Casting Professionals
Managing applications to your listing

Inviting suggested applicants to apply

When you manage applicants to your listings (under My Listings > Manage Applications), you’ll now see a tab called ‘Suggestions’.

Under the 'Suggestions' tab, you'll see a list of 'Interested' members. These are members who have watchlisted, viewed or started an application but didn't finish it. 

The second tab called ‘Suggestions’ contains members who match some of your role criteria – a great spot for discovering relevant talent for your casting.

Invite any of these members to apply to your listing automatically by clicking the green tick button. This will send an automated email to them. Here’s what the email looks like:

From the email, they can apply to your listing or click ‘No Thanks’. Either way, you’ll see their response in the ‘Invited’ folder under Suggestions. If they haven’t responded yet, it will just say ‘Invitation sent’ below their headshot. If they apply, it will say ‘Applied’ below their headshot with a link to view their application.

If a member appears in Suggestions but you find them unsuitable, just click the cross button under their headshot and they’ll be moved to the ‘Deleted’ folder (they won’t be notified). If you change your mind, you can still invite them to apply from the Deleted folder.

In the Deleted folder you may also see ‘Applied’ under some members’ headshots. This will mean they applied directly from your listing.

Members who have chosen to make their profile private on StarNow, or have unticked the ‘email me invitations to apply’ option in their email settings, won’t appear under Suggestions.

You can’t invite members to apply if your listing is due to close within 12 hours or if it has already closed. However, you can still send Suggestions a private message by clicking the green ‘Contact’ button on their StarNow profile.

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