Profile management

Privacy options

You can control your privacy options by visiting your profile page and scrolling down to 'Privacy options' (below Credits on the right).

From there, you can:

  • Making your profile private
    Your profile will be public by default. To make your profile private, change the toggle to 'no' next to Public Profile in your Privacy Options. It means your profile will only be seen by casting professionals whose castings you apply to, and you will be permanently removed from any saved lists you are currently on. Your name, country, and headshot (if you have one) will also display if you follow another member or comment on their profile.
  • Show or hide your full name
    To hide your full name, click 'No' next to 'Show my last name'. This means your surname won't display on your profile.
  • Show or hide comments
    To disable comments on your profile, click 'No' next to 'Allow comments on my profile'. Members must be over the age of 18 to allow comments on their profile.
  • Edit your profile url
    Your profile address will automatically include the name you signed up with (e.g. www.starnow.com/johnsmith), but you can change this at any time by editing your url.

When you make any of these changes, it may take a while for Google to update its search results. This is unfortunately not something we can control, but you can contact Google and ask them to update their details more urgently if you require.

Blocking Members

If you want to stop an individual member interacting with your profile on StarNow, click the 'block member' button at the bottom of their profile. They will not receive any notifications. By blocking a member, they will no longer be able to:

  • Follow you
  • Recommend you
  • Add you to a saved list
  • Share your profile
  • Like any media 
  • Comment on your profile or media
  • Apply to your listings
  • Send you messages
Unblocking Members

To unblock a member, go to the blocked member's profile and click the 'unblock member' button. They will not receive any notifications.

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