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Florida, United States
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Physical Details

175 cm / 5ft 9in
Skin color:
70 kg / 154 lbs
Hair color:
71 cm / 28in
Hair length:
White / Caucasian
Hair type:


  • The Masquers Club : Acting for Producer Sybil Jason & Director Ellen Bailey (of the Pasadena Playhouse)
  • Sonoma State University : English Major
  • see resume : through 1996
  • American Conservatory Theatre San Francisco : Training Program (acting, dancing, singing, directing)


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

Acting agent

MANAGER Legacy Lenz Entertainment Representatives: George Clinton http://www.legacylenzentertainment

  • English

  • UK English
  • UK Scottish
  • USA Boston
  • USA California
  • USA Southern

Union memberships
  • SAG

Here's some of my work ( Complete Artist resume including Theater available upon request )

8-10-76 Pete's Dragon - Disney . Day Player Contract . . .For Director Don Chaffey (Jason & the Argonauts)
7-28-77 Thank God it's Friday-Motown Prod-Columbia Pictures. .Day Player. .For Director Robert Klane
1-24-78 Every Which Way But Loose-Warner Brothers. . . . Day Player. . For Director James Fargo . . . For Producer Clint Eastwood
8-03-79 Soap- Witt/Thomas/Harris Productions-Columbia . . .Day Player
12-07-81 9 to 5-Fox . . . Day Player . . . For Producers Lynn Roth & Jane Fonda
9-10-82 Hill Street Blues-Steven Bochco-MTM . . . Day Player . . .For Producer Steven Bochco
11-01-82 Airplane II- Paramount. . .Day Player . . .For Director Ken Finkleman
6-01-83 Two of a Kind-Fox . . . . . . .Day Player. . . . . . For Director John Herzfeld
11-29-84 The Paper Chase- Fox . . .Day Player . . . For Producer Lynn Roth
7-10-86 St. Elsewhere- MTM . . . .Day Player. . . . . For Director Mark Tinker
8-07-86 Hill Street Blues- Steven Bochco- MTM . . .For Producer Steven Bochco
9-18-87 Married with Children- Embassy Communications- Columbia . . . . . Day Player
6-29-90 Quick Change- Warner Brothers . . .Day Player . . . . For Director Bill Murray
3-28-91 Star Trek: The Next Generation- Paramount. . Day Player. . .For Director David Livingston

10-19-76 McDonald's Commercial - Nimmys Place Inc..Hot fudge Sundae . . Norman Toback
1-31-77 MG Autos Commercial- RABCO TV Productions
2-18-77 Mountian Bell Commercial- Swanson & Ballon
5-03-77 DisneyWorld Epcot-World Showcase Lagoon- Germany Pavilion. . . Commercial-Disney
5-04-77 DisneyWorld Epcot-World Showcase Lagoon
5-05-77 DisneyWorld Epcot-World Showcase Lagoon
5-06-77 DisneyWorld Epcot-World Showcase Lagoon
2-16-82 American Express commercial
2-23-82 Camay Commercial- Greenbriar
7-01-82 Mc Donalds Commercial- Green Briar
7-12-83 Rexona Commercial- J Walter Thompson
11-16-84 Pearlvision Commercial- Harmony Pictures
11-22-84 Pearlvision Commercial
3-08-86 Seagrams Wine Cooler Commercial- David Ashwell Films
3-09-86 Seagrams Wine Cooler Commercial
3-10-86 Seagrams Wine Cooler Commercial
8-12-86 Toyota Commercial Riverrun Films
8-13-86 Toyota Commercial
8-14-86 Toyota Commercial
4-08-87 Mc Donalds- Leo Burnett
5-12-87 Aramis Commercial
5-13-87 Aramis Commercial
5-14-87 Aramis Commercial
5-29-87 Cherry Coke Commercial
5-30-87 Diet Coke Commercial
12-17-87 Faberge Commercial- Propoganda Films
12-18-87 Faberge Commercial- Propoganda Films
2-25-88 Bud Lite Commercial
2-26-88 Bud Lite Commercial
3-03-88 Champion Spark Plugs Commercial- Scali, McCabe & Sloves
1-31-89 Ohio Bell Commercial- Lowe- Marschalk
4-20-89 Hallmark Commercial- Leo Barnett
11-30-89 Maytag Commercial- Leo Barnett
12-12-89 Ortho Commercial- Jay Silverman
3-21-90 IBM Commercial- HKM Productions
6-05-90 Bounce Commercial- Epoca Films
7-26-90 Ford Commercial- J Walter Thompson
8-22-90 Bounce Commercial- D'Arcy Masius Benton & Bowles
10-20-90 Hyundai commercial- Lovinger Grasso Cohn
5-07-91 Pepsi-Cola "Chillout Premire"- BBDO/New York
1-10-92 Payless Shoes Commercial
5-19-92 Bank of America Commercial- Dextor Higgins
9-20-92 BLT Baillie Lynch Teitelbaum
1-11-93 Greyhound Commercial- Cucoloris
3-12-93 Sunoco Commercial- Dektor Higgins
3-13-93 Sunoco Commercial- Dektor Higgins
1-18-94 MCI " Wet Wedding"- Messner Vetere Berger
1-25-94 Scope Commercial- Crossroads Films
3-13-94 AT&T "Skateboard" Commercial- McCann Erickson
1-08-95 Dr. Pepper "Relationships" Commercial- Young & Rubicam
3-13-95 Degree Commercial- Kira/ H Films
6-28-95 Chevrolet "20 years" Commercial- Lintas Campbell Ewald Company
2-15-96 AT&T "Nightly News" Commercial- McCann Erickson
4-12-96 Levi's Commercial- HSI Productions
6-27-96 Gallo Wine Commercial- Dektor Higgins


