Graeme Hollingdale

Band Member, Bass Guitarist, Musician

Oxford, United Kingdom
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39 Finale Medley-Playout

0139 Finale Medley-Playout


Bass Guitar ability


Favourite genres
  • Classical

Influences: Musical Theatre

Retired (early) County music service teacher (qualified) working as trombone playing brass specialist; achieved senior teacher rank/status, conductor, arranger etc with 36 years unbroken full-time teaching experience.

I now work as a busy freelance pro performing musician.
During the last 4 + years I have worked on numerous Musical Theatre productions including school & youth companies. I hold up to date DBS! Also numerous depping/extra pro seats for one-off orchestral/wind/swing band concerts by Amateur/Community & semi pro groups.

Living in Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire and with no ties or day job I am able & do travel within the UK for work, including overnights if the figures work out.

I hold diplomas in Double Bass and Trombone and own a late 19th century German 5 string Double Bass (recently restored) with pick-up; a Fender Jazz 5 string Bass Guitar, a 5 string Electric Upright (stick) Bass and Tenor & Bass Trombones. Obviously professional amps, effects pedals etc

As a trained experience musician, I am a reader. Experienced and very happy using click tracks, over-ears & personal monitors (in Theatre pits etc)

Please see my pseudo website within the site my link being I am also public on Facebook

I also do voluntary charity work as General Secretary for a National Charitable Society, committee work with editing/publishing.

If you've got the music & gigs then I'm your man.

Contacts for references available join request.

Thanks for reading, Graeme

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