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California, United States
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Sometimes I wonder

I write and produce my own tracks under the DJ name 'Sucobe'. This is one of my many songs.

01Sometimes I wonder
02Show me feat. Julia
03Spoken piece
04Toast to This
05Life in Purgatory
06Voiceover sample

Physical Attributes

182 cm / 6ft 0in
91 cm / 36 in
94 kg / 206 lbs
Eye color:
Black / African descent
Hair color:
111 cm / 44 in
Hair length:
Skin color:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • MTV : Teen Wolf: Co-Star
  • Amazon : Just Add Magic: Co-Star
  • FOX - Rosewood : Co-Star
  • NBC - Superstore : Co-Star/Stunts
  • Netflix - Girlboss : Co-Star
  • ABC - Mistresses : Co-Star
  • FX - American Crime Story : Co-Star
  • FOX - Grandfathered : Co-Star
  • TLC - We Should have Eloped : Co-Star
  • Beijing Enlight Pictures - Hollywood Adventures : Supporting/Stunts
  • Paramount - Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse : Stunts
  • Khalili Center : Supporting
  • Universal - The Purge: Anarchy : Stunt
  • Microsoft: Come Together : Supporting
  • Microsoft: Dear Azure : Lead
  • Cambia Health Solutions web search tool : Lead
  • Nat Geo TV: American Blackout : Supporting
  • NBC : Grimm: Co-Star
  • AIR : Supporting actor
  • Rise of the Underdog [trailer] : Supporting
  • Three : Supporting actor/younger male
  • Nowhere to run : Lead actor
  • Still : Luke, Lead actor
  • Cluedo model shoot : Photo shoot for Cluedo characters
  • Murderous Mind : Supporting
  • The Formal : Mr. Hardie, lead support
  • Death Cab : Andrew, supporting actor
  • Riverwalk : Drunk man, supporting actor
  • Holding on : Saxon's boss, supporting actor
  • Colour Blind : Holy Man, Supporting actor
  • I See Something You Don't See : Sean, supporting actor
  • A Lovely Sort of Death : King Hit Male, supporting actor
  • Three Monkeys : Photographer, supporting actor
  • One More Thing : Nate, supporting actor
  • Candles and Skylines : Male proposing, supporting actor
  • Corporate model shoot : Photo shoot for corporate look style
  • Mute : Security, extra
  • Australian Private Hospitals Association (APHA) : Mental Health Campaign Video, supporting actor
  • Defqon Music Festival : Interrogator, supporting actor
  • Pure Bourbon : Club patron, extra
  • Life, and Death Row : Prison Guard, extra
  • Vengeance is served : Foley engineer, extra
  • Kris Nyunt: 'Don't Dance with me' : Music video for artist Kris Nyunt's song 'Don't Dance with Me', extra
  • Headache : Hoodie thug, supporting actor
  • 'Study at Bond University' : Promotional web campaign series, lead actor


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

Acting agent

Photogenics LA

  • English

  • USA California

Union memberships
  • SAG

AIR Supporting Rh1 Films (dir. CJ Rhone)
Candles and Skylines Supporting Griffith University (dir. Caleb De Leon)
Colour Blind Lead Griffith University (dir. Jonathan Fang)
Death Cab Supporting Queensland University of Technology (dir. Ben Herne)
Headache Supporting Bond University (dir. Brenton Cassidy)
Hollywood Adventures Stunts Beijing Enlight Pictures (dir. Justin Lin)
Holding On Supporting Queensland University of Technology (dir. Joel Bernard)
I See Something Supporting Queensland University of Technology (dir. Michael Gillett)
Life and Death Row Supporting New York Film Academy (dir. Nicholas Oktaras)
Murderous Minds Supporting Peregrine Pictures (dir. Tracy Henderson)
Mute Featured Queensland University of Technology (dir. Anthony Walsh)
Mute Voice-over Queensland University of Technology (dir. Anthony Walsh)
No Way Out Lead Academy of Design (dir. Amornsath Kumpgengsath)
One More thing Lead School of Digital Filmmaking (dir. Josias Lundager)
Riverwalk Supporting New York Film Academy (dir. Jeannette Shafik)
Rise of the Underdog Trailer Featured Vision Films (dir. Mack Lindon)
Scouts vz. Zombies Stunts Paramount Pictures (dir. Christopher Landon)
Still Lead Academy of Design (dir. Gina Attawatchara)
The Formal Lead New York Film Academy (dir. Nathaniel Franco)
The Purge: Anarchy Stunts Universal Pictures (dir. James DaMonaco)
Three Supporting Tinker Films(dir. Josh Calder)
Three Monkeys Supporting Griffith University (dir. Becky Westwell)

Available upon request

Available upon request

Defqon Music Supporting Griffith University (dir. Roy Kolberg)
Khalili Center Featured Screen Push (dir. Douglas Nabors)
Microsoft: Dear Azure Lead Rational Interaction (dir. Gabriel Gonda)
Vengeance is Served Supporting Griffith University (dir. Amy Ward)


Bond University - Stock images photo shoot [April 2011]
Nathan Duff - Corporate model shoot [September 2012]
John Nguyen - Cluedo model shoot [November 2012]


Vocal ability

Lead singer

Rapping ability


Singing styles
  • Pop

Favourite genres
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Electronic
  • Hip-hop
  • Jazz
  • Classical

Influences: Jay-z, Drake, Lil Wayne, Nas, Rick Ross, Usher, Will.i.am, French Montana, Kid Cudi

**The Rise of CB 6/6/11**
1 Feel the Beat
2 Warrior feat. Mr. Write
3 Get the Dough feat. Diaz
4 Tonights the Night
5 My New B feat Kadillac Will
6 Hey Girl
7 What you say
8 Rockstar feat. kadillac Will
9 Revenge feat. AK47
10 Reppin'
11 Friday Night
12 Victory feat Diaz

1 Pursuit of Happiness - Kid Cudi
2 Tweak your Nipple - Faithless
3 The coolest - Jaden Smith
4. Swimming Pools - Kendrick Lamar

**[SU.CO.BE] 1/31/12**
1 Xi Huan Ni
2 Ich Möchte feat Linda
3 S-E-A feat AK47
4 Show me feat. Julia
5 I Shine feat. Tony Heat
6 Take it off
7 Party on
8 Flow
9 Sometimes I wonder
10 Hatin's Bad
11 Life in Purgatory
12. Schulmdachen

**In Between Class [TBA]**
1 Give it to ya
2 When the time comes
3 We on tonight feat. Andre Thillai
4 Where you belong
5 Toast to this
6 Hooligans
7 Faith feat. Dandy Boi
8 Better Days
9. New Position
10. Around feat. Haxent *Has also been remixed by DJ Zero One
11. Socks on
12. Finally there [Post-Production]
13. All You [Pre-Production]
14. Where did you go [Pre-Production]

TV & Reality

American Blackout Co-star NAT GEO (Dir. Jonathan Rudd)
American Crime Story Co-star FX (dir. Anthony Hemingway)
Girlboss Co-Star Netflix (Dir. Christian Ditter)
Grandfathered Co-Star FOX (dir. Claire Scanlon)
Grimm Co-star NBC (Dir. Tawnia McKiernan
Mistresses Co-Star ABC (dir. Chris Misiano)
Rosewood Co-Star FOX (dir. Deran Sarafian)
Superstore Co-Star NBC (dir. Victor Nelli)
We Should have Eloped Co-star TLC (dir. Matthew Harper)

Film & Stage Crew

Chocolate City Production Assistant/Runner Nu-Lite Entertainment (dir. Jean Claude LaMarre)


  • English

  • USA California

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