Applying to auditions & jobs

Finding paid roles

Finding paid roles

Your job searches on StarNow can be filtered by paid & expenses, paid only, and expenses only.

You can search by paid jobs in Matching Jobs and Search Jobs. You’ll also see paid/expenses icons (when applicable) on all listings on the site and in your latest listings email.

Other search options

Under Search Jobs, you can filter your search by category (actor, dancer, etc.), location, gender, age, and keywords. Listings can also be sorted by most popular, latest listings, and best match.

Under Matching Jobs, you can filter your search by category and sort by most popular and latest listings.

Location, location, location

If you have included a region in your profile, you can search castings by location. You can choose to see jobs that are seeking worldwide applications, or just jobs in your area.

For example: if you live in London, you can view castings that are either based in London or castings that are based elsewhere but accept applicants from London.

If you want to update your profile to include your region, then sign in, go to My Profile - Edit my details - My details & categories.

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