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Frederick Hama

Actor, Model, Musician, Film & Stage Crew, Stylist

New South Wales, Australia
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Shake [Short Film]

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3 A.M. Directed by Tye Bate

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Physical Details

172 cm / 5ft 8in
Skin color:
over 120 kg / 264 lbs
Eye color:
116 cm / 46 in
Hair color:
86 cm / 34in
Hair length:
over 106 cm / 42 in
Hair type:
Pacific Islander


  • Toi Whakaari: New Zealand Drama School 1986-1988 : Diploma Of Performing Arts (Acting)


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

Acting agent

Clifford Wallace Management

  • English
  • Samoan

  • Australian
  • Canadian
  • Irish
  • New Zealand
  • South African
  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • UK Scottish
  • UK Welsh
  • USA Boston
  • USA California
  • USA New York
  • USA Southern
  • African
  • American Indian
  • Maori
  • Mexican
  • Middle Eastern
  • Pacific Islander
  • Russian
  • Spanish


The Dealer: Dave: Director John Hosking:
Suppose The Night Taste Like Sugar: Role Tony: Director Martin Ponferrino
The Mexican Brief: Guzzo: Director Bert Reid
The Navigator: Michael: Director Eddie Arya
Two Boys and a Girl: Taylor: Director Dean Meigul
Thaddeus: Kacola : Director Martin Ponferrion
Te Moko: Joe: Director Tye Bates (pre-production)

Short Film

Façade: Servo: Director Lillian Brown
Small Pleasures: Man in Medical Centre: Director Laura Murray
Urban Fairy Tales: Carl: Director Brett Reid
Mind Over Meat: Sam: Director Adrian Lozzo
William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar: Ligarius : Director Deborah Mulhall
Because The World Needs Unicorns: Dragon: Director Alice Casper
Sharing a Dream: Matt: Director Eddie Arya
Taken A Dive: The Boss: Director Mitchell Cunningham
Turned Out: Timothy: Director Ana Jimenez
Operations Balls: Lolfa: Director Mike Kang
Dog DayZ: Steve: Director Kas Mattas
Colours: Ray: Director Mike Kang
Shake: Koha: Director Joyce Escuado
3am: Robert: Director Tye Bates


NZ Bacon Man cooking NZ Bacon: Director Dylan King
Air New Zealand Man on Plane : DirectorMatt Simmons


Shortland St: Ola: Director Chris Page
Hercules: Servant: Director Ivan Londales
Miles & Barlower: David: Director Briar Rawsell
Answered By Fire: John: Director Jade O'Conner


Eugenia: Pub Joe : Director Cameron Mattox
William Shakespeare Measure for Measure: Barnardine : Director Sarah Raymond-Jones
Learning Towards Infinity: Old Man/ Creek Man: Director Blair Morton
Blood Wedding: Leonardo: Director Jim Mullen
A Tribute To Dr Seuss: Children Theatre: The Cat: Director Heather Giles
Time Of My Life: The Waiter: Director Hilary Norris
Six Characters In Search Of An Author: The Father: Director Cameron Delaney
The Playboy Of The Western World: Shawn: Director Tony McCaffrey
Moving Mosaics: Shepherd : Director Sheryl Robinson
Postscriptum: Tommie/ Don: Director Ryan Roughan
Poultry: Bill: Director Merrin Cavel
William Shakespeare's Macbeth: Lord Angus/ Servant: Director Robert Graham
Jesus Christ Superstar (musical): Caiaphas: Director Anne Hart
Short & Sweet Play Festival The World Needs Unicorns: Dragon : Director Alice Caspers
William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar: Ligarius : Director Deborah Mulhall
William Shakespeare's As You Like It: Corin: Director Jacqueline Hornjik
William Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing: Messager/Oatcakes: Director Deborah Mulhall


Modeling experience

Part-time model - paid commercial work

Modeling agent

Clifford Wallace Management

I don't have any Model experience, Just an actor.


Vocal ability

Lead singer

TV & Reality

Television: Shortland St: NZ On Air guest role Wellington NZ 1990

Common Ground: NZ On Air guest role Wellington NZ 1991

Hercules: Renaissance Productions small speaking role Auckland NZ 1993

Close To Home: NZ On Air guest role Auckland NZ 1994

Miles & Barlower: SBS small speaking role Sydney Australia 2004

Answered By Fire: SBS guest role Sydney Australia 2005

Hoochers TV Web series comedy 2013

Television ads: NZ Bacon: NZ On Air Wellington NZ 1995

Air New Zealand: NZ On Air Wellington NZ 1999

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