot: Lodgers, Security Guard
- Feature Film, Hummingbird, Bodyguard
- TV Drama, Paranoid, Armed Police
- TV Drama, Guilty, Businessman
- TV Film Documentary, Real Stories Munich, Politician
- Feature Film, Red Mosquito, Grim Brother 1
- TV Drama, Ordinary Lies, Police Officer
- TV Drama, Our Girl, Armed Police
- SKY TV Drama, Lucky Man, Police Officer
- SKY TV Drama, Humans, Doctor
- TV Drama, Mid Summer Murders, Neighborhood Watch
- Short Film, Earth Without War, Loslobos
- Feature Film, Hatton Garden Job, Cafe Dinner
- TV Drama, Casualty, Patient

- Last Photograph (Feature Film) supporting artist, April 2015
- Mission Impossible 5, Moroccan dignitary, May 2015
- Sky Drama, "The Last Panthers" Businessman, May 2015
- Short Film, "World Wildlife Fund" supporting Actor, Ukrai Monkey, May 2015
- Sky TV Drama, The Tunnel, Police Intelligence, May 2015
- TV, Made in Chelsea, Music Festival Fan, May 2015
- Feature Film, "City of Tiny Lights", businessman, June 2015
- Feature film, James Bond (Specter), businessman, June 2015
- Short Film "Late Shift", Office Employee, June 2015
- Feature Film, "White Glove Massive" party guest, June 2015
- TV drama, "Detectorists Season 2", business lunch dinner, June 2015
- Feature Film, "She Who Bring Gifts", Soldier (Training in using Guns and Riffles),London, UK, July 2015
- Feature Film, "Us and Them", pub guest, July 2015
- French Feature Film "Sex Doll" Gate Keeper, July 2015
- Feature Film, "Us", Gang Rioter, July 2015
- Feature Film, "White color Black", Night clubber, July 2015
- TV Drama, Holby City, Patient, August 2015
- Feature Film, "Requiem", Barman, August 2015
- Feature Film Bollywood, "Azhar", Racecourse businessman, August 2015
- Feature Film, Bollywood, "Housefull 3", Beach Bather, August 2015
- Feature Film, Plastic Toys, Hispanic Gangster, August 2015
- Sky TV Drama, "Lucky Man", Market shopper, September 2015
- Feature film, Tollywood, "Nanaanku Promethou", Bodyguard, September 2015
- Sky TV Drama, Agatha Raisin, Paramedic, September 2015
- Bollywood, Ae Dil Hai Mushkil (This Love is Risky), Night clubber, September 2015
- Feature film, "Hippopotamus", News reporter, September 2015
- Feature film, Jason Bourne, Fight Spectator, October 2015
- Feature film, War Machine, German Soldier, October 2015
- Short film, La Fete, Party Guest, November 2015
- Feature Film, Absolutely Fabulous Movie, Detective, November 2015
- Feature Film, Hand of the Creator, Posh Party Guest, November 2015

Music Videos:
- J Keeyze, Dancer, July 2016
- Rickie Music Video, Party guest, January 2016
- Hot Spots (Music Video, Andriah Arrindell), Policeman, March 2015
- Music Video, Izzy Buzy, supporting artist, July 2015
- Music Video, Roger Sancez, Corporate Boss, September 2015


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles


Modeling experience

Full-time model - paid commercial work

Modeling website


Modeling agent

IMM (International Model Managemen)

I have done several of fashion and commercial photo shoots really enjoyable, and lots of short and feature films paid. I was also a professional night club dancer for 3 years in 2012.

- Adora Models, Photo shoot: February 2015, London, UK
- Apple Models, Photo shoot: February 2015, London, UK
- e5Models, Photo Shoot: March 2015, London, UK

- IMM Models, Photo Shoot: March 2015, London, UK
- Guys and Dolls, Photo shoot: April 2015, London, UK
- Bettys and Dudes, Photo shoot, May 2015, London UK
- GLL Better Gym, promotional film, Athlete, June 2015, London, UK
- Vogue Onlinne Internet Video Commercial, Bond theme USB Agent, July 2015, London, UK
- Imperial College, Photo shoot, Business Leader, July 2015, London, UK
- Holly Stock photo shoot, businessman, January 2016, London, UK
- Portrait, Alexsandra Studio, February 2016, London, UK
- Royal Mail Campaign, June 2016, London UK


- TV Fitbits Sports Relief, January 2016
- National Autistic Society, Security Guard, January 2016
- Puma Commercial Photographer, January 2016
- 21st Century homes Commercial, Lead actor Home care manager, February 2016
- Curry's Comercial, October 2016

- Heineken Beer Commercial, Supporting Artist, April 2015
- O2 Commercial, Supporting Artist, May 2015
- Carlsberg Commercial, supporting artist, June 2015
- Papa Jo Pizza Commercial, supporting artist, June 2015
- Vogue Internet Video Commercial, Bond Theme, USB Agent, July 2015
- Betfair Commercial, Football Fan and Linesman, July 2015
- Tescoe Commercial, Shopper, September 2015
- HP printers Commercial, Businessman, October 2015
- Deliveroo Commercial, Business Client, November 2015

TV & Reality

- TV/BBC: East Enders, Parent
- TV/Sky: The Royals, Posh Party Guest
- TV/Pilot: Lodgers, Security Guard
- TV Drama, Entanglement, SWAT
- TV SKY: Humans, Doctor
- TV Drama, Ordinary Lies, Police Officer
- TV Drama, Our Girl, Armed Police
- TV Drama, Casualty, Patient
- TV SKY, Lucky Man, Police Officer

- Sky TV, The Tunnel, Intelligence Police
- Sky TV, The Last Panthers, businessman
- TV drama, Detectorists Season 2, business lunch dinner
- TV Drama, Holby City, Patient
- TV E4, Made in Chelsea, Festival fan
- Sky TV Drama, Lucky Man, Passerb
- Sky TV Drama, Agatha Raisin, Paramedic and SOCO
- TV/BBC: Undercover, Ep6 , Police Driver
- TV Aliens: Policeman
- TV/Channel 5: Ancient Secrets, Pyramid Architect
- TV Drama: Suspects, SOCO
- Sky TV drama, New Blood, Policeman
- TV/BBC: Thirteen, Policeman,


Dancing ability


Dance styles
  • Contemporary
  • Disco
  • Jazz
  • Hip Hop

Danced as a semi-pro dancer for Rainbow entertainment night club dancing in London mostly danced in big London night clubs. I have also done 10 music videos and dancing work in some of my films.


  • English
  • Czech

  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • UK Scottish
  • Russian

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