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Actor, Extra, Model, Dancer, Art Department Member

New South Wales, Australia
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Bee, Princess of the Dwarves; Fern

A sample on a story reading

01Bee, Princess of the Dwarves; Fern
02Dracula; Fern

Physical Attributes

167 cm / 5ft 6in
64 kg / 140 lbs
White / Caucasian
93 cm / 37 in
Skin color:
73 cm / 29 in
99 cm / 39 in
Dress size:
UK 10 / AUS 10 / US 6
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Appen : Supervising Voice Recognition for Car Recordings in Sound Booth
  • 'Malibu Crush' : IMDb credit
  • 'Devil's Whisper': Beverly, Secretary speaking role : IMDb credit
  • Open Shop : Shopping Network Modelling Course
  • Studio Under the Stairs : Introduction to Voice Over
  • Toni Higgenbotham Sydney Drama School : TVC Casting Intensive
  • Short Film: 'Carmine' : Lead Protagonist: IMDb credit
  • 'Just One More Day' : School Principal, speaking role: IMDb credit
  • 'Little Monsters' : Zombie: IMDb credit
  • 'Standing Up for Sunny' : Bar Patron (uncredited): IMDb credit
  • 'Risen' Indie Feature Film : Boardroom Member: IMDb credit
  • Voom management : Weekend Acting Workshop with Grant Thompson
  • Music Video for Ariyah 'Don't Come Back' : Gossip Lady Ball Attendee (Featured Extra) IMDb credit
  • Short Film 'Daily Bread': : Camp Woman: IMDb credit
  • 'Tabernacle 101' : Hospital Extra: IMDb credit
  • 2016 Short Horror Film 'The Witness Articles: 'Den For Sheep' : Brenda: IMDb credit


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

Acting agent

Middleman Agency

  • English

  • Canadian
  • USA Boston
  • USA California
  • USA New York
  • USA Southern

Feature film

2021 'Pieces of Her' Cast 'Male Customer's Wife'
2020 'Malibu Crush', main role of Programme Director 'Marissa Vanderbuilt'
2018 'Occupation 2, Rainfall', Villager, two lines, speaking part
2016 'Just One More Day' Speaking part as the School Principal (Extra); this is a 90 minute feature film Think Grand Films (A Marvel9 Pty Ltd)

Short Film

2021 'Friends and Strangers', tourist, a main speaking role.
2021 'Void' Job Interviewer (speaking role) Christian Film
2019 'Devil's Whisper', speaking part 'Beverly'
2019 'Choice', Screen Writer
2018 'Blinker', Featured speaking role
2018 'Truer Words' Protagonist Main Speaking Role - I was Script Writer
2018 'Black Out' Waitress (speaking role)
2018 'Carmine' Lead Woman Finding Friendship/Love - I was Costume Designer
2018 'Tunnel Vision' Woman Escaping Vampire Attack (leading speaking role) and Vampire (speaking role) - I was Costume Designer
2017 'The Library' Cranky Lady (speaking role) Astrid Quarry, Director
2016 'Daily Bread' WWII Prisoner of War (Extra) Directors: Ella Carey & Ruby Challenger

TV Series

2021 'Snackmasters' Older woman patron, with lines
2019 'The Secret She Keeps', hospital nurse; stand in for actor - hands and feet
2018 'Deadly Women' Speaking Role as a Nun
2017 'Babbletown' TV Pilot Yoga Neighbour (Speaking Part)

TV Commercial or Online Advertisement

2021 Hunter Primary Care, Support Worker
2021 Connect Hearing Aid, grandmother, online ad
2020 Hoselink, Grandmother
2020 Australian Digital Health Agency, Featured Flu patient
2019 Koorong Christian Bookstore, Online Ad, Featured
2019 Soju Restaurant, Online Ad, Featured
2019 Bradford Sound Screen, Ad, Featured
2019 Greenpeace TVC & Online Ad, Owner of burnt down house, featured
2019 McCafe & Real Estate Online Ad, Vender selling house, featured
2019 Inflatable Bin Chicken Video Ad, main character
2019 Biggest Morning Tea Online Promotional Ad
2019 Spinal Health Week Ad (Featured)
2018 The Do Story, Face Book Online Ad for MG Cars, Speaking Role
2018 Ergo German Insurance, Featured Role Dancer, Party Goer
2017 Colliers International Australia Real Estate Ad, visiting friend's new home (Featured Extra)
2017 Sydney Property Conveyancing Ad, Featured speaking role as a House Downsizer
2017 News Local Real Estate NZ 'Let the Games Begin' Real Estate Buyer (Featured Extra)
2017 Shopping Channel, filmed using the products
2017 Salvation Army Featured role as a Mum who's son was reunited with her after 22 years

