Gorgi Makazliev

Gorgi Makazliev

Worcester, United Kingdom


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Gorgi is simply exceptional. I need say nothing more. If you want an actor with talent and ability to spare...cast Gorgi.

Recommended for Acting Sep 2, 2017

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Georgi portrayed the role as a Kreepa authentically, he is very talented, and puts 110% into the performance.

Recommended for Acting Nov 2, 2015

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Human Voice Production has just finished filming a short powerful film seeking to raise awareness of domestic violence. Given the nature of the topic and the highly demanding and emotional scenes, I was very worried about casting a young actor. I met Gorgi to discuss his role and the moralistic nature of what the film sought to display and I found in Gorgi the most amazing young man. Mr Makazliev has such a depth of knowledge and understanding that he was able to explain in amazing detail how his character became the way he is and the cause of the characters suffering. I cast him on the spot. Throughout the film Mr Makazliev handled violent and scary scene with a professionalism that many three times his age could not muster. If I was a gambling man then I would place my entire life savings on this young man becoming a world wide name in the future.

Recommended for Acting Jun 1, 2014

Great model- took part in Craze Photography editorial photo shoot

Recommended for Modelling Apr 8, 2013

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Recommended for Acting Aug 7, 2016