Erin Leighton

Erin Leighton Pro

Swindon, United Kingdom


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Erin was a pleasure to work with. She is incredibly passionate, easy to get on with and fully prepared to tackle challenging roles. She impressed throughout the shoot with us and was able to take direction whilst still adding her own vision to scenes. She would make a great addition to any production.

Recommended for Acting Jun 23, 2021

Erin was brilliant to work with, she arrived bubbling with enthusiasm for the shoot, was happy to take direction as well as making lots of her own suggestions, looked fab on camera and I am so happy with how the images turned out. Highly recommend.

Recommended for Modelling Feb 3, 2021

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Involved and engaged, amazing VO voice, thanks for contributing :-)

Recommended for Acting Apr 20, 2020

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Erin was a delight to work with. Her voice work is excellent and she delivered some very unwieldy technical dialogue with conviction. She brought a lot of positive energy to the set and interacted well with everyone. I would hire her again in a heartbeat.

Recommended for Presenting Nov 22, 2019

An incredible actress! Erin has a unique look and massive versatility in her acting, she played two rather distinct roles extremely effectively. Highly professional, takes direction well but rarely requires it. Came extremely well prepared. A dream to cast!

Recommended for Acting Oct 1, 2019

We used Erin for a photo shoot. Erin is very professional, friendly and easy to get on with and more importantly came on time for calltime. Imagery turned out great. Will use again in the future, thanks Erin!

Recommended for Acting Sep 30, 2019

Erin the complete package. An excellent performer and real professional. Her communication was fast and informative and while on set she managed to keep the pace and high energy high while all the time maintaining a relaxed and friendly demeanour. Her standard of acting is excellent and I would highly recommend her. Hope to work with her again and you should too.

Recommended for Acting May 10, 2018

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It was great to work with Erin, she is really relaxed in front of the camera and took direction very well. We would happily work with Erin again!!

Recommended for Acting Jan 22, 2018

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Recommended for Sep 12, 2018

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Recommended for Acting Oct 15, 2017