Web Series

2019 'Yo Sister!' Beauty Salon Customer (Featured Role)
2018 'Superwog', Restaurant Patron (Featured Extra, Speaking Role)

Corporate Video

2021 Compassion, Featured Christian Carer
2019 Flight Centre, Juror, Featured
2018 Altura Learning, Aged Care video, Daughter of patient Speaking role
2017 Cryoclinics, Mum visiting for treatment
2017 Cryoclinics, Ad reading off a teleprompter, Doctor (Featured speaking role)
2017 Real Equity Real Estate, Grandmother (Featured role)

Music Video

2019 No Frills Twins 'Paper Love', Featured Role
2018 Edan McGovern 'Unique & Unemployable', Main Role as Auditioner
2017 'Floating Away' Masters Student Film: Protagonist, Featured Role
2017 James Stewart Keene 'Charm Offensive': Western Bar Pool Player (Featured Extra)


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles

Extras agent


Feature Film

2022 'Three Thousand Years of Longing' Audience Member
2022 'Thor: Love and Thunder' Counsellor from Asgard
2021 'Z Type' Zombie
2021 'Risen' Presidential Official & Scientist (Featured Extra)
2020 'Nine Perfect Strangers', Mini Series, Passerby
2020 'Ruby's Choice', Aged Care Resident
2019 'The Eagle Flyer', Cafe Manager employee
2019 'Peter Rabbit 2', Book Reading & Passerby
2018 'I Am Woman' Restaurant Patron
2017 'Standing Up for Sunny' Bar Patron
2017 'Ladies in Black' Shopper
2017 'Little Monsters' Zombie
2017 'Bad Genius' Train customer Thai production, Director Nattawut Poonpiriya
2016 and 2015 have been archived.

Short Film

2020 'Bad Beat' 1950s Casino Patron
2019 'Yo Sister' Salon customer, Featured
2017 'The Rising' News Reporter

TV Series

2022 'After the Verdict' Buying Real Estate
2021 'After the Verdict' Courtroom Attendee
2021 'Underbelly', Real Estate Buyer
2021 'Bump' Patron, Stan series
2021 'Total Control', Audience member
2021 'Frayed' Passerby
2020 'Doctor Doctor', patient
2020 'Bump' Stan TV Series, Wedding Guest
2020 'Home & Away', patron
2020 'Back to the Rafters', patron
2019 'Odd Squad', park visitor, Canadian Show
2019 'The Secret She Keeps', hospital visitor & train customer
2019 'The Commons', patron and sitting by the pool
2019 'Doctor Doctor', hospital visitor
2019 'Total Control', parliamentarian, passerby
2019 'Mr Inbetween', patron
2019 'Les Norton', Race day, patron, airport customer
2019 'Home & Away' Patron & Hostage Situation
2019 'Skit Box' Club Patron TV Pilot for ABC
2018 'The Letdown' Bar Patron
2018 'Frayed' Casino Patron
2018 'Reckoning' Hospital Visitor and Church Parishioner, USA TV Show
2018 'A Place to Call Home' Season 6 Hospital Visitor
2018 'Doctor Doctor' Hospital Visitor
2018 'Aranya Love In' Chinese TV Show (Passerby
2018 'Home & Away' Patron
2018 'The Checkout' Disco Scientist
2017 'The Checkout' Irate Lawn Bowler
2017 'Rake' Parliamentarian (semi nude in towel)
2017 'Sunshine' Proof of Concept, Townsfolk with John Howard & Lisa Flanagan
2017 'Riot' Restaurant Patron Mini Series (start of the Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras)
2017 'Oldboy' Tourist Chinese TV show starring Liu Ye
2017 'Mr Inbetween' Passerby
2017 'Doctor Doctor' Hospital Visitor
2017 'The Secret Daughter' Passerby
2017 'Easy Beats' Mini Series Immigrant
2017 'A Place to Call Home' Season 5: Wife of American Diplomat, Cocktail Party
2017 'Home and Away' 'Cafe Patron' 'Funeral Guest'
2017 'Pulse' Season 1: ABC Drama Hospital patient & visitor
2016 and 2015 have been archived

