Applying to auditions & jobs

Who's viewed your profile?

When you apply to a casting and the casting professional views your profile, you will receive an email from us to let you know.

This will only happen if you apply to a particular casting, not if a casting professional looks at your profile in the Talent Directory.

How many emails will I get?

You'll never receive more than one email every 24 hours. If more than one casting professional views your profile in 24 hours, you'll be emailed a list of the ones who viewed your profile during that time.

Will I see the name of the casting professional?

No. You'll only see the name of the casting you applied to.

What if my profile is private?

If your profile is set to private, only casting professionals whose castings you've applied to will be able to view your profile.

How do I turn off these emails?

If you no longer want to receive these emails, you can update your email settings under 'My Profile'.

Once my profile has been viewed, what happens next?

If you're successful, the casting professional will be in touch.

If you have been viewed by a casting professional and received an email, but you hear nothing else – don't panic! Maybe you weren't shortlisted this time, but take it as a positive: your profile was viewed by a casting professional, so there was definitely something that caught their eye. Keep up the good work and apply to more castings.

To increase your chances of being cast, find out how to make your profile look amazing.

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