Modeling experience

Part-time model - paid commercial work

TV & Reality

I attended College at Sonoma State University as an English Major.

I also studied as an Actor, Singer, Dancer and Director with William Ball at A.C.T. in San Francisco.( I had to audition to get
in that school, few were chosen and I was one of the lucky few). I studied and worked hard at my craft.

I did work out sessions with my friends from The Groundlings ...actually, The Foundlings- founding members of the 1972, Gary Austin group. (a veteran of San Francisco's "The Committee") assembled a group of performers in Los Angeles who just wanted to work on their craft. Together they would improvise, perform monologues, scenes, characters, songs, dances, and classic plays.
After about a year, they started doing performances and inviting friends to come and watch. Word got out about the workshop, more
people started coming, and soon a core group of performers began to showcase their material at various venues around Hollywood.

I got a chance audition For "Pete's Dragon" at Disney Studios.
I auditioned for Choreographer Onna White and for Director Don Chaffey

I got the part as a dancer & was also given a part as an actor.

I joined the Screen Actors Guild.

I loved to work, but didn't want fame. (My personal choices were based on the fact that I was stalked and attacked on the ground with a knife at my neck in the late 1970's at the beginning of my professional career, at the height of the Hillside Strangler Murders in LA. )

I was at a heartbreaking crossroad as a young artist . . .

I decided I would work on the best jobs, (mostly Stand In Jobs) with the best Directors, Producers, Cinematographers , Actors and Choreographers. I accepted small roles that were offered, I worked very hard, was well loved, and was taken good care of by many great people in the industry.

I understood all the bits and pieces of film making, from the techniques of acting for the camera, hitting marks, camera moves, lighting details and building good relationships between my job on a film and the different departments that I needed to interact with and gave them the best I could.

After the rehearsals, I would run dialogue for certain Directors, DPs & Crew during blocking if needed.

. . .Example. . .
I worked for cast member Jessica Hecht on the Jonathan Silverman sitcom The Single Guy.

At the same time, Jessica had a recurring role on Friends as Susan Bunch ( the lesbian life partner of Ross Geller's ex wife, Carol Willick).

Since The Single Guy was a multi-camera show with a live audience, I would act as her character (with dialogue) with all the other
cast members to set all the blocking. This way she could come in for a rehearsal, a dress-rehearsal and filming, and still spend
days working on Friends.

* I would run lines with Actors (did this all the time).

* I would do scenes with other actors for their Single Shots ( off
camera if someone was unavailable or needed to leave early).

* I acted off camera with some actors who were getting Screen Tests.

* I jumped in and did acting jobs ( if a Day Player wasn't cutting
it, or they wanted to add something at the last minute)

I saved production companies a lot of money by watching the
blocking like a hawk, and helping to make the camera moves and
lighting what I actually saw ( so time wasn't wasted with

Being a quick learner, as well as a very creative artist, I was
always prepared and on time (with my knitting in hand).

I was requested again and again by certain people to work on their
projects, and they would tell others about me and I would work for
their friends too.

In 20 years I did a lot of acting , mostly theater. The acting in
film was always fun! (see Day Player roles) * I have specifics, email if needed. Not enough room to list.


Most memorable is my "Travel Angel" series for PSA Magazine . . I have 2 photos on StarNow . . ."Road Map Angel and "Post Card Angel" . .

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