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Belfast, United Kingdom
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Voice over self tape/David Bell28/08/2016, for an iMDB listed film, Feature film 'Hello au revoir'

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Physical Attributes

180 cm / 5ft 11in
86 kg / 189 lbs
White / Caucasian
106 cm / 42 in
Skin color:
91 cm / 36 in
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Netflix,The School of Good and Evil. : Choreographed Ballroom Dancer. June 2021. Director Paul Feig
  • The Genesis Inquiry /An Online Musical Play. : “The Voice. “Male lead, March 2021.Director Alina Hughes." CREDIT"
  • Northern Ireland Tourism Advert : Couple. November 2020
  • Bloodlands 11th February Director Pete Travis. : Ulster Rugby Supporter, Supporting Artist, Starring Jimmy Nesbitt.
  • BFI Academy Short Film ”The Accused” 18th& 19th January. : Male Lead ”Inspector Jury” Dialogue spoken. "CREDIT"
  • Commercial for N.Ireland Power.Merlin Productions. : Grandfather Male /Lead Jiving in the kitchen. 17th January. "CREDIT".
  • Central Hotel Dublin 6th Dec 2019 : Louise Kiely Screen Acting & Audition Class, Tutor Darren Thornton.
  • “Lighthouse” Director Will Mc Connell Short Film. : Father, With early Dementia. Lead Actor. Oct 2019 Dialogue Spoken "CREDIT"
  • “Pixie”Director. Barnaby Thompson. Comedy Thriller.Confit Productions {Pixie Ltd} : “Hardened Drinker”/Supporting Artist
  • ”Harbour Rose” Director Matt Mcmaster pilot Series,August 2019. : Priest, FR. Reilly.Featured Actor.Dialogue Spoken. "CREDIT"
  • Commercial @The Folk & Transport Museum Photoshoot/Video Shoot, Cultra N. Ireland. 26th July.2019 : Male Lead/Actor, Grandparent. "CREDIT"
  • “Kasam” Freak Music Video 23rd June2019 "CREDIT" : “Vampire”Actor/ Male Lead, Director Thomas Mc Keown. CREDIT**
  • 17th April. Burbank Entertainment. “Heaven” Director Gerry Pope, Pilot For US Sitcom. : Priest./Actor
  • "Pablo" Series2 CBBC, 29th March.Paper Owl Films, Director David McGrath. : Cafe Customer/Supporting Artist
  • Video Shoot In Bray Ireland For Casting Di rectors Perusal. 2019 March** : Auditioned 13th March 2019. Actor Dialogue Spoken. "CREDIT"
  • Commercial Video Production For” Biscuit Bunker”in Belfast. Director Sam Roffey. : Actor/ For Pulse Smart Hub.
  • “Derry Girls” Series 2, Director Michael Lennox, November 2018 : “Passerby. Supporting Artist.
  • “Waves Over Sand” Winner Of The Southampton International Film Fesrival For The Outstanding S/ Film. : Male Lead/Actor, Director Mark Nugent. Dialogue Spoken. "CREDIT"
  • The Council, BBC TV Drama Sept 2018. Director Declan Reeks. : Solicitor/Supporting Artist
  • The Dublin Murders , August 2018, Crime Drama. : Mortuary Assistant/Supporting Artist
  • "Code 10 " A Sci-Fi Horror Radio Drama , Director Shabnam Qurashi. : The Voice. V/O Male Lead.Dialogue Spoken. "CREDIT"
  • “Normal Lives” Directors Lisa Barros D’SA and Glen Leyburn. : Hospital Visitor/Supporting Artist,Starring Liam Neason.
  • Game Of Thrones Acting & Coaching Course. : In House Training to Work With Children @ Titanic Studios Belfast.
  • Game Of Thrones Series 8 Director Miguel Sapochnic. : KIngs Landing "Nobleman". April To 2ndof July 2018.
  • "Chicken" Game Show Netflix. April : Audience Member
  • Mother's Day, BBC Production April. : Hospital Patient injured by an IRA Bomb.Supporting/Artist
  • "Mother's Day" BBC Production Reinactment Of The Warrington Bomb. : " Burger" Bar"Operative March 2018.Supporting Artist.