TV Commercial

2021 Uber Eats, Tennis Fan
2021 MacDonalds, Customer
2021 Foxtel, Fan
2021 Rollin Insurance, Onlooker
2021 Bundy Alcohol, Patron
2021 Abbott Healthcare, Onlooker
2021 Upwork, Train customer
2021 Tourism Australia, Bar Patron
2021 Great Southern Bank, passerby
2021 Coles, Ballet patron
2021 Quitline, featured, anti-smoking
2020 Panadol, passerby
2019 Codral, market stall vendor
2019 Lottoland, crowd member
2019 RM Williams, passerby
2019 Virgin, passerby
2018 KFC, Featured - Friend of Heroes at wedding
2018 Bet Easy, Tennis Spectator
2018 KFC, Passerby
2018 IGA, Shopper
2018 Berocca, Juror
2017 Women's Cancer Foundation, Walker; Fundraiser
2017 Memory Walk Jog, Walker; Fundraiser to fight Dementia
2017 Commonwealth Bank 100 Years of Giving, Market Stall Seller/Shopper
2017 Star Casino Restaurant Patron
2017 Mission Australia, Independence is Precious Christmas; Christmas Eve reveller
2017 YOUI Extra Storm & Rabbithos fan
2016 and 2015 have been archived

Web Series

2017 The Shepherd and the Orb, Townswoman

Corporate Video and Online Advertisements

2020 Appen voice car recognition technology
2018 Real Equity Estate Agency, Mother-In-Law
2017 Transport NSW Public Information, Citirail customer

Music Videos

2018 Cilla Jane 'Ice Age' Dancer/Bar Patron Featured Extra
2017 James Stuart Keene 'Charm Offensive' Featured Extra
2017 Flight Facilities 'Stranded' Prison Visitor
2017 Aryiah 'Don't Come Back' Baroque Ball Guest (Featured)
2016 and 2015 have been archived.


Modeling experience

Part-time model - paid commercial work

Modelling agent

Bump Models Pty Ltd

Commercial photographic/TV ads

2021 Pizza Hut promotion
2021 & 2018 'Get Vote Fit' NSW Government photo shoot
2021 Noir Shots Classic Dame Poses, Craig O'Regan
2021 Gourmet Baskets, Mother for Mother's Day
2020 Amarante Beauty products, live TV modelling (Open Shop Shopping Chanel)
2020 Luana Bickel, Brushy HMA @brushy_makeup
2020 Smith & Nephew, patient, Adrian Harrison - photographer
2020 Empower Beauty, Oksana Shearman, photographer and MUA
2020 Appen, Car face recognition video and photos
2020 Liquid Web Photography
2019 Cybil Shopping Network, Model using devices, Channels 7, 9 & 10
2019 KOH Cleaning, stock photos
2019 Everdure by Heston Blumenthal, Family BBQ photos
2019 Fantastic Furniture, Christmas Catalog
2019 Hoyts, movie patron
2019 Evergreen Doctor's Surgery, patient photos
2019 Cancer Council, Photography Library
2019 Australian Chiropractic Spinal Health Week Magazine Cover (03/19)
2018 West Pennant Hills Sports Club, promotional shoot, web and brochure
2018 Luomo Studio Mother of the Bride photo shoot/video Heather McDowall
2018 Queen Victoria Building Mother's Day shoot/video of my hands receiving a gift
2017 Bluesanyu Films photo shoot
2017 Anti Saloon League Corporate Function, Prohibition Supporter
2017 Cryoclinics, patient/customer photos
2017 Westpac Bank marketing photos as 'customer', Visionair Photography
2017 'The Simple Things' English magazine, Easter edition, editorial food & lifestyle photoshoot.
2016 and 2015 have been archived

TV & Reality

2020 Open Shop, Amarante beauty products, TV Home Shopping
2019 Cybii TVC, Shopping Network, Channel 7, 9 & 10 using items for sale
2016 Infomercial Shoot, Take Two Marketing & Events, filmed product testing & testimonial


Dancing ability


Dance styles
  • Disco
  • Rock & Roll
  • Salsa

Years of Ceroc (modern jive) a partner dance, I'm now taking Polynesian dance.

Film & Stage Crew

Art & Costume Design ability


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