Applying to auditions & jobs


Save to watchlist

When you’re searching for castings or just browsing your matching jobs on StarNow, you can save the ones you like to your watchlist.

How to save a casting to your watchlist

To save a casting to your watchlist, simply click on the ‘Save to watchlist’ button next to the 'Apply now' button on the casting page. The button text will turn green and read: 'Saved to watchlist'.

To view your watchlist, click on 'Auditions & Jobs' in the menu on the left of the page and you’ll see 'watchlist' appear in the dropdown. You'll need to be signed in to view your watchlist.

Watchlist reminder emails

If you have any castings saved to your watchlist, we’ll send you an email when they are about to close so you don’t miss out on applying. If you don’t want to receive these emails, you can unsubscribe from the email itself or by updating your email settings.

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