Profile management

Following and followers

Now it’s easy to build your network by ‘following’ other StarNow members!

Have you seen a great profile and want to save it for future reference? You can! To add someone to your list, just click 'Follow' on their profile page.

StarNow's new Activity Feed will allow you to keep up to date with everyone you follow! 

To grow your followers, the best way is to follow more people and apply for more roles.

How can I see who is following me?

At the top of your profile page you can see how many followers you have, and also how many members you are following. To see who they are, click on the number e.g. '15 followers'.

You can also go to the Talent Directory and click 'Following' to see the profiles of talent you’re keeping an eye on.


What about minors?

Minors' profiles are managed by a parent or guardian, who is networking on their behalf.

What's in it for me?

Whether you are talent or a casting professional, building contacts in the industry is very useful for your career. 

  • Build a community of people to give you ideas and inspiration
  • Keep up to date with like-minded people in the industry, near or far away
  • Social influence matters - you can proudly display your following on your profile, along with adding links to your Social Media profiles.
  • Keep tabs on talent you could cast in upcoming productions.
Making your profile private

If you don't want anyone to see your followers and who you're following, or if you don't want anyone to follow you, you can make your profile private. However, that means no one will be able to see your profile except for casting professionals whose roles you've applied to.

Blocking Members

If you want to stop an individual member following you and interacting with your profile, click the 'block member' button at the bottom of their profile. They will not receive any notifications. By blocking a member, they will no longer be able to:

  • Follow you
  • Recommend you
  • Share your profile
  • Like any media 
  • Comment on your profile or media
  • Apply to your listings
  • Send you messages
Unblocking Members

To unblock a member, go to the blocked member's profile and click the 'unblock member' button. They will not receive any notifications.

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