Casting Professionals
Managing applications to your listing

Share your shortlist

Got a bunch of talented applicants for your StarNow listing, but need another opinion on who to pick? Good news! You can now share your list of applicants. It's quick, simple, and looks great (handy for impressing that fussy client!).

Sharing applicants you've selected or placed in the 'new', 'shortlisted' and 'unsuccessful' folders means your colleagues or clients can view profiles in a single click - no log-ins are needed. All of your other account details (like messages and past listings) remain private to you.


To share your list of applicants, click on 'My Listings', then 'Manage Applications' for the listing you need.

  1. Click on the folder you want to share (e.g New Applications) and click the 'Select all' button (OR select individual applicants by clicking the checkbox next to their name).
  2. Select 'Share' in the options toolbar.
  3. Copy the link provided and then send away!

Share your applicants

You 'll see a preview of the information you're sharing. This includes the age, location and application text for each applicant. Clicking an applicant's headshot or name will take you to their StarNow profile. You won't be sharing personal details such as the talent's phone number.


Share your applicants

Download your shortlisted applications

Once you've narrowed your shortlist, you're probably ready to start booking talent!

We've added another handy feature that allows you to download a more comprehensive view of your shortlisted candidates.

Simply select 'Download'  in the options toolbar. This will automatically download an Excel file with relevant information including:

Their name, link to their StarNow profile, location, gender, age, phone number, notes you've made about them, their application text, if they have an agent, physical details, how many times they've been recommended and cast through StarNow, and the date they applied.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the person I share my applications list with shortlist, cast, or make the applicants unsuccessful?

No. Only the listing owner can make any changes to the applicant's status by logging into StarNow and using the 'Manage Applications' system.

My listing has ended; can I still share my applicants?

You can share your applicants up to 60 days after your listing has ended. After 60 days, the sharing option becomes unavailable. Any links already shared will also expire after this 60 day period.

Do you need to be logged into StarNow to view the shared applicants' link?

No you don't.