Daniel Larsen

Band Member, Guitarist, Bass Guitarist, Music Producer, Composer,… more

Queensland, Australia
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Orbital Smash (Game Soundtrack)

This piece of music is used in the soundtrack for the PC game Orbital Smash. It is a primarily elect

01Orbital Smash (Game Soundtrack)
02Alone (Library Music)
03Tech Aggression (Library Music)
04Metal Exploration (Library Music)
05Lucid Landscapes (Game)
06Dementia (Short Film)
07Memoir (Game - Gameplay Loop)
08Memoir (Game - Menu Music)

Credits & experience

  • The Game I Play (Short Film) : Composer
  • Rubber Jellyffish (Feature Documentary) : Additional Sound Editor
  • Memoir (Game) : Composer, Sound Designer
  • Hexmissions (Game) : Composer, Sound Designer, Audio Mix
  • Zombiethon (Game, In Production) : Composer, Sound Designer
  • Dementia (Short Film) : Composer
  • Deadlocked (Short Film) : Composer
  • Cubular (Game, In Production) : Composer, Sound Designer, Audio Mix
  • Twin Prophecies (Game, In Production) : Audio Lead
  • Wings of Bluestar (Game, In Production) : Composer
  • The Antagonist (Video Series) : Composer
  • Sky Block Stacker VR (Game) : Composer, Sound Designer, Audio Mix
  • It Grabbed Me From the Depths (Game) : Composer
  • Lucid Landscapes VR (Game) : Audio Lead
  • Manesz Showreel 2016 (Short Film) : Composer
  • Orbital Smash (Game) : Composer, Sound Designer
  • Queensland University of Technology : Bachelor of Creative Industries (Music)
  • TAFE : Certificate III in Music Performance


Guitar ability


Bass Guitar ability


Vocal ability


Composer ability


Producer ability


Singing styles
  • Rock

Favourite genres
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Indie
  • Metal
  • Electronic
  • Jazz
  • Classical

Influences: Austin Wintory, Gareth Coker, Vangelis, Howard Shore, Hans Zimmer & Garry Schyman

I've worked composing music in a wide variety of genres over my previous projects. These have included rock, electronic music, ambient, metal & jazz. Guitar has always been my primary instrument & I love combing the guitar in subtle ways to non-traditional genres.

Film & Stage Crew

Post Production & Editing ability


Sound Crew ability


I am experienced composer and sound designer having worked on a number of released short films and games. My roles have included composition, sound design, working as the Audio Lead and any combination of the above.
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