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Someone saved my life piano and vocal

Cover Elton John. Piano and voice

01Someone saved my life piano and vocal
02New York State Of Mind ( cover )
03Have to say i love you in a song.
04Christmas Mix
05Last Train To Clarksville
06Underground Announcement VO
07Security Radio Advert Check ID

Physical Attributes

185 cm / 6ft 1in
120 kg / 264 lbs
White / Caucasian
over 119 cm / 47 in
Skin color:
111 cm / 44 in
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • 60' V 70's Roadshow : Main Vocalist.
  • ITV - Slimming Program. : Challenge - Personal Trainer .
  • UFO Disclosure BLAZE : USAF Colonel : USAF Colonel
  • Online Lockdown - Retro Music Shows - 60's & 70's Show : Lead Vocalist.
  • 1,400 - Billy Joel & Elton John Solo Show (April ) : Lead Vocalist.
  • 1,000 capacity - Billy Joel & Elton John Solo Show - March (25 years ) : Lead Vocalist.
  • 60's 70's 80's Now & Then Show : Lead Vocalist.
  • X Box one Voice over Game . : Capt Black
  • The Carpenters Story (Tour) : Lead Vocalist.
  • UFO Disclosure Discovery Channel : USAF Colonel
  • Dracula TV Series : Extra
  • William Shatner Interview - Performance. : Interviewer
  • Promoting Film : Performing as Sir Elton John
  • Cooking with the Hairy Bikers : As Graham Nash ( As Self )
  • Shows " Various " Billy Joel & Elton John Solo Show : Lead Vocalist
  • 70's 80's Now & Then Show : Lead Vocalist
  • Discovery Channel - London Ink : Tribute Elton John & Billy Joel Tattoo
  • Bahrain - Three Day Tour - F1 Weekend : Tribute Elton John & Billy Joel
  • USAF Rendlesham Base Film (Docu) Discovery : USAF American officer/Base/British Soldier/ Doctor
  • 10 Week New Zealand Tour : Tribute Elton John & Billy Joel
  • Wembley Stadium : Tribute Elton John & Billy Joel 90,000 in attendance.
  • Richard & Judy Show 6 Weeks : Graham Nash - Hairy Bikers - Tribute Artist Elton John " Rocket Man "
  • Hanrahan Investigates (CH5) Episode "Nowhere To Run" : Steve Cochran TV Hanrahan Investigates
  • "Football Saved My Life" TV program ITV 10 weeks : Character - As Billy Joel - Name on program
  • Billy Joel & Elton John Solo Tribute Show : Lead Vocalist.
  • Nightclub London : DJ Resident
  • DJ Friday Rock Show BBC Radio London : Assistant Presenter
  • Amalgamated Productions Nightclub/Country Clubs : DJ Resident / Various Venues
  • Tiffany's Nightclub's ( Mecca ) : DJ Resident / Various Venues
  • Pickwick Records and productions : Vocalist - Song Covers
  • Hallmark Records and Record productions : Vocalist - Song Covers


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English

  • UK English

Union memberships
  • Musicians Union
  • BAEA

2019 Dracula TV extra
2014 transmission January 2015 Company X Studios played USAF officer also Military Doctor and armed Guard for documentary Film for discovery channel.
2013 Played Bodyguard in two feature films
2013 Played Knight of the round table
2014 played USAF officer for documentary Film for discovery channel.

2014 toured New Zealand
2014 Hong Kong

Played Good Guys and Bad Guys!
Love a challenge good at improvisation
support artist speaking roll for Channel Five Drama,
character Steve Cochran MotorBike (Honda CBR Blackbird 1100cc ) had chase along the Roads in London and the west end By the Police for the part...

Music Vid Plan B - 'No Hats No Trainers' (All City Music) played the part of Doorman - security Body guard. Playing Now on MTV also Kiss F.M Video of the week 26 March.
Worked with La Toya Jackson and quite a few artist..
Happy to Audition for parts....

worked as a talk over artist for projects....
and talk overs for charity video .

Experience with Fire arms, self defence, military vehicles...
SIA Trained Frontline.

Have theatre experience.

Motocycle stunt 'freestyle rider' car driver, also stair rolls and drops.
Have red RX8 that I am happy to use on set.
Have worked as a compere etc...
for real and acting role...