  • "The Special Couple", Zephyr Production Company A joint UK/Chinese Production, Romantic Comedy. : Passerby/Supporting Artist, Feb 2018
  • "VOLITION" Short Film, Male Lead V/O @The BFI& CA. Armagh : Male Lead V/O Artist. Dialogue Spoken.Feb 2018. "CREDIT"
  • Krypton TV Series @ Harbour Studios & Britfic Studios Belfast : Guided Lawmaker. Featured & Supporting Artist. Jan & Feb 2018
  • Bauer Media Voice/Over Course @ Cool FM & Downtown Radio @ Their Headquarters in Newtownards. : Voice/Over Course presented by Kirsty Mc Murray.Jan 2018
  • "Come Home" TV series Nov 2017 : Passerby Supporting Artist.
  • Krypton : Featured/ supporting Artist
  • Krypton TV Series : Lawmaker Guild. October 2017 Featured Supporting Artist
  • The Dave Allen Special Film. Sept 2017 : Audience Member
  • The Tritone Harmonies. Feature Film. September, Director Danyl Ortiz Sorenson. : Doctor Finch/ Actor. Dialogue Spoken. "CREDIT"
  • Mille Inbetween Series4 August 2017 : Grandfather/Supporting Artist
  • "Derry Girls" TV Comedy/drama for ITV Channel 4, role Passer By ( A night time shoot ) : Passer By ( Supporting Artist)
  • "Waves over Sand" Short Film. 6th June Director Mark Nugent : Male Lead. "Frank"/Actor
  • Frankenstein's Chronicles series 2. May 2017 : "Lord Fellowes". Featured Actor.
  • On screen Masterclass with Peter Ferris Entertainment. : Actor. Dialogue Spoken.**
  • 2day M/Class on "Proving",the use of Military Weapons & the use of in acting scenes for auditions. : Peter Ferris M/Classes in Belfast
  • On screen Masterclass with Peter Ferris Entertainment. : Actor. Dialogue Spoken.**
  • 2 day M/Class on "Proving",the use ofPolice Firearms , Flack Jackets at Peter Ferris acting classes. : Peter Ferris Master Acting Classes.
  • Hello Au Revoir, Feature Film. "CREDIT" : IMDB. September 2016. Voice Over/Art. ist mn video. Dialogue Spoken**
  • The Crescent Arts Centre--Classes &Workshops Belfast. : Accent Training for actors-Received Pronunciation taken by Rosie Pelan.
  • Mille Inbetween ,September 2016 series 4 : Wedding Guest, uncle of the groom, Supporting/Artist
  • Short Film March/May 2016 3rd year media & Cinema students from Banbridge Co Down. : Male Lead/Actor "Frank" Dialogue Spoke n.**
  • Short film "Paul May's Bad Day. March/ May 2016 : Male Lead/Actor. "Doctor" Dialogue Spoken. "CREDIT"
  • "Bus Stop" Short Film May 2016 : Male Lead/Actor "Tramp" Dialogue Spoke n. "CREDIT"
  • No Stone Unturned ( Documentry). May 2016. : One of the Deceased. "Malcome Jenkenson" Actor. "CREDIT"
  • My Mother and Other Strangers. May 2016 : Actor/ Supporting Artist
  • The Fall. January 2016 : Hospital Visitor/Supporting Artist.
  • The Lost City Of "Z" : Ballroom Dancer.
  • The Secret : Featured Actor/ Double. November/ December
  • The Game Of Thrones. October 2015 : Sparrow. Supporting/Artist.
  • The Truth Commissoner : Family of the Departed. March 2015. Supporting Artist.
  • Mille Inbetween series 3 : /Supporting/ Artist. September 2015
  • Line Of Duty : Member of the Outdoor Bowling Team. Extra May2015
  • The Lost City Of Z : Featured Ballroom Dancer in the Opening scene. August 2015
  • Frankenstines Chronicles : Upper Class Gent / Grandee/ Priest. Featured Supporting/Artist. Feb/ March 2015
  • I Am Belfast : Member of funeral procession.Supporting/Artist. November 2014
  • Clarke's.Dancing Classes Belfast. : Ballroom, Latin, jive, Sequence.
  • Short Bros Aircraft, : Mechanical/ Engineer, Full Technological Cert in Mech/ Engineering & Jig In Tool Design.


