Profile management

Pending approval

What does 'Pending Approval' mean?

Thanks for uploading your new headshot. Someone from our Community team will review your photo within the next 24 hours to make sure it meets all the requirements. Until then, you'll see 'Pending Approval' on your new headshot. Only you can see this.

Once it has been approved, you'll receive an email letting you know and your new headshot will show on your profile.

I've already sent an application. What will the casting professional see?

Until your new headshot has been approved, they will see either your old headshot or no headshot, if you hadn't previously loaded one. The same goes for anyone else who views your profile before your new headshot is approved.

What happens if my headshot isn't approved?

If your headshot doesn't make the cut, we'll send you an email explaining why and what to do next. The main issues tend to be:

  • There is someone else in the photo
  • You're not directly facing the camera
  • The photo is not well lit or it's blurry
  • You're wearing sunglasses or something else is obscuring your face, e.g. a long fringe, a hat, or face paint

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