Worked on a number of shows in front of a live Audience.

Have worked on a Project for Granada ITV called "Football saved my life" Name was Billy Joel,
was on Bravo T.V. for 10 weeks, Also Virgin 1

Please contact me for a full list of Lead & Supporting Artist Roles that I have played.


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles

BBC Micro Men
Discovery Channel


Modeling experience

Part-time model - paid commercial work

Fabulous Magazine, featured in plan b music video. Clothes show London


Magazine - Music


Keyboard ability


Vocal ability

Lead singer

Vocal range


Producer ability


D.J ability


Singing styles
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Classical
  • Opera

Favourite genres
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Electronic
  • Jazz
  • Country

Influences: Elton John, Billy Joel, To Many To Mention .

2015 performed in several countries.
2014 performed in Bahrain for F1 weekend. Have toured extensively in touring tribute shows to
Elton John & Billy Joel played Wembley stadium in 2012
Testimonial: by Wembley Stadium
“Graham was a pleasure to work with and was extremely well received by all of our members. I would gladly hire him again. Elton was Fab! ” Event Services Co-ordinator, Wembley Stadium

Also Colchester stadium three times .

Toured New Zealand for 8 weeks over 26 performances

Performed abroad and extensively uk theatre's. With full backing Band. plus Dancers.

Have been a Full time muso.. from Motown to 60's and 70's covers .
Performed with La Toya Jackson and the late great Mr Edwin Starr

What The Stage Newspaper said:
"The Elton Experience is an Accurate Tribute and within only two songs Graham Nash demonstrated the remarkable range of Elton John's work, Rock one minute tender balladry the next!"

As featured in the
News of the World Fabulous Magazine

Appeared on the front cover of Take Five magazine with Kate Moss plus double page spread inside about The Elton Experience.

As featured in an article about Sir Elton John in the Sunday Herald Magazine with:
Eric McCormack (from Will & Grace), Lulu, Tori Amos, Lee Hall ( Writer of Billy Elliot the Musical) Bob Harris ( Radio 2) , Elaine Page, Sam Taylor-Wood, Mylo ,
and Stephan Heimbecher, (Co-ordinator of Hercules International Sir Elton Johns Fan Club)

This is possibly one of the closest tributes to the magic of Sir Elton John.

Also as Seen on Bravo T.V. "Football Saved My Life"

as Seen on Living T.V..

As Heard on LBC and Radio 2

As Heard on BBC RADIO Birmingham March 2007

Quote " We couldn't get Sir Elton John to come on air
so we got the next best thing! The Elton Experience
Possibly the Next Best Thing To Elton Himself!"

2020 Opera House solo show Elton John & Billy Joel Tribute
1,000 capacity.

2020 Online performance Solo show " Face to Face "
Lock down .

TV & Reality

Featured on Discovery Channel
"Show reel Available!"

Was in reality Bravo T.V. program "Football saved my Life" for 10 weeks on screen...after intense training, with Neil Razor Ruddocks.. I played a game of football in front of over 5000 spectators... against ex pro-footballers.....Program run for 10 weeks.
lost quite a few pounds as well! But didn't work on me as well as I hopped.

Discovery Channel . Tattoo Program.

Rolls played Security Guard, Body Guard, Nightclub Owner (see vid) , Doorman Royal Air Force M.P.
Musician in a nightclub......Radio D.J.....Talk over artist......
(ghost hunter).........

Richard and judy for 5 weeks with the hairy biker cooks

Featured on Radio: Radio 2, LBC, and
Radio 1, worked also with the late and Great
Mr Tommy Vance.

Was featured on Plan B Music Video

Film & Stage Crew

Firearms training, stunt work , motorcycle rider, horse rider. Mobile Baby Grand Piano 1930s Black also White available for shoots . Roland RD 1000. Stage lighting and sound system for mobile Events for film .


Photography experience

Part-time professional (paid work)

News of the World


TV presenter experience

Previous paid TV presenter roles

Radio presenter experience

Previous paid Radio presenter roles

  • English

  • UK English

Radio. BF .BBC Radio 1. British forces Network. assistant Friday Rock Show .
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