Daniel Lewis

Daniel Lewis

Worcester, United Kingdom


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Last year Human Voice Productions made a short film raising awareness of Domestic Abuse. The film was an astounding success and so when it came to filming the sequel I knew I needed committed & talented actors. Having worked with Mr Lewis before I know him to be a gifted and reliable actor. What I was not expecting though, was his ability to absorb the character and bring it to life as though Mr Lewis was never born. On set there was only his character, this make my role of director so very easy and the acting is of the finest quality. Some people pretend to be a character and call them selves an 'actor'. People like Mr Lewis become the character and thus the film has truth, reality and a quality that is so very rare.

Recommended for Acting Jun 1, 2014

I am blessed to know Daniel personally but that does not cause any bias in my praise of his acting credentials. Due to prior commitments Dan joined the set late but picked up the choreography and lines so quickly you would have thought he had been there all day. Fantastic talent!

Recommended for Acting Oct 22, 2013

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Dan is a natural musician and a consummate professional in the recording studio. A genuine nice guy who is easy to get on with and an inspiring artist to watch. No regrets whatsoever from working with Dan. Cheers

Recommended for Music Aug 20, 2013

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Great Musician!

Recommended for Music Jun 7, 2013

Daniel Lewis was a great actor to work with, always early to every shoot, and a very uplifting presence to have on set. He took directions very well and always had some contributions that really made the scenes come alive, I can't recommend Daniel enough.

Recommended for Acting May 10, 2013

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