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Dublin Region, Ireland
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Intro to Camera

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Physical Attributes

165 cm / 5ft 5in
56 kg / 123 lbs
White / Caucasian
84 cm / 33 in
Skin color:
67 cm / 26 in
74 cm / 29 in
Dress size:
UK 8 / AUS 8 / US 4
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Hangman by Joseph Fuller : Death Angel
  • 'Wasted On You' music video (official music video featuring fans, made by Evanescence) : Featured extra
  • Deco (BFEI) : Zelda
  • Freudian (IT Carlow) : Peggy
  • The Last Evil Soul : (The Devil)
  • Room 19 (BFEI) : Female Lead Actress (Willow)
  • The Sun And Moon War : Female Lead Actress
  • Mechanical Bull : Emily (Supporting Actress)
  • Avare : Lead Actress
  • Consequences (Ballyfermot College) : Female Leas Actress
  • DYADIC : Female Lead Actress
  • Heat (IT Tallaght) : Female lead Actress
  • Whiplash (IT Tallaght) : Female Lead Actress
  • The Daylight Zone (Griffith College) : Supporting Actress
  • Mockumentary Web-Series : Supporting Actress
  • Espresso Politics (DIT) : Female Lead Actress
  • Can or Can't (DIT) : Female Lead Actress
  • Limbo : Female Lead Actress
  • Otherworld Halloween Festival : Dearg-Due
  • Dice : Voodoo Doctor
  • The Night of Three Moons : Female Lead Actress
  • Scarlet : Female Lead Actress
  • You Rock : Supporting Actress
  • Caught In a Mosh : Female Lead Actress
  • Celebrity Obsessed ITV4
  • A Guy Who Takes Pictures (Griffith College) : Lead Actress
  • Infant : Supporting Actress
  • Student Scripted Television Show DIT(Cryptid Cases) : Guest 1
  • Break : Female Lead Actress
  • Afterimage (IT Tallaght) : Lead Actress
  • Synesthesia : Lead Actress
  • A Room With White Walls : Lead Actress
  • BFEI (The Working Dead) : Female Lead Actress
  • 'Monster' music video by Walking On Cars : Featured extra
  • Nothing Else Matters (Short Film) : Female Lead Actress
  • Here Are The Young Men : Extra
  • Deb'18 (IT Tallaght) : Supporting Actress
  • Scene from The Insider (IT Tallaght) : Female Lead Actress


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English

I started off from November 2018 and here is my experience list so far:


-Featured extra in 'Monster' music video by Walking On Cars

Short films:

- Nothing Else Matters
Director: Alan Mcloughlin
Short film - Lead Character (Roxy)

- Scene from The Insider
Director: Sean O'Brien
Short film - Lead Role (Lowell)

-Deb, '18
Director: Ross O’Hara
Short film (played as Kim)


-The Working Dead
Elle (Female Lead Role)

-A Room With White Walls (In Process)
Director: Elie Mwamba
Played as Amanda (Lead Role)

Written by Martha Mullane
(Lead Role)

Director: Ross O'Hara
(Lead Actress)

Director: Zac Goold
(Female Lead Actress)

-Student Scripted Television Show

Director: Marcin Skruch
(Supporting Actress)

- A Guy Who Takes Pictures
Director: Cameron Johnson
(Lead Actress)

Director: Joseph Kelly
Played as 'Voodoo Doctor'

- Caught In a Mosh ( Lined up)
Director: Michael Kane
Clara (Lead Actress)

- You Rock
Director: James O'Brien
Samantha (Supporting Actress)

-Night of the Three Moons (Lined up)
Director: Nigel Mulligan
(Lead Actress)

- Scarlet
Director: Sean Brien
Scarlet (Female Lead Actress)

-Can or Can't
Director:Cian Geoghegan
The teacher (Female Lead Actress)

- Espresso Politics
DIT College (Female Lead Actress)

-Mockumentary Web-Series
Director: Marcello Fidelis
Played as Sadhbh

-The Daylight Zone
Played as Cindy
Director: Emmet Gallagher

-A scene from 'Whiplash'
Played as Nicole
Director: Zak Wheeler

-A scene from 'Heat'
Played as Hannah
Director: Erin Kennedy

Played as Naomi
Director: Alan Mcloughlin

- Consequences
Played as Helen
Director: Heidi Kivikallio

Played as Shirin
Director: Grace Sexton


Mechanical Bull
Director: Sean Brien
(Emily) Supporting Actress

The Sun and Moon War (Lined up)
Director: Grace Sexton
Zohra (Female Lead Actress)


Extras experience

Previous featured extras roles

-'Here Are the Young Men' movie. (Paid)

-Horror Short Film by Amanda Brien. (Expenses paid)

-Featured Extra in a music video by "Walking on Cars". (Paid)

-Featured Extra in short film 'Flicker' (Paid).

-Fair City (Paid)x5


Modeling experience

Part-time model - paid commercial work

I have been collaborating with photographers in Dublin region as a model.

Also, been accepting promotional collaborations with online clothing companies.


Vocal ability

Lead singer

Composer ability


Singing styles
  • Rock
  • Classical

Influences: Slayer, Anthrax, Behemoth, Arch Enemy, Infected Rain, Seether, Epica, Lacuna Coil, Killswitch Engage, Dark Tranquility, Gojira, Cradle Of Filth, Marilyn Manson, Slipknot, Korn, Iced Earth Etc.

I have been composing songs on Keyboard and I also write lyrics.
I am looking for people who are into same kinds of music to start a band!

TV & Reality

ITV4 - Celebrity Obsessed

Film & Stage Crew

Directing & Writing ability



Photography experience

Amateur photographer


  • English

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