Gordon Fletcher

Gordon Fletcher Pro

New South Wales, Australia


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Gordon is extremely professional, capable and able to adjust to any situation he finds himself in. I would highly recommend him on any production I am involved in. He genuinely improves any production he is on.

Recommended for TV & Reality Oct 30, 2015

Gordie is incredible to work with. I have worked with him as a Sound Recordist, AD and Production Manager - he is a man of many talents and skills. As an Actor, i felt very comfortable working with Gordie, he always strives to accommodate everyone needs on set and if anything doesn't go according to plan, he is ready and available with solutions. Gordie creates miracles with sound, he is professional and committed to any project he undertakes. He follows through to the end of the project and does not rest until its complete and perfect. I can't recommend Gordie enough, he is passionate and enthusiastic about his work and produces great results. Hope to work with you again soon!

Recommended for TV & Reality Oct 30, 2015

Gordon's a wealth of knowledge and skills when it comes to on-set jobs. He was wonderful with his advice, very professional and thorough with his audio role and an absolutely wonderful person to work with on set from a director's perspective. He was intuitive, well prepared and a complete asset on the team through out pre-production, production and post. Would recommend his talents to any set, any situation.

Recommended for Film & Stage Crew Oct 29, 2015

Gordon is a very talented and friendly soundie. His dedication and hard-work make him a value to have on set. His knowledge of not only sound, but every aspect of the film industry make him an asset to have on any production.

Recommended for Film & Stage Crew Mar 2, 2015

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Gordon was a blessing to have on board as sound recordist/mixer on the crew of The Circle, a short film dealing with 7 speaking roles, and he did a wonderful job of capturing beautiful sound. Gordon was also fabulous with advice and guidance in certain aspects of the filmmaking and invaluable expertise. Thank you, Gordon! I'd highly recommend him to any production, not that he needs the recommendation. His work is brilliant.

Recommended for Film & Stage Crew Apr 23, 2014

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Recommended for TV & Reality Oct 30, 2015