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Add an audio reel to your profile to increase your chances of being cast. The more quality media you add for casting professionals to look at and listen to, the more likely you are to be picked for the role! Trial Members can add one audio reel, while Full (paying) Members can add up to 10.

What to include on your audio reel
  • Snippets of any professional voice work you’ve done – ask the production company for copies.
  • You may want to introduce yourself at the beginning of the reel, in your natural voice, so casting professionals can hear what you normally sound like.
  • If you are great at accents, include a snippet of you speaking in whichever ones you’re best at.
  • If you’re looking for voiceover work, include examples of you speaking in different styles - announcing, narrating, selling, etc. Narrating voiceover work tends to sound clear, calm and well spoken, while commercial work is often more upbeat with a faster pace.
  • If you have a ‘type’ that your voice lends itself to, you may like to show off what you sound like when you are bubbly, sensual, authoritative, husky, concerned, etc.
  • Here are some free script samples if you need some material.
How to record your audio reel
  • Keep it short - casting professionals are busy people! 60-90 seconds is plenty.
  • Keep it targeted - focus your reel on the type of work you’re applying for.
  • Only include your best work. Think of it as your Greatest Hits.
  • If you don’t have access to a professional recording studio, or can’t afford to hire a space to create an audio reel, you can record yourself on a computer or a smartphone with a good microphone, and upload that file.
  • It’s fine to have one reel edited together (called a demo reel), or you may like to upload individual files labelled with your name and what they contain – e.g. Tom USA accent, Tom narrating, Tom Big-Brand shampoo commercial VO.
  • Use your own work - it’s illegal (and distracting) to use copyrighted music as a background track, for example.
  • Double check your audio for any verbal or editing mistakes before uploading.
  • Get someone in the industry to listen to your reel and give you feedback.
Audio reel examples

Want to hear what other StarNow members have done? Listen to some example audio reels

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