Eric Higby

Actor, Extra, Influencer, Film producer / Manager, Runner / Assistant

Indiana, United States
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Paul Revere's Ride

Paul Revere's Ride, No editing or recording pauses done. Recorded 08/2020

01Paul Revere's Ride
04Audio Book Style Narration

Physical Attributes

182 cm / 6ft 0in
89 kg / 195 lbs
White / Caucasian
106 cm / 42 in
Skin color:
96 cm / 38 in
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • New Britannia Theater Troupe, Online Video Game Plays with Internet Radio accompanied Voice Over : Producer, Technical Advisor, In Game Actor, Voice Actor
  • Echoes From The Caverns, Voice Over Audio Stories/Podcasting : Producer, Technical Advisor, Voice Actor
  • Islug Gets A New Set of Armor - Podcast : Writer
  • Harvey Putter and the Ridiculous Premise : Extra, Tar'chev Faye


Acting experience



Extras experience

Previous extras experience


I am an Entrepreneur working primarily in the Gaming industry. This includes both video games and tabletop gaming.

I have been personally recognized by Astronaut and Game Developer, Richard Garriott for contributing to the success of one of his video games and the company producing it. I later became a Real Life Money Trader for the same game.

I have successfully ran and funded my own Kickstarter, have (and am) collaborated in numerous other funded Kickstarters, run my own Patreon and collaborate on others, and am strongly networked with many publishers, developers, artists, and creators in the gaming industry.

I have also published some small projects and run multiple online retail stores selling gaming products.

Film & Stage Crew

Production & Management ability


Runner or Assistant ability


Primarily I have some production experience in working with large groups of people, from start to finish, to create and complete multicast audio story productions. This was done completely online with volunteers from all over the world, continued for years as a podcast, and we worked with many well known industry gaming professionals on some of our projects. In addition to handling most of the production work, I often would do the casting, voice over work myself, editing, marketing, and online distribution.

This also led to full theatrical plays being performed online, inside of video games, coordinated and sync'd to voice acting productions that are being played on live internet. I was the primary coordinator with the gaming company and our theater troupe, to ensure the game offered the mechanics needed for players to create theater.

I found over time I was researching, using, and becoming very knowledgeable in real world methods for production and casting, to bring those skills and techniques to the talent that I worked with, to create their acting projects. Musician Shooter Jennings later used the tools we helped implement, to debut two of his music albums live in the game, "Countach", and "Black Ribbons".

I found that I enjoyed both the role of a producer as well as helping in other roles when staff fell short. It is very rewarding to help others achieve their vision and success.
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