Duncan Thorburn

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Nottingham, United Kingdom
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Duncan - audio clip

Pudlian Dreamer is about the Death of John Lennon, Beatle Scale: G, b, c, d, f, G. Big SIS Theory.

01Duncan - audio clip
02Duncan - audio clip
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  • Dukeries Complex


I spent four years writing Songs with a New Musical Theory I call Structure in Sound, or Big SIS see www.cdnsolutions.co.uk/bigsis for a twenty minute explanation. See www.myspace.com/dunct then the Pictures for a Step by Step Instructions for Structure in Sound. See www.myspace.com/duncanglennthorburn for Big SIS music writen using this New Musical Theory. The Songs are: Pudlian Dreamer, Eyes of India, and Deep Indelible Derma. Armies of Armoggedon is built on Chinese Music.

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