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English

  • Australian
  • Canadian
  • Irish
  • South African
  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • UK Welsh
  • French
  • Russian

I have appeared in 51Productions, Films,, TV dramas, Documentries ,Short Films,and Period Dramas,I also was the Lead Male Actor in 8 Short Films with one of the Short films “Waves Over Sand” going on to win The Southampton International Film Festival for the Best Short Film for 2018. I have attended Acting classes in both Dublin and Belfast under the Tutorage of Peter Ferris of Ferris Entertainment2016/2018 and Darren Thornton of Louise Kiely Casting 2019. I also attended Belfast Talent tutored by Diane Graham 2018/2019. I am active on line with Actonthis with Ross Grant and Amy Jo Berman Acting classes in LA.
I am a Ballroom Dancer, Sequence Dancer, Jive, Latin American Dancer.
I play Outdoor Bowls,Golf,Table Tennis, I am a keen Gardner, I have had Bassett Hounds for 40years. I am Qualfied Mechanical Engineer/ Hydraulics and Tool Setter. I am a qualified Financial Adviser/Agent and I have worked in an Aircraft factory, Cellotape factory, plastics factory I have been a housekeeper/ cleaner, Qualified classroom assistant, Tool Setter, Tour Guide(Windmill) House Surveyor. I have also been a Mystery Shopper in the Travel/ Holiday industry a Civil Servant, a Mail Room Operative and A Filing Clerk. I have also been a Gardener, a Bar Man, and a Taxi Man. I have low husky voice which is slightly monotone.


Modeling experience

Beginner, starting out


Just Starting 2019/20

TV & Reality

Appeared in Frankenstines Chronicles 2015 TV Drama series 1.
Appeared in The Secret 2016 Tv Drama.
Appeared in Millie Inbetween 2015 & 2016 CBBC Tv Drama
Appeared in The Truth Commissioner 2015 TV Drama.
Appeared in No Stone Unturned 2016 TV Reenactment Documentry.
Appeared in Our Mothers And Other Strangers. 2016. TV Drama.
Appeared in I AM Belfast 2014 TV Documentry.
Appeared in The Fall 2016 TV Drama.
Appeared in Line Of Duty 2015 TV Drama.
Appeared in Frankensteins Chronicles 2017 TV Drama series 2
Appeared in Derry Girls 2017 Channel 4 Comedy/Drama
Appeared in "Mille Inbetween" series 4 CBCC TV Drama.


Dancing ability


Dance styles
  • Ballroom
  • Country
  • Disco
  • Folk
  • Latin American
  • Rock & Roll
  • Tango

I was a Ballroom Dancer in a featured film made in Northern Ireland. The Lost City Of Z,featured Extra, produced by Brad Pitt in 2016.
I am a Competent Sequence Dancer in which I dance twice a week for 5 hours in total.
I can dance Latin American, Jive & Disco.
I have also attended Irish Set Dancing Classes.

Film & Stage Crew



TV presenter experience

No previous TV presenter experience

Radio presenter experience

Previous unpaid Radio presenter roles

  • English

  • Australian
  • Canadian
  • Irish
  • South African
  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • UK Welsh
  • French
  • Russian


Aircraft/Engineer, Mech/Engineer,Hydraulic/Engineer,Tool Setter,Maintenance/Engineer,Financial Adviser,Welder, Classroom Assistant, Civil Servant,Mail Room Operative, filing Clerk,Tour Guide,Mystery Shopper,Property Surveyor, Housekeeper & Cleaner,Bar Man,Gardener, Taxi Man, Actor. Agent, Bowler,Dancer.
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